“Just let go”

Does Theo even know Scott? Scott would never let go, he never does. That is what makes him… Scott

Yes, Lydia fell but that was because Scott couldn’t hold anymore. He physically couldn’t, he did not chose to let go. You could see every muscle on his body was pushing Lydia up. She only fell because Theo injured Scott, however if you notice that when any other character did the same move Theo did on Scott (the claws on the neck), they automatically fell, or zoned out in pain. Scott didn’t, he still held Lydia, he fought for her so hard until his body couldn’t anymore

THAT IS SCOTT. THAT IS WHY HE IS THE TRUE ALPHA. Not because he came back from the dead twice or he could break out of force field. He is the true alpha because he never let go. Until he can he will fight for those he loves.

That’s why Lydia would never run and hide. Because of Scott. That’s why Kira believes in him to save Mason. That’s why Stiles calls him a brother. That’s why Malia cares so much what he thinks of her. 

Scott Walker says the Senate should get rid of the filibuster, says it’s antiquated

jesus christ fuck you Scott

yes I know checks and balances are always suddenly “antiquated” as soon as the party of the politician in question is in power