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BTS WINGS Short Film #7 AWAKE [Your questions were answered]


Jin was the only REAL person. Jin is Sinclair and the members were his Demian(s).

If you’ve read Demian by Hermann Hess (which I highly recommend if you truly want to garner the message behind the teasers. It’s such a short book), you’ll understand that each of the teasers represents the order in which Sinclair reaches adulthood.

Short Film Title Connections to the book Demian


1 BEGIN. Sinclair’s life begins in a “light” “safe” area created by his parents and religion.

2 LIE. Sinclair’s world divides into two when he lies for the first time and gets blackmailed. His one lie leads to him committing more sins. He feels separated from the world of light that surrounds his family and tastes darkness for the first time.

3. STIGMA. Sinclair gains a mark of dishonor within himself for lying. As his family notices, they also feel a separation from him.

4. FIRST LOVE. His first love may very well be Demian himself. Demian saves him from his horrible situation and continues to educate him throughout the story. However, his true love is really Eva (Demian’s mother).

5. REFLECTION. Sinclair meeting Alfons Beck who introduces him to alcohol. Alcohol kind of allows your mind to separate from the presents (as seen in Namjoon’s teaser). Meeting Pistorius also allows him to realize how much progress he’s made as a person when he realizes that he’s more knowledgeable and has nothing to learn from someone such as Pistorius.

6. MAMA. Demian’s mother, Eva is someone that’s always had Sinclair’s interest. He would see her first in his visions, photographs and later in person. It’s almost as if he idolizes her and is the last significant person he meets on his life journey to adulthood.

7. AWAKE. - Sinclair sees Demian one last time. Demian bids Sinclair farewell, telling him that while he may not physically be there to guide Sinclair anymore, he’ll always be inside him. Sinclair then awakens again as an adult.

What does this all mean?

Jin finally decides to leave everything behind. Him taking out the earpiece is like him removing what allows him to hear his Demians. The connection has been severed. He stops himself from eating the apple (LIE) because he wants to move forward and not continue living in the painful past.

He will no longer have these “dreams” of his Demians and the world of light (childhood protection) and dark (uncertainty of adulthood)  suddenly becomes dark.

Jin’s short film shows how the entire story of the other members experiences (his inner Demian(s)) revolves around the items around him in his home as well as personal experiences. In reality, the stories we’ve seen are Jin’s experiences.

He burns the 6 petals representing death to show that demians are gone, but you can see on his face that he still considers them precious to him. He cradles them delicately before destroying them.

When Jin is dizzy and slightly in pain, it is similar to Sinclair being injured right when Demian comes to bid him farewell. Demian gives Sinclair a kiss from Eva and then is gone. I believe that Jin looking at his reflection and then touching the mirror to see if ripple is in representation of that scene.

The lyrics from BTS’s song MOVE ON is the clear message to the viewer that it’s time to look towards the future and not dwell on the past.

Jin then walks through the halls that are patterned with the Abraxas symbol. The symbol of Abraxas is a bird breaking free from an egg.

His final look at the painting of the bird in flight is representational of him growing wings and moving on.

He no longer needs the Demian(s) as support and is finally able to able to go out into the world on his own.

He’s hatched from the egg.

BTS WINGS Short Films: Lyric Connections [7/7]


Song: Tomorrow  |  Album: Skool Luv Affair

Film/Lyrics: 해가 뜨기 전 새벽이 가장 어두우니까

[ The dawn before the sun rises is the darkest ]

#2 LIE

Song: Run  |  Album: 화양연화 pt.2

Film/Lyrics: 길을 알려줘, 날 좀 멈춰줘, 날 숨쉬게 해줘

[ Please guide me, please stop me, please let me breathe ]


Song: Whalien 52  |  Album: 화양연화 pt.2

Film: 여긴 다른 말을 하는 다른 고래들 뿐인데
Lyrics: 온통 다른 말을 하는 다른 고래들 뿐인데

[ only different whales speaking entirely different words ]


Song: 길 [Road/Path]  |  Album: 2Cool 4Skool

Film/Lyrics: 난 달라졌을까 다른 길을 택했다면 멈춰서 뒤돌아봤다면

[ Would I have changed if I’d chosen a different path or stopped to look back ]


Song: No More Dream  |  Album: 2Cool 4Skool

Film: 지금 거울속에 누가 보여
Lyrics: 지금 니 거울 속엔 누가 보여 

[ Who do you see in the mirror? ]


Song: I Need U  |  Album: 화양연화 pt.1

Film/Lyrics: 하늘이 파래서, 햇살이 빛나서

[ Because the sky is blue, because the sun is shining ]


Song: 이사 [Move] |  Album: 화양연화 pt.1

Film/Lyrics: 울기도 웃기도 많이 했지만 모두 꽤나 아름다웠어

[ I’ve cried, smiled, many times already, but everything was quite beautiful ]

Was watching the DW BFI panel from this year and now I’ve become super conscious of the amount of work that went into series 10.

Peter looked quite knackered. Pearl too, but it was her first press preview so she was bit perky. They spent 10 months shooting everything. Then they had this panel. Who knows how many times they had to go back to the studio to re-record dialogue in the past 3 months. Peter shot additional scenes within the space of 2-3 weeks of the finale being aired.

