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Valentine’s Special - Stiles Stilinski

Second Grade

You eagerly sat down at your table in Ms DeCann’s classroom, your bag of valentines in front of you.

“Scotty Scotty look!” You said to your best friend, wanting him to watch as you spilled your goodies over the tabletop.  Scott stared in awe at how much more candy you got this year.


“I know right!” You giggled, and handed over the candies you knew he liked best.

“You got a lot!” Stiles said from across from you.  You eagerly nodded, clapping your hands and began to give him his favorite chocolates.  “But wait, you love KitKats” Stiles said, pushing the pile back to your side of the table.

“That’s okay, you like them more than me” You said sweetly.

“Wow! y/n got a big pretty one!” You turned, seeing Lydia Martin pointing at the big red construction paper card.  A pink heart was cut out, and neatly pasted to the front.  Your name written in the neatest cursive you’ve ever seen for an eight year old.  Your eyes were wide, a small smile of affection on your face as you opened it up.  Inside one half was covered in hearts drawn in pink and red crayon, and on the other half, was written: 

I have a really big crush on you and i think you’re really pretty.

You checked all over the card, in search of a name, a signature, but there was none.  

“Well? Who’s it from?” Lydia asked, her small hands on her hips.  Your face fell, a slight frown tugging on your lips, as you whispered.

“I dunno”

10 years later

You were at your locker, putting books back in your shelves with a slight yawn.  Sometimes you wondered why school had to start so early in the day.  You were grabbing onto your Economics textbook when hands came over and blocked your view.

“Guess who?” You heard Stiles say, and you rolled your hidden eyes.

“Hmm… Kira?” You asked, feeling your fingers over where his hands eres.

“Nope, try again and you could still get the prize”

“Ooh what’s the prize?” You asked.

“Ah ah, gotta guess correctly” He scolded.  You giggled.

“Alright Stiles, I know it’s you” You said, turning around and pulling his hand from your face.

“Hey Scotty” You said, seeing your other best friend was there as well.

You and your boys had only grown closer since elementary school.  Through the death of Mrs Stilinski, the first school dances, Stiles falling in love with Lydia, difficult tests, Mr Harris, and not to mention, Scott becoming a werewolf.  The list went on.  But loosing Stiles to the Ghost Riders was probably the worst thing you’d gone through by far.

Without going on about the many threats of Beacon Hills, you’d still managed to stick together.  Which to this day surprised you, but you were happy nonetheless.

“So… what’s the surprise?” You asked, eagerly rocking onto the tips of your toes and smiling a big sweet smile.  Something you’d been capable of doing since you were six.

“I actually have it” Scott said, holding his hands out.  You hadn’t even noticed that he was hiding them behind his back, but your eyes were staring at the arranged pink and white flowers.

“Awe! Scotty!” You jumped and wrapped your arms around him in a hug.

“Um, actually they aren’t from me” You pulled away and looked at Stiles.  “I actually didn’t get you anything” Scott added.  You smiled at Stiles.

“You got me flowers?”

“I didn’t get anything actually” 

“Yeah I did” Stiles said sheepishly.  Your brows scrunched up together and you gave him a cute smile.

“IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY!” Scott yelled, hands on his head.  He quickly shoved the bouquet of flowers towards you.  “I DIDN’T GET ANYTHING FOR KIRA!” He yelled, running off down the hallway.  You giggled, and inspected the bouquet in your hands.

“Well, they’re beautiful” You told him honestly, and Stiles smiled like he’d just won an award.

“Yeah well happy Valentine’s Day y/n” He said, and you hugged him as soon as his arms opened up.

“Awe happy Valentine’s Day Stiles” You said back, squeezing him before letting go.  “I’ll put these in a vase and water as soon as I get home” You told him, setting the flowers safely and delicately into your locker before closing the door.  “Wanna hang out later? Kira and Scott are going out and I’m all alone and… yeah?”

“Yeah sure” Stiles smiled again.  “See you in lunch” You hugged him quickly and thanked him again before heading on your way.

“Hey Theo” You greeted your lab partner with a kind smile as you sat next to him.  Sure, a few months ago he nearly killed you.  But since saving Stiles from the Ghost Riders, he’d really rebuilt himself and proven to the pack that he was a changed man.

“Hey y/n” He smiled up at you.  “How’s your Valentine’s Day going?”

“Pretty good, and you?” You asked as you took your seat.

“Hopefully about to get better” He told you, and you raised a brow.  

“Plan on asking out a special valentine?” You asked cheekily, a slight laugh in your voice.

“Well that depends” He said, smirking a bit at you.  “Are you going to say yes?”

“STILES!” You yelled ecstatically as you ran to the lunchroom.  You and Stiles always met there a few minutes earlier, before any werewolves were in ear shot of your possible private conversations.

“y-” He didn’t even get to say your full name before you barreled into his arms, and he spun you around on instinct.  Stiles laughed, setting you on your feet and taking in your big smile.  He marveled at it for a moment.  “Alright so what’s got you so bubbly?” He asked, and you squeezed onto his hands.

“I’m going on a date tonight!” You squealed, shaking your hands between the two of you.  “With Theo!” You added, eyes crinkling with excitement.

“Th-Theo?” Stiles repeated weakly, and you nodded.  “Like.. Raeken?”You nodded again, as the rest of the pack started to file into the cafeteria, Scott and Kira taking their seats.  You could hear Scott giving a long winded apology and a promise to get her something.

“…like.. like a HUGE teddy bear..” You shook your head at him, then turned back to see Stiles was walking off.

“Hey, Stiles where are you going?” You called.

“I forgot I have something to- to make up” He lied, not turning back as he left.  

You knew he was lying too.

But you sat down slowly at the lunch table, next to Liam and across from Scott (who was still telling Kira something about rose petals and bathtubs).  But through all his rambling, he seemed to notice your saddened state.  Or maybe he got a whiff of the waves of depression rolling off you.

“y/n what’s wrong?” He asked you, and you huffed before answering.

“I got a date with Theo tonight-”

“NO!” You jumped at the alpha’s outburst, wide eyes staring at him questioningly.  “I-I mean why?”

“Because he asked me and-”

“And you want to?” Scott asked.

“What about Stiles?” Kira added.

“What about him?” You asked miserably, suddenly feeling unhappy with your decision.  All of your friends didn’t seem to care or like the idea of you going out with Theo.

“Well I mean he brought you flowers right?” Kira pondered.

“Yeah but… like it was friendly…” Scott snorted.

“Yeah.  And the card that took him five freaking hours to make you in the second grade was just friendly” He muttered.  Your head shot up, staring at Scott with a slight glare.

“Stiles made that card?” Scott met your gaze, a look of fear on his expression.

“Uh-” You saw bits of sandwich just roll out of his mouth.

