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Kill Your Darlings | Allen, Lucien & David by jackkerrouac 

You know me now, i’m only good at beginnings” 

« Lucien Carr, who at nineteen had a blond, demonic beauty, is serving a jail sentence for what the newspapers of the previous summer called an “honor slaying”. On 116th and Riverside Drive, on the narrow strip of grass between the West Side Highway and the river, he had killed the man who wanted to make love to him there, who had dogged his path, haunted and frightened him ever since his boyhood in St. Louis. With his Boy Scout knife, Lucien stabbed Dave Kammerer twice in the chest, bound his hands and feet with shoelaces, and pushed the body, weighted with rocks, into the dirty waters of the Hudson. Some hours afterward, he had gone to find Jack, and together they’d buried Kammerer’s glasses in Morningside Park and dropped the Boy Scout knife into a sewer. Then they spent an odd day out of time, as people often do in the unreality that follows catastrophe - roaming the city, taking in the movie Four Feathers before Lucien turned himself in.  »

Minor characters : a beat memoir by Joyce JOHNSON 

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This is a basic carry at work that I use. I find this is the perfect balance for weight and utility. I’ll upload a more comprehensive carry of my bag and belt.

sunshine-sleeptime  asked:

i think its nice that january kept her girl scout knife! would she be a police woman in the 20s?

she’s 18 in 20s au (everyone is bumped two years so they’re not all literal children) so no she’s not a policewoman yet. she’s still involved with the scouts and light vigilante justice.

-So I found this image recently. Now obviously it’s a pic from Destiny’s development, and shows something that never got into the end game, but being the huge destiny nerd I am I see a story. I see a warlock, who spent a great deal of time with Hunters, probably assigned to a cadre of them for one reason or another, research of an area outside the City walls perhaps.

-And I see a warlock that over time grew to respect the Hunters in a way Warlocks in the City don’t really get too, due to frequently working apart, and the general playful animosity shown between all three Guardian orders.

-I see a warlock, who begins to understand the Hunter concept that a keen blade is sometimes more necessary than a sharp mind or a heavy fist and that in the law of the wilds, a slash sometimes comes faster than a thought.

-This warlock is carrying a scout rifle, and a knife, a weapon of range and finesse, and one of stealth and cunning. A warlock who has accepted the limitations of themselves and embarrassed the strengths of others. A warlock that now understands that the strength of the wolf, is the pack.

Sorry, just a huge dork who has cross class cooperation feels


The nightclub scene from AIRPLANE! (’80), and in particular, we love the two “girl scouts” fighting and the knife-in-the-back disco move.