Not to forget, Brian Minchin running between production departments, making sure everything is on time and within budget. He’s taking care of executive decisions for the costume, art, set design, and press releases. Decisions being made quickly.

Steven working with the writers. Looking at scripts. Making sure everything is perfect for read-through and final shoot script. Then taking care of things Brian isn’t involved with. Sitting in an office for crazy amount of time. And honestly, I don’t know what else this man has time for but he certainly isn’t playing with dolls in his office.

Coming back to Peter, he’s sitting there, seemingly half-listening. If this weren’t his first press rodeo, everyone would’ve judged him to be too callous. Except he’s not, he’s saying little and simply listening. He talks about being unable to internalize the bigger story arcs because he’s too focused on playing some ‘x’ scene in 'y’ different ways. He cannot tell you what specific thing he loved doing in those 10 months because he can’t let his mind linger too long on one thing since he needs to move on to perfecting something else.

He, Pearl, and need to do the read-through where they assess each other’s tone and dictation. They have to learn 6-8 pages of dialogue for 1-2 scenes for every 1-2 days. A total 'x’ number of days will makes up 'y’ number of shooting block weeks for episode.

They need to do 'a’ number of rehearsals before doing 'b’ number of takes, all of which are utterly unique and different from each other. Some of these incorporate storyboarded ideas from the director’s pov or perhaps the actors’ prerogative. This allows director to work with 'c’ number of rushes, of which ’d’ number is used to make the first edit. Or an edit closest to the script version. This is sent back-and-forth between audio and visual.

Audio people are adding sound effects and dubbed dialogue. Murray Gold and orchestra are furiously recording and/or making music off the fly. I can’t even wrap my brain around it because how does Murray know how some final cut 'x’ scene fits perfectly with what the Actor/Director have done.

The visuals involve directors talking to set designers and costume. The actors contribute ideas. The writers have ideas. Everyone is talking about the look and feel and sensibilities of a scene. Not to mention, costume and set design are busily working on the other details we don’t give credit for it might include a giant bridge on the Thames or an actor’s body measurements for costume fitting.

Consider the scouting, procurement, filming difficulties of shooting on location. Half-finished buildings or imaginary buildings being CGI-ed into the final cut. Monsters which are imagined and running up a hill. Who else is involved: The people doing lighting. The people doing the audio. The people doing the running between people with handwritten notes. The people feeding everyone. The people providing security. The people doing the driving, the lifting, the cleaning, the packing, the fixing, double roles, triple, quadruple roles. God knows what ordered chaos this all must be.

They started in June 2016. They completed shooting some 290 days later. They aired the first episode Apr 15 2017. Today is July 3 2017, two days after the finale aired. They have already incorporated significant scenes for Christmas which was put into the two-parter finale. They have already done publicity shots. The Christmas special is majorly underway.

And let’s not forget the significant press involved over the past 3 months. The preview shows. Peter doing comic-cons in two major cities abroad. Steven doing interviews everywhere. Radio Times want to do a feature. Doctor Who Magazine going to print.

I don’t know how these guys do it, but the making of every series of Doctor Who is nothing short of a labour of love. And they aren’t giving you pixelated, shaking sets, and rubber monsters. This is high quality Blu-ray DVD transmission stuff. Every single person on that production is working to time and overtime to give us this content.

I feel nothing but gratitude towards Team DW. Every person in that crew is someone without whom we could not have this show. Thank you, Team DW!

anonymous asked:

Why is Mads in Iceland?

 There are a few theories…

1. Black Mirror. Was filming for the weekend around Reykjavik from Friday the 24th Feb when Mads was there the first time. Filming took a break, Mads went back to Denmark. Black Mirror is now filming again at lakes around Reykjanes 10th + 16th-18th. Mads is back again. No actors or plot have have been announced as of yet. There are reports of an upcoming episode titled “Crocodile,” a crime thriller, but that could be for a different episode.

2. Some kind of short movie involving De Laurentiis Co. Martha De Laurentiis has been teasing a secret movie/”reunion” on her Twitter. Joe Penna (youtube musician and director) appears to be directing it and is in Iceland scouting and filming it for 10 weeks. He joked on his instagram that it’s “Hannibal on Ice” but the message he replied to about it is gone so idk what the question was. He recently followed the DDLC crew/Mads on Twitter.

3. Both? Maybe Mads was already signed on to Black Mirror and agreed to be involved with DDLC project because he happened to be in Iceland at the time.

4. Neither, something else.

5. Some have suggested American Gods but I don’t think so, nothing to suggest it.

6. Game of Thrones was filming there, but too early to line up. Rule that out too.

 I had gone off the idea of Black Mirror when I found out about the DDLC thing… but the timing of visits and filming is bringing me back around to the idea. Tiny coincidence towards BM is Kojima also binge watched it late last year, which could mean Mads told him he was gonna be in it next.


30 Day Movie Challenge:

27. Favorite Classic Film: To Kill a Mockingbird

“But he said that sooner or later he supposed the temptation to go after birds would be too much, and that I could shoot all the blue jays I wanted - if I could hit ‘em; but to remember it was a sin to kill a mockingbird. ”