“Stiles likes me?”

“Ha, took you long enough to realize it” Lydia said as she sat down at the table.  You licked your lips anxiously.

“You’re uh.. you’re not supposed to know that” Scott said nervously.

But you’d already got your things gathered and was rushing to leave the cafeteria.

“JUST DON’T TELL HIM I TOLD YOU!” Scott called frantically.  You kept running out to the halls.

You were aimlessly jogging, checking every classroom, every staircase, the boys locker room, the counselor’s.. but there was no Stiles.  So you called him.

“Hey! You’ve reached Stiles Stilinski.  I’m probably grounded right now, but leave a message and I’ll call you back when I can” 

You groaned, not bothering to leave a message, so you texted Scott and told him to call his brother.  You got a reply from him a few minutes later.

Scott: he said he went home early
You: did he say anything about me?
Scott: no but he seemed upset
You: mad upset or sad upset?
Scott: sad.

You winced, a pang of guilt and sadness coming over you.  in all honesty, you wished Stiles had told you sooner.  Because you would’ve said yes.  Probably even screamed it.  You’ve loved Stiles for longer than you could remember.  Somewhere between playing hide and seek in the wood and watching Star Wars together, feelings seemed to have developed that was just far more than any friendship.

The rest of your day was torture.  You had no way of getting out of school, no pass or quick lie to skip so you could go see Stiles.  Your foot tapped on the ground, leg bouncing rapidly, and fingers drumming against the desk top.

And when the final bell rang, you ran out to your car in the rain as quickly as you could, not even caring.  You didn’t say goodbye to anybody, you didn’t stop at your locker, you just sprinted.

The drive to Stiles’ house was quick, familiar and easy.  So maybe you were speeding a little.  Sue me.  

When you pulled into the drive, you slammed your door, and angrily stomped through the rain to the front door.  Your knuckles hurt from hitting the door so hard.

But you didn’t really expect Stiles to answer, so carefree, while you were standing in front of him, a little wet and panting heavily as you tried to form a coherent thought.

“y/n?” He gave you a puzzled look.  “I thought you had a date-”

“I do- I-I did” You stumbled, and he just looked at you.


“I’m sorry” You shook your head, backing up into the rainfall that was slowly turning into a downpour.  Normally you loved when it rained in Beacon Hills, but today it just seemed depressing and cliche.  “I’m just gonna go” You spun on your heels, going back to your car.

“Well wait y/n you don’t have to-”

“Don’t have to what Stiles?” You yelled a little over the rain, but it came out in a sigh.  You felt helpless.  “This was pointless” You shook your head again, pushing your wet hair from your face.

“Well then why’d you come!?” Stiles yelled back.  “If it was so pointless to you!?”

“God” You you sighed.  “God damn it Stiles!” You didn’t want to yell at him, but you couldn’t help it.  You were so frustrated.  “Why didn’t you just tell me you made me that valentine?” His features changed from those of annoyance to a soft surprise.  His hair hung over your forehead in soaked locks of brown, and you tried to catch your breath.

“Scott told you” He said quietly, and you were only able to nod.  “He- he told you everything?”

“I’d assume so I don’t know Stiles I didn’t ask for a back story, I didn’t ask for any of it, but here I am! Why do I have to beg you to just open up to me-!”

“Well maybe if you weren’t going on dates with fucking Theo Raeken of all people then I could take the time to tell you I love you!” He shouted, and you grew furious. (although your heart skipped a few beats at his confession)

“Then why didn’t you say anything?” You asked weakly.

“Be-because” Stiles’ voice cracked.  “You think I wanted to ruin risking everything?” He said, hands falling to his sides.  “I loved- love- you so much y/n I couldn’t- I didn’t want to tell you and then never even be friends it’s just not worth it-”

“Kiss me” You said, voice even, and calm.


“Just do it Stilinsk-” You were cut off, as he’d quickly crossed the space between you, cupping your cheeks and crushing his lips against yours.  Though the action was rushed, the kiss itself was soft and gentle and warm.  You pushed yourself against Stiles’ soaked chest, and tangled your hands in his hair.  You kissed feverishly after that, tilting your head to the side for better access.

You didn’t part until you were both panting heavily.

“I- I love you too” You breathed.  Stiles smiled, brushing your hair behind your ear.

“Good.. because that was really hot and I’d like to do that again” You giggled and nodded, brushing your lips against his before actually kissing him.

And you did end up spending the night together like you’d originally planned.  Although there were other activities involved.

I’ll leave your sexy time part of the night up to your own imagination

i myself had a lovely valentine’s day and i hope y’all did too 

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kisses ~ jordie

Part 4

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  2,080

Author’s Note:  This one got a little long, but it’s got lots of loving!Scotty and it’s making me really happy. As always, thank you for reading, and thank you so much for your continued feedback; it really means a lot to me. Please enjoy!

Table of Contents Here

“You be careful with him, y’hear?” McCoy warned as you approached the door of his office to leave.

“Who?” You half turned back, preparing a snippy response if he meant Jim.

“Scotty,” McCoy stood from the desk and folded his arms over his chest. “I know the two of you haven’t really talked yet, but he’s a good friend of mine. He’s pretty easy-going, but when it comes to you… that man’s in a bad way.”

“So I see,” you mumbled, looking at the floor and sucking your teeth. “I’ll be careful with him.”

“You better,” McCoy warned. “I’ve never seen him like this and frankly, I’m just as worried about him as I am about you.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. See you tomorrow?”

“No, take tomorrow. We’re not getting anywhere and I think a break’ll do us both some good.”

“If you say so, Doc,” you raised a hand and stepped into the medbay.

Chapel wandered past and gave you a wide-eyed look, but didn’t stop to talk. You found out her reason when you exited sickbay into the hall.

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Night on the town, part 6

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 2355

Warning: Smut (It’s my first time writing it.  I apologize if it’s awful.), language

 Part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5

You made yourself look mostly presentable before heading to meet with Commander Spock.  There was not time to shower but at the very least, you pulled a clean uniform out of your pack and brushed your hair.  After the previous day, you were still feeling exhausted. As was Leonard as he took a rather cold shower.  There were dark circles under his eyes as he gave you a kiss and a half smile before you left for your briefing.

“Thank you for meeting with me Doctor [Y/N].  I will attempt to make this gathering brief.  This PADD has the information regarding your quarters assignment, as well as information for chain of command regulations. As your Chief Medical Officer, Doctor McCoy, has more information that will pertain to the regulations of the Enterprise’s medical staff.  You will be assigned to alpha shift for now with Doctor McCoy as Doctor M’Benga prefers beta shift.”  Spock continued with several other items about your new position and the ship.  It was probably another ten minutes before he sent you on your way to find your quarters.  

