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This is my favourite scene so far along with the big reveal in ep.6. The fact Erwin can charge to almost certain death along with those who believe in him as a leader and take responsibility for those who he got killed, makes this one of the most ‘human’ scenes so far.
And Hiroyuki Sawano’s soundtrack is perfect.

calevmir  asked:

have you ever played d&d and what classes do you think the paladins are? because i hc shiro as a battle master fighter, pidge as a rogue, hunk as a cleric, keith as a rogue/fighter, and lance as a valor bard.

The only tabletop I’ve gamed is either an incredibly freeform one that I’m actually DMing or one that used pre-written character sheets where the only thing I had to worry about were rolls and my character’s story. I’m a big fan of RP but I’m used to it being exclusively writing based so the addition of dice, stats, and various things to manage is… very difficult for me even though I can appreciate the reasoning behind it.

It’s just very hard for me to process the numbers on such a level that I can comprehend them from a writing position and integrate them smoothly with what I’m trying to suggest about my character.

That said, I do have a kind of high fantasy AU and I’m familiar with the more vague, common “archetype” roles and categorizing because of that:

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Outfit Swap meme!

the top one is from @thedosian-cabbage characters, Mordred and Meadwyn. Theon is so pissed for having to wear this commander armor again. ‘Why this kid gotta be so correct when it comes to armors.’ Also that outfit you selected for Meadwyn was my favorite to draw! I mean look at this, Mea has some strong sense of style here.

the second one has outfits designed by @fleshwerks and respectively belong to Lea and Spiridon. Honestly, this Spiridon scouting armor is so cool! I had a blast drawing both. In the end Senros got lucky in his clothes swapping.

Thanks for lending to my characters these clothes!