Fatherhood TF2 Edition

Spy, has a glass of whiskey with the baby while explaining how to properly stab someone in the back

Heavy, Highly protective of his baby, treating them with the same love and efficiency as he does with his minigun

Engineer, Best teacher, researches childcare, teaches kids how to use tools in a safe way, keeps a baby moniter earpiece on.

Medic, Paranoid, keeps his child in a hazmat suit, baby proofs his operations room and only trusts Scout or Engineer to babysit his kid.

Soldier, Also highly protective of his kid, teaches them battle strategy and how to throw a punch.

Pyro, throws the best birthday parties, buys a bunch of toys, flame proof clothes, and fire extinguishers for their kid,

Scout, Somehow, the best father, teaches his kid how to use their legs earlier than everyone else, great cook, makes sure not to kill when the kid is around, often babysits for the other dads.

Sniper, the fun dad, keeps pets around his kids, calls his child his “little joey”, double suppresses his guns so the sound won’t hurt his child, teams up with Pyro for birthday planning

Miss Pauling helps out with the less skilled dads but generally lets them do their own thing