It took little time to find your quarters.  They were one deck below sickbay and several decks away from Leonard’s.  That was either going to be a good or bad thing. Your quarters were not large but you would be comfortable.  Some place you would be able to make home for the near future.  Your only hope now was that you were going to be able to adapt easily to life on a star ship.  Living for the last few years in York Town and on Earth for several before that. The only experience you had with ships were a few short-term missions to different bases to assist in setting up medical facilities.  This was far different.  Leonard was there though.  That one thing could make anything else tolerable.  

As you left your quarters, heading back to Leonard’s to pick up your belongings, Uhura walked up the corridor.  “[Y/N], good morning.  Exploring the ship?”  Her smile was friendly.

“No, I was just on my way to get my things so I can unpack.  I’m tired of living out of bags.  I want to be able to settle in, and figure out a place on this ship.” The woman nodded to you.

“I understand that feeling. Try not to let Doctor McCoy monopolize your time, too much.  I was serious about getting together some time.  It will be nice to have another female in crazy crew.”  

“Doctor McCoy to Doctor [Y/N], report to sickbay, please.” You sighed lowering your head.  Uhura laughed.

“At least he uses ‘please’ with you.  We get ‘now’. I will let you get to work. Remember we are going to talk.” She walked off in the opposite direction with her ponytail swinging behind her while you headed to the sickbay.


The scene there was only slightly calmer than when you arrived there the previous day.  Nurse Chapel handed you a PADD with information about the next patient that needed seen.  You smiled at Leonard as you saw him across the room.  He returned the smile before motioning to you to get to work.  The rest of the day continued with brief glances and more smiles between patients.  Working in the sickbay by the end of the shift felt like old hat.  You fell into an easy routine with the nurses that kept the flow of the patients going.  Leonard was impressed, having to stop and watch you several times throughout the day. Many times without you knowing.  You were far more talented than your record had shown and he no longer felt guilty for using his and the Enterprise’s status to bring you onboard.  

After reporting off to Doctor M’Benga, you went to find Leonard.  Of course, he was in his office working on whatever reports he needed to finish for the day.  “Should I wait or am I going to be eating alone?”  He looked up from the terminal with a smile.  Something that everyone noticed was appearing more often.

“No darlin’, I am just finishing up.  I had to send more information back to Star Fleet about the issues over the last month, medical wise.  All the supplies and injuries, the boring stuff.  You ready to eat?  I am starving.”  You nodded as he stood up to walk around the desk.

“I am too.  Plus it will be nice to sit.  I have been bouncing from exam room to exam room all day.” He placed his warm hand on your lower back guiding you towards the door.

“Good, maybe we will even get time to talk.  We haven’t had a real conversation since you got here.”  The mess hall was busy but you found an empty table for just the two of you.  You knew this would not be a common occurrence but you wanted him to yourself just for today.  Leonard asked how you had been through the month absence.  He was not prepared to hear how bad things had gotten for you.  However, he was glad you had told him.  The conversation progressed into a more serious tone when he asked how you felt about being on the ship.  You could see the fear in his eyes that you would run back to York Town as fast as possible after the last couple days.  Laying a hand on his cheek you smiled.

“Leonard, I swear I am not going anywhere.  I hope someday you will believe that.  I traveled through half the quadrant to come be with you on this ship.” His shoulders relaxed and he smiled.  His hand moved over yours holding it to his cheek.

“I just don’t want to lose you or this, [Y/N].  You mean everything to me.  I hope you know that.”  Tears welled up in your eyes as you beamed at him.  Neither one of you could see a table not far off watching the exchange. Jim, Uhura, and Scotty watched the pair of you with great interest.  Spock, unlike the rest of the group ate his food reading over a PADD, thinking about how illogical it was for them to stare at their friend.  None of them had ever seen Leonard so happy or emotional.  They only hoped that you continued to do whatever magic you preformed on him to keep that smile on his face.

With your meal finished, you and Leonard walked back to his quarters to retrieve your belongings. Before the emotional end to dinner, you had said how much you wanted to unpack and feel like you were a part of the crew and the ship.  By the time, you made it back to your quarters you were joking about one of your former professors in medical school.  Leonard had him as well and had a few of stories of his own about the man.

“His face got so red and he was sputtering but there was nothing he could do.  Nothing in the regulations said that we couldn’t.”  You laughed loud as the doors opened to your quarters.  Leonard set your bags down, after refusing once again to let you carry them while he was around.  “So this is it?  Not bad. Though I think it is a tad far from my quarters.”  He looked around the place a few moments before he realized you were staring at him. “What?”  A slow smile spread across your lips.

“We are alone.  Really alone.  No shifts to run off to, no briefs to attend.”  You walked close to him wrapping your arms around his neck. Kissing him lightly.  “No one but us.  Finally.”  Leonard wrapped his arms around you, leaning down to kiss you again.

“I say it’s about damn time.”  He picked you up in his arms carrying you over to your bed.  You giggled as he set you down.  “Oh funny is it?”  The mock look of fear lasted only a moment, as you could not keep a straight face.

“Oh no Doctor McCoy not funny at all.”  You grinned as he pulled off your boots and tossed them across the room.  He climbed onto the bed laying gently over you as his kissed your nose then lips.  

“Good.  There is nothing funny about what I want to do to you tonight, [Y/N].”  The intensity in his tone caused you to shiver.  The kiss that came next was one not unlike before that send warmth rushing through your whole body.  His hand moved down your body, over your hip to grab onto your outer thigh pulling you closer against him.  A gasp escaped from your lips as his mouth teased over your jaw and down your neck. You could not help but close your eyes as you allowed him further access.  Both your hands trying to find a place to hold to him as he teased.

“Leonard…” you moaned as he rolled you enough to one side to allow his free hand to unzip your dress. Feeling his warm hands roam over your skin made you want to feel the same.  You wanted to feel his skin.  Feel the muscles and shape that made him who he is.  Trying to make that desire come true, you moved your hands to pull his uniform shirt up over his head.  The man was more than happy to comply.   Leonard helped you remove it then tossed it aside as he had with your boots.  Sitting up over you, he pulled your dress down over your shoulders then over the rest of your body.  It followed suit and landed somewhere far away from your bed.  Leaving you in your panties and bra.

“My God, you are beautiful.” As you laid there staring up at him, his eyes wandered over every bit of your exposed flesh.  You had never felt more beautiful or worshipped until that moment. Never had anyone ever made you feel like Leonard did.  Pulling him back down to you, you kissed him deeply.  Pouring all of yourself into it. One of your hands moving through his thick hair as you held onto his back.  He was breathless as he finally broke the kiss. “Woman, you are going to kill me.” You smiled wickedly up at him. That only encouraged him further. The remaining pieces of your clothes followed the rest settling somewhere on the floor until you were both bare.  

