scour marks


“Eye of the Tiger”

anon request: Can you please write a one shot where the reader gets turned into a fierce animal, such as a tiger, while hunting a witch and the winchesters have to deal with the reader in the bunker, constantly knocking things over and lying on their laps, even though the reader is quite big?

words: 597

warnings: none

Given your line of work, there were plenty of times when you wished you had the advantage of Sam’s size, Dean’s agility, or Cas’s strength. Still, you had to admit, this wasn’t exactly what you had in mind.

“What the hell are we going to do?” Dean didn’t ask the question so much as he shrieked it. He was a little upset about the four claw marks scouring a slightly bloody path along his right thigh. In all honesty, you thought he was making too big a deal about it. You were only trying to give him a comforting pat in the aftermath of your transformation. It’s not like you tried to scratch him intentionally.

“What can we do?” Sam asked. He winced as you turned to face him, your striped hindquarters effectively knocking into a table and sending a lamp crashing in the process. “Until Cas gets back here with a lead on the witch, we’re out of luck.”

“Until Cas gets back?!” You winced at the rise in Dean’s tone, your new ears sensitive to the shrill pitch. “Sam, she tried to EAT Cas!”

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Silty sandy turbidite beds within marine shale of the Jurassic Fernie Formation near Banff, Alberta, Canada. Due to differential weathering, the more resistant turbidite siltstone tend to stick out from the outcrop. The beds are part of an overturned syncline. Depositional scouring marks can be seen on the base of the turbidite units. Top (younger rocks) is towards the right.