i dont really think having vriska there will mean assured victory for the party, but that is not what terezi was even thinking about in her final moments. she looked at fate and all that could transpire and thought of vriska. vriska, who is so hard to love and always going to be a difficult person to deal with but she is someone so important to terezi. and she thought “you are worth it”  
—tumblr user wecansexy

My girlfriend sent me that post that Shelby had written and it gave me a lot of scourge sisters feelings. ahhh my two awful, awful kids who just love each other so much.


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pls excuse my lazy 3am video editing holy shit


last year i did a bunch of shippy holiday pictures so i figured i might as well bring them back in one photoset hahaha uwu  i might?????? do more this year a bunch of my ships are missing P:

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