“Kirk to McCoy.  Hey Bones I need…”  Leonard looked fierce as he lifted himself over you.  You bit your lip trying to keep quiet.  A sense of disappointment starting to build.

“Jim are you dying?”

“No but…”

“Is anyone else dying?”

“No.  I just…”

“Then I don’t give a shit if the ship explodes.  I’m busy.” You stifled a laugh as he returned down to you.  His mouth teasing your neck and moving lower.  Arching into his touch, as his tongue circled one nipple and his thumb ran over the other.  All the sensations happening at once causing your brain to shut down any rational thought. Now was just the time to feel. One of his hands moved lower, grazing over the skin of your abdomen sliding down between your thighs.  You gasped as he lightly ran his fingers in a circle over your clit.  “Oh you like that darlin’?”  The only thing you could do was nod as he increased the pressure.  Leonard continued the torture for a moment until his fingers slipped down further and pushed inside.  The motion causing you to lean up on your hands quickly, causing him to lean back.  

“Leonard… please.”  

“Tell me beautiful. What do you want?”  You whimpered as his fingers moved inside you.  His mouth on your neck moving up to your ear to whisper to you.  “Do you know how much I have thought about this?  Thought about you beneath me?  Having you cry my name.  [Y/N], tell me what you want, baby.”

“Damn it Leonard!  You. I want you.  Please I need you now.”  Leonard could have lit the galaxy with the smile that appeared on his face.

“Anything you desire, darlin’.”  Moving to place himself between your thighs, he leaned down to hold your face in his hands as he kissed you.  Lightly and sweetly at first that turned into something much more.  His cock slid achingly slow inside you, stretching the tissue in the most wonderful way.  Leonard stopped himself a moment to pull back from your kiss.  His head leaning against your shoulder, as he had to control himself from going too quickly.  He wanted you to feel just as good as he felt right now.  Then he began to move, slowly just as he had with the kiss.  Letting the feelings build between the both of you.

Moans and grasps from you two started to echo in the room.  Hands moving over each other’s bodies, kisses left over burning skin.  Your movements became more desperate as he brought you higher. That long forgotten feeling tingling as it built up inside you, low in your belly.  Your arms wrapped around his body as you tried to hold on.  Leonard nipped at your neck hoping he could hold out just a bit longer.  But your beautiful body and all the things it was doing to him at that moment were pushing him farther than his control would allow.  His hands moved to your hips gripping with bruising force.  Thrusting into you now with a pace, you could not hold onto as your body let go.  Crying out his name as your nails scored the skin on his shoulders.  The shaking and shuddering beneath him was all he could take as his own orgasm surged through him.

“[Y/N], damn it…”  He grunted into your ear as he moved a few last times inside you.  Leonard fell down on the bed next to you trying to control his breathing.  You rolled to look at him, grinning.  

“That was one helluva ‘welcome aboard’ Leonard.”  He laughed rolling to steal a kiss.

“That was just the beginning darlin’.  Trust me; you better get some rest because I will be ‘welcoming’ you all over this room tonight.”

(Part 7 in the works)

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For Kaity.

Originally posted by becausepine

For @kaitymccoy123, after a rough day. I love you to bits, dear, and I think they lost out, not you. I hope this is decent (banged it out on lunch break, posting quickly. Probably riddled with errors). Also, it’s incredibly difficult to find a good AOS Scotty gif.

“I didn’t get it.”

“Ya what?” Monty’s nose crinkles in a way that you would normally find adorable. As it is, the entire world seems dampened by the bitter disappointment that snakes through your chest, and your answering smile is hollow.

“The job. I didn’t get it.” Despite your best efforts, you feel your voice hitch a little on the words. 

“The rat bastards,” he spits, dropping his spanner and pulling you into his arms, heedless of the fact that you’re in the E deck corridor for all to see. You smush your nose into the mesh fabric of his red shirt and let him hold you tight. 

“Shh, shh, shh, shh,” he murmurs, more an instinctive litany of comfort than actual shushing. He rocks you gently back and forth, threading agile fingers through your dark hair. His skin smells of bay rum aftershave and something vaguely singed, and it crosses your mind to ask him, later, how the refit is coming. He presses his lips to your temple and sighs heavily through his nose. “The silly sods don’t know a good thing when they’ve got it.”

His words send hot tears prickling at the corners of your eyes. Silly as it is, to cry feels a little like defeat, like one last punch in the gut. You pull back, biting at your lip and swiping your face in frustration. 

Monty catches your hands in his. “My heart,” he says softly, reaching to thumb away the tear-tracks that stain your cheeks. “I know what I’ve got right here.” His eyes are dark as he stares at you for a long moment, as if memorizing your features. You can see, suddenly, that he shares your heartbreak. He clasps his fingers around the nape of your neck, planting a gentle kiss on your forehead and fluttering his eyes closed. “I have the very best thing, Kaity. I have you.”

Bonus, because I just can’t resist.

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Title: Convergence [Part 5]

Fandom: Star Trek

Relationships: future Scotty/Reader

Warnings: swearing, awkwardness, mentions of death, full-out emotional roller coaster

Prompt: the Reader gets pulled into the Star Trek universe and confusion ensues over the incident

A/N: And here is Part 5…buckle up.

This is a part of a series! You can find the previous parts here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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Zane’s 100th pt. 2

Originally posted by untuckedqueens

College is crazy and also super boring so we decided to recreate the iconic dance scene from Zane’s 100th vlog SCENE BY SCENE BOI. Scotty and Gabbie watched and commented, so it’s been validated if you’re hesitant. Give it a watch and laugh at us like you laughed at them it’s great.

Word Count:  3,231

Author’s Note:  The best part of being back at work full time is that I’ve got ample room to day dream, which means killer (IMHO) one-shot ideas. I ended up knitting Scotty’s hat from 2009 this week (it looks badass), and I just  thought of this story idea.

I promised y’all a new story every Saturday, and it’s officially 2:46 a.m. on Saturday. So here ya go. Enjoy!

Disclaimer:  I used a handful of lines from Star Trek (2009), so all credit for those lines go to Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

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Scotty was sitting at the gang’s usual table in the mess hall surrounded by his friends. Scotty was envied by everyone down in mechanics for a number of reasons, the main one was the fact that he was sitting with Captain James Kirk, Lieutenant Uhura, Commander Spock, Commanding Officer Sulu, Ensign Chekov and Doctor McCoy. The last member of the group was you, Lieutenant Kirk. You were Jim’s baby sister and you were loved by everyone onboard the Enterprise for your charm, quick wit, humour, intelligence and kindness.

