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Reader x Scotty - THE ART OF HEALING

Stage One: Perforating wound

A penetrating wound which extends into a viscus or bodily cavity.

Scotty walks into engineering to see you dangling haphazardly from the ceiling.

“Ach!” he shouts without meaning to, feeling his heart race in his chest. He takes a deep breath and then calls in a much steadier voice. “You be sure the straps are tight an’ proper, lass!”

It’s one thing to repair the main warp generator, Scotty thinks.

It’s quite another to watch the love of your life do it.

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Valentine’s Special - Stiles Stilinski

Second Grade

You eagerly sat down at your table in Ms DeCann’s classroom, your bag of valentines in front of you.

“Scotty Scotty look!” You said to your best friend, wanting him to watch as you spilled your goodies over the tabletop.  Scott stared in awe at how much more candy you got this year.


“I know right!” You giggled, and handed over the candies you knew he liked best.

“You got a lot!” Stiles said from across from you.  You eagerly nodded, clapping your hands and began to give him his favorite chocolates.  “But wait, you love KitKats” Stiles said, pushing the pile back to your side of the table.

“That’s okay, you like them more than me” You said sweetly.

“Wow! y/n got a big pretty one!” You turned, seeing Lydia Martin pointing at the big red construction paper card.  A pink heart was cut out, and neatly pasted to the front.  Your name written in the neatest cursive you’ve ever seen for an eight year old.  Your eyes were wide, a small smile of affection on your face as you opened it up.  Inside one half was covered in hearts drawn in pink and red crayon, and on the other half, was written: 

I have a really big crush on you and i think you’re really pretty.

You checked all over the card, in search of a name, a signature, but there was none.  

“Well? Who’s it from?” Lydia asked, her small hands on her hips.  Your face fell, a slight frown tugging on your lips, as you whispered.

“I dunno”

10 years later

You were at your locker, putting books back in your shelves with a slight yawn.  Sometimes you wondered why school had to start so early in the day.  You were grabbing onto your Economics textbook when hands came over and blocked your view.

“Guess who?” You heard Stiles say, and you rolled your hidden eyes.

“Hmm… Kira?” You asked, feeling your fingers over where his hands eres.

“Nope, try again and you could still get the prize”

“Ooh what’s the prize?” You asked.

“Ah ah, gotta guess correctly” He scolded.  You giggled.

“Alright Stiles, I know it’s you” You said, turning around and pulling his hand from your face.

“Hey Scotty” You said, seeing your other best friend was there as well.

You and your boys had only grown closer since elementary school.  Through the death of Mrs Stilinski, the first school dances, Stiles falling in love with Lydia, difficult tests, Mr Harris, and not to mention, Scott becoming a werewolf.  The list went on.  But loosing Stiles to the Ghost Riders was probably the worst thing you’d gone through by far.

Without going on about the many threats of Beacon Hills, you’d still managed to stick together.  Which to this day surprised you, but you were happy nonetheless.

“So… what’s the surprise?” You asked, eagerly rocking onto the tips of your toes and smiling a big sweet smile.  Something you’d been capable of doing since you were six.

“I actually have it” Scott said, holding his hands out.  You hadn’t even noticed that he was hiding them behind his back, but your eyes were staring at the arranged pink and white flowers.

“Awe! Scotty!” You jumped and wrapped your arms around him in a hug.

“Um, actually they aren’t from me” You pulled away and looked at Stiles.  “I actually didn’t get you anything” Scott added.  You smiled at Stiles.

“You got me flowers?”

“I didn’t get anything actually” 

“Yeah I did” Stiles said sheepishly.  Your brows scrunched up together and you gave him a cute smile.

“IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY!” Scott yelled, hands on his head.  He quickly shoved the bouquet of flowers towards you.  “I DIDN’T GET ANYTHING FOR KIRA!” He yelled, running off down the hallway.  You giggled, and inspected the bouquet in your hands.

“Well, they’re beautiful” You told him honestly, and Stiles smiled like he’d just won an award.

“Yeah well happy Valentine’s Day y/n” He said, and you hugged him as soon as his arms opened up.

“Awe happy Valentine’s Day Stiles” You said back, squeezing him before letting go.  “I’ll put these in a vase and water as soon as I get home” You told him, setting the flowers safely and delicately into your locker before closing the door.  “Wanna hang out later? Kira and Scott are going out and I’m all alone and… yeah?”

“Yeah sure” Stiles smiled again.  “See you in lunch” You hugged him quickly and thanked him again before heading on your way.

“Hey Theo” You greeted your lab partner with a kind smile as you sat next to him.  Sure, a few months ago he nearly killed you.  But since saving Stiles from the Ghost Riders, he’d really rebuilt himself and proven to the pack that he was a changed man.

“Hey y/n” He smiled up at you.  “How’s your Valentine’s Day going?”

“Pretty good, and you?” You asked as you took your seat.

“Hopefully about to get better” He told you, and you raised a brow.  

“Plan on asking out a special valentine?” You asked cheekily, a slight laugh in your voice.

“Well that depends” He said, smirking a bit at you.  “Are you going to say yes?”

“STILES!” You yelled ecstatically as you ran to the lunchroom.  You and Stiles always met there a few minutes earlier, before any werewolves were in ear shot of your possible private conversations.

“y-” He didn’t even get to say your full name before you barreled into his arms, and he spun you around on instinct.  Stiles laughed, setting you on your feet and taking in your big smile.  He marveled at it for a moment.  “Alright so what’s got you so bubbly?” He asked, and you squeezed onto his hands.

