scout clothing


More ACNL QR Codes I’ve made! :3 (I’ll keep it to a limit of 3 posts /max/ on any given day for those who do not wish to see these <3 )

I’ve got a Mettaton EX shirt (The belly of the avatars doesn’t do his hot bod any justice in tee form ;3; )

An Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom Scout Regiment Uniform!

A random mountain view window! :D

Aaaaand… The Shinx Flag for my Town, Sataris :3 It makes a cute poster, all in all. xD 

Yus, I made all these.. some are older than others, but I always spend waaay too long on them… but…  They are made with love! xD <3

WOHOO Finished working on my final print for Okun Fiesta 2 :D 

Tried to go for an alternate design where each of the scouts dawn feudal Japan clothing. Not all of them are 100% accurate though in historical depiction, but I tried my best with designing in the amount of time I had :)))

from left to right:
- Ninja Venus
- Archer Mars
- Warlord Moon
- Scholar/ Traveller Mercury
- Samurai Jupiter


Jungkook…clothes… Taehyung…tummy… 😳✋🏼🙈

Ready (Jung Hoseok)

Baden Powell Day was yesterday. Damn, I didn’t make it. This is for A. btw. Thank you bae :)
Warning! Explicit Content!
Kinks: School Sex, Boy Scout Uniform, Clothed Sex, Quickie, Walking In, Female Topping, Biting.
Summary: It’s a very special holiday and Hoseok decides now is a good time to fool around. 

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Second and last commission for @vivynek0, this was supposed to be a lineart only… but I couldn’t resist to flat color it so that it looks more complete ;u;

Thank you so much to have ordered those and I really hope you like it ;u;

Art© @little-noko

Neko!Sans© @vivynek0

Scout!Sans© @azraeltree