You would smile at anyone who walked by and knew everyone by name. The thing you prided yourself on the most was your ability to make others feel like someone wanted to listen and could remember things about them. When you began working on the Enterprise, Jim had been apprehensive about letting you go on dangerous missions or work in environments where you could potentially get hurt. That was until you were able to prove yourself to him on a mission with Bones and Scotty where you took control and got everyone out of a certain death situation without so much as a scratch. From then on Jim and the rest of the crew had a deep respect for you and your work, especially when you began assisting Bones in the medbay and saved even more lives.

Immediately after you arrived onboard for the first time you were introduced to all of Jim’s friends who quickly became yours too. That was why you were standing at the door of the mess hall, grinning as you spotted everyone in their usual places around the back table. You quickly began weaving through tables to get to them and when you did, you slumped down in between Scotty and Jim.

“Hey, muffin.” Jim said as he affectionately hugged you from the side and kissed your hair. “How was work?”

“Long.” You replied, stealing one of Jim’s fries. “Too much blood to clean up, hence why I’m late.” You finished shooting a pointed look at Bones who looked sheepishly at Jim.

“Oh, so Bones made you stay behind and clean up, did he?” Jim smirked as Bones blushed and mumbles a quick, “Sorry.”

You began collecting the leftover food that your friend’s were too full to eat and shoving it into your mouth as you recounted the many injuries you had had to deal with that day.

“Scotty, are you feeling alright?” Came Uhura’s teasing voice from across the table. Scotty seemed to physically snap out of whatever daydreaming state he was in and look around confusedly.

“What?” He asked as everyone gave each other pointed looks and snickered into their palms, watching as Scotty turned beet red.

“Are you sure you’re alright, love?” You said, noticing Scotty’s face and immediately becoming worried.

“Aye, lassie. I’m fine, thank you.” He said, casting his eyes down towards his food.

You looked at the clock on the wall and decided that it was time for bed.

“Bye, my loves!” You said in a sing-song voice and listened as a chorus of “Bye!”’s rang around the table. You went to walk away but doubled back.

“Bye, Scotty.” Smiling, you tucked your hair behind your ear and walked to the door.

You could hear the rest of the gang teasing Scotty as the door shut behind you and smiled to yourself as you walked down the hall and away from the noise.

“Jeez Scott, you’re done for.” Bones laughed.

“Shut up.” Scotty’s face turned an ever darker shade of red.

“So ven are you going to ask her out?” Asked Chekov.

“She doesn’t even love me back, there’s no point.” Came Scotty’s sad reply.

“Love? You’re in love with her? I thought it was just a crush!” Jim slapped the back of Scotty’s head as a warning not to mess with his baby sister.

“Would it not be logical for you just to inform Y/N of your feelings for her? It would certainly improve the quality of conversation in the group and eradicate all of the, as Nyota put it, sexual tension between the two of you.” Spock suggested.

“But how do I seduce a woman who’s so far out of my league?” Scotty asked.

“Damn right she’s out of your league!” Jim exclaimed.

“She’s the most precious thing in this universe!” Sulu added.

“You better do something soon though, Scotty. She’s my best friend and I can’t stand to see her upset.” Said Uhura.

“Why is she upset?” Scotty inquired.

“Because she thinks that she’s done something to offend you! She thinks that because of the way you’re acting towards her, that you don’t like her.”

“But it’s the exact opposite!”

“Then go!” Bones urged.

“What, now?” Scotty asked incredulously.

“Yes, now! There’s no time like the present.” Jim pushed Scotty out of his seat and everyone sighed thankfully as he scrambled towards the door in pursuit of you.

Running through the hallways, Scotty had almost given up hope of ever finding you when he rounded a corner and there you were, casually sauntering along without a care in the world.

“Y/N!” Scotty called and you spun around, tears streaking your face. “Y/N, what’s wrong, lassie?”

“Do you hate me?” You sobbed.

“Of course not, lassie. Why would you think that?” Scotty softly wiped the tears off your cheeks and pulled you into a gentle hug.

“I love you, Scotty.” You confessed and you felt Scotty freeze in your embrace. He slowly pulled away, an unreadable expression on his face which made you scared you’d said the wrong thing. Suddenly, Scotty’s face split into a wide grin and he pulled you close to him, smashing his lips onto yours and kissing you passionately. He pulled away all too soon and said the words you’d been waiting to hear and he’d been dying to say.

“I love you, too.”

You’re Beautiful

Characters: Scotty x Reader.

Summary: Scotty comforts you but will this lead to him finally confessing his feelings for you? (I am really bad at summaries!)

Word Count: 870 words

A/N: This is for a lovely Anon who requested this from my 300 celebration ‘100 ways to say I love you’ .

Originally posted by chekovpavels

Sitting in the canteen after a long shift you had your head in a book, wanting a bit of peace and deterring people from attempting conversation with you. Unfortunately, the men sat behind you didn’t seem to have a volume filter and their conversation permeated your concentration.

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Better Chance

Originally posted by boy-toy-mccoy

Prompt: Yay another fab writer for me to follow!! Please tag me in everything! Oh and how about Bones x reader, secret relationship and him blurting it out in front of everyone as Jim and scotty are constantly flirting with her? - @feelmyroarrrr

Pairing: Bones x reader


Words: 1345

A/N: This was way too fun to write! 

“Leonard…” You groan as his alarm goes off far earlier than necessary. Reaching behind you, you swat at him until he reaches over and shuts it off.

“Mornin’ darlin’.” His voice is rough with sleep and it sends a pleasant shiver down your spine. He presses a kiss to the back of your neck and sits up, causing you to whine at the sudden loss of heat.

“Five more minutes…” You mumble, burrowing further into the blankets. He sighs and lets out a slight laugh, used to your antics at this point.

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Prompt: “Reader and Scotty are best friends! Just a bunch of fluff!! Crew fluff, teasing fluff ,mischievous fluff! The fluff that makes you so happy, that you giggle and get so much cuteness overload that your heart literally hurts. :3″ - Anon

Word Count:  1,733

Author’s Note:  I’m not sure how “fluffy” this is, but it certainly seems like the kind of friendship I’d love to have with a guy like him. I hope you like it Anon, thank you for your patience! (And with this post I am officially DONE with all the requests from November!! Thank you all so much for your patience, I really appreciate all your support, love, and feedback.) And as promised: gratuitously Canadian reader to follow. Enjoy!

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Gravity - Part 2

Summary: Reader’s a young security officer (Lieutanent Junior Grade) who happened to be on an away mission and fall hard for a certain Chief Engineer. Both of them aren’t the most outgoing regarding their feelings and tend to just watch each other from a distance, which is going to change.

