The "Scough": Germ-Fighting Scarf Shields Straphangers from Airborne Illness

Are you telling me that I have been trying to avoid germs all winter long underground by manually holding my scarf over my mouth with one hand while simultaneously grabbing onto a pole with the other looking like a disgusted fart sniffing fool for no reason! Thank you @alleybradley for sending me information on the “Scough”! A Brooklyn Trio of “style-conscious germaphobes have designed a scarf made from special germ-filtering cloth, in a high-tech bid to keep nasty bugs at bay — particularly on the subway.” That’s right. This scarf does the covering for you, freeing both hands for subway surfing and Starbucks holding and apparently has special germ fighting fabric built in. Wow. Sign me up. This will also come in handy above ground as I stroll pass cigarette smokers on the street because I am also guilty of the occasional obnoxious cough when I’m slapped with second hand smoke. Okay, I admit it’s not occasional, it has become instinct. I’ll even give a dramatic hand wave across my face to avoid the smoke if it makes me angry enough.

Since “the Scough comes in fake fur, flannel and cashmere with patterns including plaid and paisley” and with some you can “sport a mustache or bright pink lips” it looks like I’m covered for all occasions and seasons. This is also a perfect opportunity to dress up some patients and medical staff in those frigid laboratories and scan rooms who must wear masks to avoid germs and cross contamination. Scough creators if you’re reading this, a market beyond straphangers awaits your magical scarf. It would be great to see the valet gentlemen at Memorial Sloan Kettering replace their surgical masks with Scoughs to warm them up and it would brighten up our day if we saw them sporting the trendy mustaches or bright pink lips as they escorted cancer patients around the medical facilities.

Bravo Scoughs and good luck! To my followers: If you spot someone wearing one please take a picture if you can and share with me! Thanks!