Okay listen.

I’ll probably never stop rewatching Expiration Date for these two and every time I’ll notice something else. I’m just shocked I didn’t notice these things sooner.

First off, look at him straighten himself out when she looks back at him. Spy taught him to sit up straight and hold himself better, otherwise his posture is HORRIBLE. He’s actually super awkward for a second because he’s like [shit be charming fuc k] Footnote: was he checking her out prior to that? And didn’t want to get caught, or make it seem like he was checking her out. That makes this whole interaction even better. He loses all his cool around her. Like there was much cool to lose, but the point is he’s a whole different person??

Second, look. at. that. smolder. he hits her with. He’s looking off towards something then he brings it home like BAM and it makes me laugh and cry for him because he is trying so hard to impress her.

Headcanon that Scout actually really enjoys reading The Rose of Versailles, like he has the books stashed under his bed, but is embarrassed because it’s “girly,” so he doesn’t tell anyone. Then one night at dinner, Spy mentions the French Revolution or it’s brought up one way or another, and Scout just starts rambling with random know-it-all facts about it. When he’s finally done talking, Spy just looks at him and goes “WTF how’d you know all that?” and Scout just kind of sits there making up some asinine story of his grandparents being French royalty or something. 

Little drawing featuring my good old friend scoutpie​!

I know I promised to draw you a few months ago and even though it may take me a while, I keep my promises!! So here, have a little Phillip! This was actually a lot of fun to work on! Scout looks a lot like Kodan so it wasn’t too hard. Holy shit yeah, they could as well be twins. 

- -

Art fully belongs to me. Do not use without permission. Only Scoutpie is allowed to use this. Character is scoutpie‘s Scout/Phillip and belongs to him.

My MC - Scout Willow Tyler
I’ve already made a post about her but I don’t know where it is.
Scout grew up in Wales on a farm with a large family with 4 siblings (Jo, Charlotte, Laura and Laurie. Her mum is American and named her kids from American classic literature). The family moved to America when Scout was 6.
Scout is the youngest, and treated like the baby of the family, which she doesn’t mind. Her sister Jo attends Hollywood U as a screenwriter and Charlotte and Laurie are in other colleges. Laura’s on a gap year.
Scouts parents brought their kids up to be independent, so Scout has lots of freedom to do what she wants. She uses this freedom wisely though - she sometimes takes risks but always thinks before she acts. Scout is always there for her friends and her biggest weakness, beside cake, is the fact she trusts people too readily.
Scout can be clumsy but is a good runner and swimmer, the only sports she enjoys. She thinks school is okay but prefers hanging out with her friends.
She identifies as female, asexual and panromantic. She’s currently dating Ezra.


Oh my god! Deze are gold!