Just In Time for Flu Season, a Scarf Built to Withstand Chemical Warfare

Japan has taken the surgical mask to particularly high heights of fashion. A quick search yields coughing mouths covered by animal faces, knock-off Louis Vuitton prints, Geisha lips, and more—dutifully strapped on to prevent the spread of germs.

We should be so stylishly courteous here in the States. Happily, the kind germaphobes at Scough have stitched up an American answer to the commuter surgical mask: Sumptuous scarves, embedded with ultra-high-grade germ filters.

After consulting with medical professionals, the Scough team homed in on filters made from silver-impregnated activated carbon, a material used in masks designed to help wearers survive chemical warfare. It actively traps and kills germs as well as pollutants. The filters last up to three months, and can be slipped in and out of a pocket inside the Scough for easy Scoughwashing.

verratenduo  asked:


 (눈_눈)  || @bxtrxyed

  • hates when people pick fights with those who cannot or will not defend themselves
  • to be woken up after he finally falls asleep
  • when someone coughs/sneezes without covering their mouth especially around food smh
  • animal cruelty
  • when someone mocks those less fortunate without caring to think of their experiences
  • shittalking someone’s cougheren’scough opinions just because you don’t agree
  • false promises
  • l i t t e r i n g
  • inconsideration of another’s feelings
  • when someone keeps eating loudly and talking in the middle of the night
  • cruelty!
  • people who lie about every single thing
  • putting someone else down just to boost your own ego
  • false promises
  • don’t ruffle his hair after he’s showered!
  • bullies!
  • having his secrets be spilled to his mom
  • soldiers/cops who constantly slack off
  • being ridiculed for trying to correct adults
  • close-minded people
  • people who constantly try to touch his tail
  • thinking it’s okay to give him soiled milk
  • large dogs coming too close
  • being ignored by his owners
  • having his nails cut
  • his water-bowl being dirty