Wordcount: 1722

A/N: We’re going on a quick trip down memory lane how they both first met. As before: Please leave me feedback. Tell me what you loved, tell me what you hated. I’m going slow on actually writing the scottish accent, but i’m working on it. Putting this up early, Part 3 will have to wait until next week :)

This fiction is set in AOS

Warnings: Some violence against reader, injury on reader, and oh the fluffiness


„What was that?“ Kirk raised an eyebrow.
„What was what?“ Scottys eyes flickered to his captain, grimacing.
„You were watching that security officer over there.“
„Dunnae what ya’r talkin’ about“ his accent grew thicker as he spoke.
„Oh, you WERE watching her.“ the captain threw his head back with laughter. „Marvelous. And here I thought you only had eyes for a certain ship.“
„While we’re speaking of it“, Scotty got up briskly „I got work to do.“ He could see Bones rolling his eyes, while Jim seemed most amused about the whole affair. Of course he was.
The engineer looked down on his PADD. „Ya cannae leave those Ensigns alone for one minute!“ he waved to both Jim and Bones.

„Don’t go hidin’ in a Jefferies Tube, Scotty! We ARE going to talk about this.“ „Are we?“ a hint of laughter and red flushed crossed his face.
„Yes. You, Bones here for medical advice“, he slapped Lens shoulder, who „hmphpd“ at the prospect, „And me. I’ll bring Scotch.“
Scotty gave him a thumbs up and vanished. What other choice did he have anyway.
Kirk smirked at Len. „Come on. It’s going to be fun!“

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Sundae Squad

Pavel Chekov x Reader

Author: Me (alliwriteistrash)

Length: 1101 words

Prompt: I always had this little headcanon that there was a squad on the Enterprise that would sneak around in the middle of the night and get ice cream. I dunno why I just thought it was cute 😂 Could you do one with the reader, Chekov, Sulu, and Scotty are the Enterprise Sundae Squad? 😛 (With a bit of Chekov x reader)  by a lovely anon

Warnings: None

Note: Translations are at the bottom. Thanks to my lovely friend drugmistress <3

It all started with you and Scotty. The two of you were working on improving the warp drive, as usual, when you mentioned how hot it got down here and how much you would enjoy some ice cream right now.

Scotty, who was just as bothered from the heat as you, agreed, even though he knew that the replicators didn’t produce ice cream. A tragic fact in your opinion.

But they didn’t call you engineers for nothing! If someone could figure out how to program ice cream into the replicator, then it was you and Scotty. This was a matter of honour!

But if you manage to do so, it would have to be kept secret, since it was against the rules to hack into the machinery. On the bright side, this only meant more ice cream for the two of you.

It took 3 days and barely any sleep to figure it out, but it was all worth it once you had your first sundae for years and it was delicious!

Of course you had to meet in the middle of the night, when the crew was asleep, so no one would see the secret replicator, hidden deep down in engineering.

So every night, you and Scotty would meet up to eat ice cream together and gossip about the rest of the crew. You and your supervisor had been good friends before, but this little secret strengthened your bond.

So it wasn’t really surprising that you told him about your little crush on the ship’s navigator Chekov, who sometimes joined you and Scotty at your workplace.
Scottys lack of shock was a bit disappointing. He claimed that it was ‘As obvious as the nose on your face’ but told you that Chekov was oblivious to it, when he saw your bewildered face.

He did his best to support you, he listened to your ramblings about, how unfair his cute accent was or how fluffy his hair looked, that it made it really hard to suppress the urge to ruffle through it.

What you didn’t realize, was how obvious the change in Scottys and your relationship was. Sometimes you even called him Monty, a nickname he allowed you to use when you were in private.

One particular evening, Chekov was up all night working on a problem in a thesis, when he heard voices out in the corridors. Normally no one was up at this hour, and when he noticed to whom the voices belonged, he opened the door and saw the two of walking down to the engineering department.

So, it wasn’t a big surprise, when he followed you and Scotty and found out about your secret ice cream sessions. He took offense in the fact that none of you had invited him, but that was quickly set aside when he understood that you had to keep it a secret.

From then on, you invited him. And so the ‘Secret Sundae Squad’ was born, as Pavel revered to it.  It didn’t bother Scotty at all that your ranting about ‘how perfect Chekov is’ was over, because now he got to watch the two of you pinning after each other while eating ice cream. Honestly it was adorable.

For weeks the three of you met at night, eating ice cream and mostly talking about what improvements the Enterprise could use. It was a lot of fun. Some theories involved tribbles, others were even crazier.

Everything worked just fine, the ‘Secret Sundae Squad’ was a well-kept secret, until Pavel mentioned it in front of his friend Sulu. Of course he wanted to join the squad, and after a few minutes of talking with Scotty and you and a promise not to mention it towards anyone again, he was allowed to join.

You always found Scottys occasionally teasing embarrassing, but Hikaru toped that. It didn’t take more than a few innuendos from him to turn your cheeks as red as your uniform. But of course Pavel didn’t notice that. He was far too busy eating his ice cream and claiming that it’s a Russian invention.

Since you never noticed Pavels attempts at courting you and vice versa, Hikaru and Scotty took the manners into their hands. The pining of you had reached a new peak and it was now almost painful to watch the two of you longing for each other.

So once night, the two of them said that they couldn’t come today, some kind of work they had to finish, nothing special, which left you and your crush alone, in an empty corner of the Enterprise.

At first it was a bit awkward, without the other two you didn’t know what to talk about, until Chekov offered to teach you Russian. An offer you gladly accepted.

Everything went fine, he told you words or sentences to say and then explained to you what you just said while correcting you, until a certain sentence.

“Я тебя люблю.” , he said, looking at you with an expression you couldn’t quite match. Affection maybe or was it that just wishful thinking?

“Я тебя люблю.”, you repeated, not quite sure of what you just said.

For a few seconds there was silence. Normally he would already have explained to you, what that means.

“Pasha, what does ‘Я тебя люблю’ mean?”, you asked, stumbling a bit over the Russian words.

“It means…’I lowe you..”, he explained, his cheeks all red, as he looked at his hands. You couldn’t believe what he just said. Were your feelings actually reciprocated?

“Pavel… do you mean it? Are you in love with me?”, you asked, waiting nervously for an answer. This silence was going to be the death of you.

“Да [Y/N/N].”, was all he admitted, and thanks to the Russian lessons you had tonight, you knew that it means ‘Yes’. Immediately you swung your arms around him to hug him. This was too good to be true!

“Pavel, how do you say ‘I love you too’ in Russian?“, you asked, as you broke the hug that took him by surprise.

“Я тоже тебя люблю.”, he answered, looking at you with big eyes.

“Pasha, Я тоже тебя люблю.”, you whispered, smiling brightly at him. He was obviously just as happy as you. He cupped your face in his hands and leaned in for a gentle kiss, before replicating some more ice cream ‘for celebration’.

Unknown to you, Scotty and Sulu had watched you two the whole time, relieved that their little plan had worked out, but also enjoying the fact that they could tease both of you about it tomorrow.

