A Day In The Life of The Lord

He has often been referred to in his reality shows as a workshy layabout.

But Keeping Up With the Kardashians favourite Scott Disick has revealed just what he does in an average day.

And while Kourtney’s other half claims he can spend as much as six hours ‘working,’ he also revealed it takes him a full 30 minutes just to choose which watch to wear on a given day.

But the 29-year-old only gets to this point after waking at a leisurely 10am, before indulging himself with a 30 minute shower.

He told Haute Living he then manages to spend the same amount of time 'moisturizing with Creme de la Mer,’ which costs a pricey $275 a tub.

Scott then spends an hour preparing 'an outfit with a fine luxurious blend of the best fabrics out there on the market today, a bespoke suit from Savile Row or Tom Ford,’ as well as 'an important shoe to go with the outfit.’

It is only then he can get onto his most pivotal decision.

He said: 'My biggest choice of the day is the wristwatch. If the day is professional and I know I have important meetings or am closing a business deal, I will wear what I feel to be the most successful of my watches: a Patek Phillipe.

'If my day seems more relaxed I will just wear a Rolex.

'If I know I have an event to go to and I want to be a little flashy I will wear one of my completely flawless diamond Jacob and Co watches.’

And just when it seems Scott is finally ready to head out and seize the day, it emerges he has yet another painstaking decision to make - deciding which of his fleet of cars to drive.

The father-of-two said: 'If its a nice day and the sun is out, I will take my Rolls Royce Drophead Convertible.

'If I’m in a sportier mood I will take my 458 Ferrari, but if I’m just looking to lay back and enjoy my day I will take my Bentley Mulsanne.’

As if making such weighty decision is not enough, he still has to do some work.

However, if he does, it seems he has just wasted a half hour choosing his transportation, as he claims to work on building his business empire from his home office.

He said: 'Most of my work is done on the phone or from a home office due to the fact I deal with people in a lot of other cities, though most are in New York.

'I’m sure a lot of people have no idea what it is that I do. The truth is I work in various industries.

'I have done a lot of private label manufacturing in the nutrition biz and I have raised money for startup companies.

'I tend to invest money into nightlife businesses the friends of mine are involved in, nightclubs and what not.’

But it seems he does not want to waste too much of his precious time on cutting deals as he likes to finished on the 'early side of the day’ so he can get back home to his family.

By 6pm he wants to be at home and relaxing, as once he is there he does not like to leave.

After a 90 minute dinner listening to the fascinating tales of Kim and co, he retires so he can spend a couple of hours alone with his computer.

He said: 'I love to get a little internet time to research luxurious items such as cars and watches and private planes and boats.’

By this time Scott is exhausted, so at 10pm he sits in front of TV so he can indulge himself by watching classic episodes of legendary sitcom Seinfeld.

It is a rest he richly deserves, of course.