scotty lewis



There’s entertainers that come and go, and there’s people good at this or good at that. But a guy like Dean Martin, there’s nobody cooler. — Kevin Spacey

He’s got one of the greatest, most recognizable and smooth voices of all time. I’m not gonna lie. I’d love to be Dean Martin. When you hear Dean Martin, he gives you a feeling. It’s a special gift. — Scotty Morris 

There is that undeniable force that you can’t put a name on— Robbie Williams 

When he sings, you believe it. He had a great personality that just came across and made you feel like you knew him. — Martina McBride 

He was the most underrated, brilliant performer in 100 years of our business. And it just gave me the greatest joy in my heart to see that he showed them all. — Jerry Lewis

He was the coolest dude I’d ever seen, period… He wasn’t just great at everything he did. To me, he was perfect. — Stevie Van Zandt