Я тебя люблю - Russian for ‘I love you’
Да - Russian for ‘Yes’
Я тоже тебя люблю - Russian for ‘I love you too’

Prompt: “Scotty needs some more love. How about our favourite scotsman has trouble expressing his feelings so he keeps coming by the reader’s quarters to ‘fix’ and upgrade their stuff. Bonus points for a jealous!Jim (because he sooo wanted that shower air dry function, but Bones just tells him to suck it up because he’s enjoying this carwreck that is Scotty’s flirt attempts)” - @noctiscorvus

Word Count: 1,788

Author’s Note: I’ve never written Scotty or a Scottish accent before, but I think it turned out alright? Enjoy my dears <3

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ScottyxReader- Across the Pond (Part 1)

(I’ve had this Star Trek fic kind of sitting around for a while, and recently I kind of got in a Scotty kick so I figured I’d finish the first part and post it here, and then once all of the requests in my inbox are done I’ll start posting more of it. Or I might post a part here and there. I haven’t entirely decided yet.

It takes place in the alternate reality that was shown in the 2009 movie and Into Darkness. There really isn’t any warnings in this…perhaps some language here and there and even then it’s really scarce. Also I checked and as far as I could tell there was no such thing as the USS or SS Dionysus in any of the Star Trek series, which is kind of why I chose it because I didn’t want to describe a starship inaccurately.)

You sat in your quarters, fiddling around with the controls for the visual communication system on your PADD and trying not to lose your head. You hated being stationed on the Dionysus; the technology seemed ancient, everything was constantly breaking down, the ship was a bit cramped, and because of it’s close quarters the ship was short staffed. You constantly had to change from your usual science officer blue to operations officer red in order to satisfy the need for engineers. This week was no exception, for you were acting as chief engineer until the Dionysus went back to Starfleet. You didn’t mind the job; you knew your way around the engine room and you knew how everything worked and how to fix almost every problem, but it wasn’t like your usual position at all. You enjoyed your position as an exploratory science officer; you liked exploring new lands and learning about different environments and cultures. That’s what you went into Starfleet for. You didn’t want to be cooped up in the bowels of the ship. Not only that, but it seemed that everything just wanted to break down this week, and you had been on call every night. Tonight, however, they had finally decided to give you the night off and you couldn’t have been happier. You weren’t exactly cut out for the demanding hours that came with the engineering position.

You sighed as you punched in the correct numbers and waited for your best friend’s image to appear on the screen. He was probably busy. After all, the Enterprise was always the one they sent on the most daring, dangerous, and exciting missions because it had the technology and the crew to handle it all.

Still, you were constantly worried about him. He practically lived in the most dangerous part of the ship, even though that was to be expected. He always told you that it came with the title of chief engineer, and that he was the only one that “knew just what the hell they were doin’.”

After what seemed like hours, the grinning face of your closest friend appeared on the screen. You couldn’t help but return the grin as his image glowed on your PADD, nor could you help the faint blush dusting over your face.

“Y/N! Hey!” Scotty said as he waved one hand excitedly, “It’s so good to see ya! How’re ya holdin’ up?”

“I’m doing okay,” you giggled, “How’re things on the Enterprise?”

“Exhaustin’,” the technician said dramatically, slumping back in his chair, “Kirk’s breakin’ things left an’ right and wearin’ out everyone’s patience. I haven’t had a decent nights sleep or time for a decent drink in days. An’ to top it all off the transporter’s on the fritz again, an’ there’s a landin’ party headin’ out tomorrow, so I had to bust my ass all day to get it to run.”

“But you did you get it fixed, right?” you asked, trying your hardest not to laugh at the Scotsman’s expense.

“Aye,” he said with a sigh, “Took me a while but I finally got it to work. At least it’s good enough for tomorrow’s mission.”

You grinned, “Good. I’m glad to see Captain Kirk is keeping you on your toes, Scotty. God only knows what would happen if you had free time.”

The engineer sat up as he tried to make it seem as though he were offended by what you had said. However, any ounce of intimidation Scotty was trying to get across was lost as a smirk that tugged at the corner of his lips. “And just what’s that suppose to mean, Miss Y/L/N?” he added defensively.

“You know full well what that means, Mr. Scott. While I’m thinking about it, has Admiral Archer’s beagle ever came around yet?”

You watched as Scotty bit his lip and glanced away from the monitor as he mumbled, “I thought we agreed not to mention that…”

“And I thought you promised not to use Archer’s dog,” you laugh, shaking your head.

“At least you didn’t have to spend six months starvin’ on Delta Vega!”

You rolled your eyes and let out a sigh, “You brought that on yourself. You’ve always had a knack for getting yourself into trouble, Scott, and I’ve always had to bail you out. To be honest, I’m surprised you’re not running about chasing tail right now or drinking yourself blind or something.”

A light blush appeared Scotty’s cheeks, but he still kept the defensive act up, “First off, I don’t go out ‘chasin’ tail’. I have some class, okay? Secondly, I promised I’d call ya, dinnit I? Ya know me well enough to know that I’m not gonna bail out on ya like that. An’ lastly…none of the lasses here are…are r-really my type.”

“Oh? And what exactly is your type?” you pressed as you quirked an eyebrow. To be honest, you were kind of hoping you were his type. You had met him on your first day of classes at the Academy when he had bumped into you, knocking everything out of your hands. After a very creative string of curse words and a series of apologies from both parties, you had left on good terms. Soon, you began running into him everywhere, particularly at the bar that both of you frequented. After a few months, you had began hanging out. He became your closest friend, and you were his; even during those six months when he was assigned to the Federation outpost on  Delta Vega you had kept in touch. You have gotten comfortable around him; more comfortable than you have ever been around anyone. You could both laugh at each other and help each other through anything. He knew you better than anyone, and you knew him better than everyone. It was nice, having that sort of consistency in an occupation that was never consistent. And it was partly due to this consistency that you had begun realized what, or rather whom, you wanted in your life.

“I-It’s not really important right now,” he flustered, his blush slowly growing, “Er…What about you? Have you found anyone for yourself yet?”

Now it was your turn for your face to grow red, “Not yet. No one on here has really…peaked my interest.”

“Oh? An’ what exactly is it that peaks Lieutenant Y/L/N’s interest?” the full time engineer said in a sing-song tone, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

You paused for a moment as you debated on whether or not you wanted to tell him the truth. On one hand you wanted to tell him about how you felt, but there was a small part of you that wanted to mess with him. Maybe…maybe you could do both?

“Oh I don’t know,” you said lightly adjusting yourself in the chair, “Someone who’s exceedingly intelligent, who can use his head under pressure. Someone whom I enjoy their company and who doesn’t make me want to bash my head in every waking moment. Someone who I can talk about anything with and who will listen to me. Someone who’s brave but smart enough to know when he’s beat. Someone who lights up when they talk about what they’re passionate about, and whose words blend together and form this incoherent jumble of excited energy that is hard to follow to untrained ears.”

