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10199 Chariklo

10199 Chariklo  is the largest confirmed centaur (minor planet of the outer Solar System). It orbits the Sun between Saturn and Uranus, grazing the orbit of Uranus. On 26 March 2014, astronomers announced the discovery of two rings (nicknamed Oiapoque and Chuí), around Chariklo by observing a stellar occultation. making it the first known minor planet to have rings.

Chariklo was discovered by James V. Scotti of the Spacewatch program on February 15, 1997. Chariklo is named after the nymph Chariclo (Χαρικλώ), the wife of Chiron and the daughter of Apollo.

Image credit: ESO / L. Calçada / M. Kornmesser / Nick Rising

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He was the first android that Scotty had ever saw; indeed, his own beloved Pria had been one of the first of her kind, and perhaps in some way, he naively hoped a precursor to the man he saw standing before him. He was in every way a man, although obviously synthetic. That excited the older man more than a little. Even in his old age, the idea of living, thinking, sentient machines was exhilarating to him. Still, as much as he liked the idea of synthetic people, he wasn’t so fond of their synthetic alcohol. “I hate to be overly choosey, mate, but I don’t s’pose ye have anythin’ a bit more, well real, yanno?” 

Blacklist Season 5 Wishlist

Obviously I want mythology answers, but beyond that here are the top ten scenes/episodes that would thrill me:

1) At least one flashback episode devoted to Katarina and Red’s relationship. I don’t want to just hear about it, I want to see it!

2) Katarina and Red reunite in the present day.

3) Big Liz V. Scottie scene. I want these powerhouse women to have it out.

4) Red and Tom air it all out. I want an Anslo Garrick type situation where Red and Tom are trapped together and they finally just have it out…and by so doing finally clarify a few things about the origins of Liz and Tom, the Angel Station assassination, and what the hell Tom was doing during the 1x22 finale. I have my theories, but I’d like some concrete answers.

5) Scottie and Howard get forced marriage counseling. Possibly with Tom and Liz as their mediators.

6) Liz and Red commit fun crimes together. FUN CRIMES. Not soul darkening, depressing crimes. Ripping off bad people, getting justice and making a little money while doing said crimes.

7) Jennifer Reddington is found. Her flirting with Ressler would be an awesome bonus.

8) Dom/Liz reunion.

9) Frank the grifter returns.

10) Tommy Markin is found and destroyed. 

Basically I want information and I want fun! I want the families and in-laws to sort through their shit. And a freaking win for Ressler, because, no kidding, hasn’t the man suffered enough?

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“Ooh, hello there, laddie!” The elderly engineer was in the med bay, having himself put through every conceivable test to determine that he was indeed who he said he was. He had been staring into space, his mind entirely on his wife and where she might be, when he spied the lad watching him curiously. 


I know that the sexualization of women is a huge problem in film, but even with that in mind, I can’t help but love these scenes.  It’s just so rare that film portrays older women as unabashedly sexual and attractive.  I know The Final Frontier has issues, but I always really liked these parts of the film.

I like single Uhura because I think it’s important to show women that you can have a happy, fulfilling life and be a life-long bachelorette.  And, in general, the TOS films are great about showing women who have built lives for themselves (with interests of their own) without needing men:

Carol Marcus

Dr. Gillian Taylor


These are all women who had no romantic interests, were purely professional, and were great characters.

With Uhura x Scotty, though, I thought it was great in that it showed you can find love later in life.  That just because you’re no longer in your 20s or 30s doesn’t mean you’re not worth loving.

And for those who say it came out of the blue…did it really?  Scotty and Uhura have known and respected each other for years.  Is it really unbelievable that they might have wanted to be something more?  Is it less developed than, say, Uhura x Spock in the reboots?  I don’t think so.

The Final Frontier has a lot of flaws, but I think it has a lot of good in it as well.

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It’s been enough time, now, that Stiles has mostly, mostly, gotten a handle on this whole thing where he has wings that explode out of his back at the slightest provocation. He mostly doesn’t just wing himself without reason, and even occasionally he’s shown the ability to retract his wings himself, without Scott or Cosmo rubbing their struts until they retract on reflex.

Now, it’s so late in January, it’s almost February. They’ve been getting back to a rhythm in life, more or less, with a little bit of space allotted for the fact that the aforementioned wings happen, that in the middle of that happening, Scott and Stiles became something better described as scottandstiles.

Today, Stiles comes up the stairs to Scott’s room with his wings already put away. He’s wearing shirts, which somehow still hasn’t stopped being a little novel. In his hands, he’s carrying a gift bag with tissue paper sticking out of the top, and he seems weirdly a little nervous. “Hey, Scotty…?”