“Oh really? Is that so?”

“Yeah really, that is so,” you said, lowering your voice an octave in a mocking tone before letting out a small laugh, “Why is that so surprising?”

“Oh I dunno. I guess I never pictured you swoonin’ over someone like that. I always pictured ya pinin’ over a really stoic heroic type,” Scotty replied, “Like the kind of man that never wears a shirt because he’s too ripped for a shirt to ever hold him, savin’ the world with his witty one liners and keepin’ you warm at night with…I dunno…his miles of chest hair or somethin’.”

“Since when have I ever came across that way?”

Scotty remained silent, trying to figure out if you had ever dropped a hint about being into guys like that. After a few moments you started to laugh.

“That’s what I thought.”

“In my defense,” the Scotsman said with a finger raised, “you’ve never NOT came across as the type of person who wouldn’t be interested in that type of a man, either.”

“I suppose you’re right,” you sighed, trying your best to make it seem like it physically pained you to admit that he was right.

The engineer laughed. His laugh was infectious…at least, to you it was, and it wasn’t long before you were laughing, too.

“So,” Scotty said as he calmed himself down after a short while, adjusting himself in his chair, “How come is it that whenever we talk, you manage to hear just about everythin’ that’s goes on with me, and the only thing I get out of you is an ‘I’m okay’?”

“Because you’re a narcissist who likes to talk about himself?” you suggested, despite it being a blatant lie. Montgomery Scott may be a drunk, occasionally disorderly chief engineer, but he was by no means a narcissist.

“Or maybe it’s because you go off topic at warp speed,” he accused, but before you got a word in edgewise he continued, “Whatever the case is, I find it incredibly unacceptable and I demand that you talk about your day.”

“Do I have to?”

He attempted to give you a threatening look, but it was again softened by the smirk on his face, “You know I hate to pull rank with you, Lieutenant, but if I have to I will.”

You sighed, “The only reason I was avoiding this, Lieutenant Commander, was to spare you from quite a bit of complaining. But, if you must know, we’re short on crew and, because of this, they named me temporary chief engineer.”

“Oh so that’s why you’re wearin’ red. And to think, I thought you were tryin’ to flatter me by dressin’ as your favorite engineer.”

“Don’t get so full of yourself, Monty,” you retorted, “You know that my favorite engineer is Keenser.”

“I know. Just like my favorite exploratory science officer is Spock,” Scotty grinned, “At least he doesn’t find the need to sass me whenever I open my mouth.”

“I thought my sass was one of the things you loved about me,” you said with a wink.

A faint blush crept on the lieutenant commander’s face, and a triumphant feeling crept into your chest. You didn’t know why, but making Scotty blush or laugh was one of your favorite things to do, and you loved how it wasn’t hard to get him to at least do the second.

“So how has the whole chief engineer thing been?” he asked, trying to avoiding the statement as told by his voice rising just a little higher than it normally would towards the end of the sentence.

“Stressful. I’ve been running around fixing everyone’s mistakes. Things have been breaking left and right, the technology on this ship is pretty outdated, and this is the first night off I’ve had in a week. I honestly don’t know how you do it.”

“Magic hands and a high tolerance,” he answered confidently. You covered your face and let out a snort, which was then followed by a small fit of uncontrollable laughter. Soon he was laughing too, which seemed to make you laugh louder than before. It continued on for quite some time, going in cycles of laughter. As soon as your laughter would die down, Scotty would say something or you would remember what was said, and the laughter would continue. You talked and laughed for hours about everything and nothing, just like you always did. But there was something that felt like it was clouding your thoughts. Your feelings towards the lieutenant commander kept pushing their way to the front of your thoughts, and it gave you the sensation that all of the words that were going unsaid were hanging in the air like fruit on a tree. And if uncertainty and doubt weren’t also clouding your mind you would have thought that it was the same for Scotty. When the silences held on for just a bit too long he would space off, small traces of a blushing face kept finding it’s way onto Scotty’s face until he would clear his throat and start on a new topic. Your conversation continued like this, lasting until someone came and pounded on your door, telling you to quiet down. It sounded a bit like the captain, but it was hard to tell through your laughter as well as through the metal door.

“I should probably get some rest,” you said with a sigh of finality, “I kind of have to be up in a few hours.”

“I probably should, too. No doubt the Capt’n will need me tomorrow to help with the landing party.”

The two of you sat for a few moments, not wanting to leave, staring at the screen with slight smiles on your faces. You couldn’t exactly speak for Scotty, but you definitely felt that on your end, words still left unsaid hung thick in the air. They ate at you every single time you talked to him. They pestered at you, swarming your head every time you saw him through the monitor. You wanted to tell him how you felt; you wanted to pluck the words from the air and allow yourself more room to breathe, but you could never decide which one to start off with. You always ended the conversation with a “Bye, Scotty. Stay out of trouble.”, but you thought more needed to be said in this case. Finally, after working up a small amount of courage and finding the right words to pick, you decided to say what was on your mind.

“I miss you, Scotty,” you murmured. You cast your eyes away from the monitor for a few moments, but if you had kept your eyes on the screen you would have noticed a bewildered Scotty, his mouth hanging slightly open and his face gradually matching the color of his shirt.

“I…um…I-I miss ya, too, lass,” he said, his voice faltering slightly.

You frowned, returning your gaze back to Scotty, “Are you okay?”

He swallowed hard, “Oh, er, y-yeah. I’m fine. I gotta go. I’ll talk to ya as soon as I can. I think I might have some time tomorrow night, i-if you’re free then.”

“Umm, yeah, sure. I might be free then, I’ll have to make sure. You sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine. Really, I am! But I gotta go. Good night, Y/N!”

“Alright. Bye, Scotty. Stay out of trouble,” you sigh.

“You know me better than that,” Scotty said with a wink that made your heart skip a beat, but before you could do anything his end of the conversation cut out, leaving you alone in your quarters.

“Yeah that’s the problem,” you muttered your usual response, setting the PADD on the side table and sliding in your chair. You couldn’t help but think that maybe you had messed up somewhere. Maybe you shouldn’t have told him that you missed him. The two of you had kept a lighthearted conversation in the past few times he’d called. Scotty was busy and stressed out enough as it was, you never wanted to put any extra stress on him. He always told you that you could tell him everything, that there was nothing that was off limits when it came to the two of you. Perhaps you had found it tonight; the one exception to every rule. You ran your fingers through your hair and closed your eyes. However hard you tried to swallow the nausea that had arisen from your worry, you couldn’t escape the feeling that you had messed everything up between you and the one man that was closer to you than any being in the universe.