“I’m going on a date tonight!” You squealed, shaking your hands between the two of you.  “With Theo!” You added, eyes crinkling with excitement.

“Th-Theo?” Stiles repeated weakly, and you nodded.  “Like.. Raeken?”You nodded again, as the rest of the pack started to file into the cafeteria, Scott and Kira taking their seats.  You could hear Scott giving a long winded apology and a promise to get her something.

“…like.. like a HUGE teddy bear..” You shook your head at him, then turned back to see Stiles was walking off.

“Hey, Stiles where are you going?” You called.

“I forgot I have something to- to make up” He lied, not turning back as he left.  

You knew he was lying too.

But you sat down slowly at the lunch table, next to Liam and across from Scott (who was still telling Kira something about rose petals and bathtubs).  But through all his rambling, he seemed to notice your saddened state.  Or maybe he got a whiff of the waves of depression rolling off you.

“y/n what’s wrong?” He asked you, and you huffed before answering.

“I got a date with Theo tonight-”

“NO!” You jumped at the alpha’s outburst, wide eyes staring at him questioningly.  “I-I mean why?”

“Because he asked me and-”

“And you want to?” Scott asked.

“What about Stiles?” Kira added.

“What about him?” You asked miserably, suddenly feeling unhappy with your decision.  All of your friends didn’t seem to care or like the idea of you going out with Theo.

“Well I mean he brought you flowers right?” Kira pondered.

“Yeah but… like it was friendly…” Scott snorted.

“Yeah.  And the card that took him five freaking hours to make you in the second grade was just friendly” He muttered.  Your head shot up, staring at Scott with a slight glare.

“Stiles made that card?” Scott met your gaze, a look of fear on his expression.

“Uh-” You saw bits of sandwich just roll out of his mouth.

“Stiles likes me?”

“Ha, took you long enough to realize it” Lydia said as she sat down at the table.  You licked your lips anxiously.

“You’re uh.. you’re not supposed to know that” Scott said nervously.

But you’d already got your things gathered and was rushing to leave the cafeteria.

“JUST DON’T TELL HIM I TOLD YOU!” Scott called frantically.  You kept running out to the halls.

You were aimlessly jogging, checking every classroom, every staircase, the boys locker room, the counselor’s.. but there was no Stiles.  So you called him.

“Hey! You’ve reached Stiles Stilinski.  I’m probably grounded right now, but leave a message and I’ll call you back when I can” 

You groaned, not bothering to leave a message, so you texted Scott and told him to call his brother.  You got a reply from him a few minutes later.

Scott: he said he went home early
You: did he say anything about me?
Scott: no but he seemed upset
You: mad upset or sad upset?
Scott: sad.

You winced, a pang of guilt and sadness coming over you.  in all honesty, you wished Stiles had told you sooner.  Because you would’ve said yes.  Probably even screamed it.  You’ve loved Stiles for longer than you could remember.  Somewhere between playing hide and seek in the wood and watching Star Wars together, feelings seemed to have developed that was just far more than any friendship.

The rest of your day was torture.  You had no way of getting out of school, no pass or quick lie to skip so you could go see Stiles.  Your foot tapped on the ground, leg bouncing rapidly, and fingers drumming against the desk top.

And when the final bell rang, you ran out to your car in the rain as quickly as you could, not even caring.  You didn’t say goodbye to anybody, you didn’t stop at your locker, you just sprinted.

The drive to Stiles’ house was quick, familiar and easy.  So maybe you were speeding a little.  Sue me.  

When you pulled into the drive, you slammed your door, and angrily stomped through the rain to the front door.  Your knuckles hurt from hitting the door so hard.

But you didn’t really expect Stiles to answer, so carefree, while you were standing in front of him, a little wet and panting heavily as you tried to form a coherent thought.

“y/n?” He gave you a puzzled look.  “I thought you had a date-”

“I do- I-I did” You stumbled, and he just looked at you.


“I’m sorry” You shook your head, backing up into the rainfall that was slowly turning into a downpour.  Normally you loved when it rained in Beacon Hills, but today it just seemed depressing and cliche.  “I’m just gonna go” You spun on your heels, going back to your car.

“Well wait y/n you don’t have to-”

“Don’t have to what Stiles?” You yelled a little over the rain, but it came out in a sigh.  You felt helpless.  “This was pointless” You shook your head again, pushing your wet hair from your face.

“Well then why’d you come!?” Stiles yelled back.  “If it was so pointless to you!?”

“God” You you sighed.  “God damn it Stiles!” You didn’t want to yell at him, but you couldn’t help it.  You were so frustrated.  “Why didn’t you just tell me you made me that valentine?” His features changed from those of annoyance to a soft surprise.  His hair hung over your forehead in soaked locks of brown, and you tried to catch your breath.

“Scott told you” He said quietly, and you were only able to nod.  “He- he told you everything?”

“I’d assume so I don’t know Stiles I didn’t ask for a back story, I didn’t ask for any of it, but here I am! Why do I have to beg you to just open up to me-!”

“Well maybe if you weren’t going on dates with fucking Theo Raeken of all people then I could take the time to tell you I love you!” He shouted, and you grew furious. (although your heart skipped a few beats at his confession)

“Then why didn’t you say anything?” You asked weakly.

“Be-because” Stiles’ voice cracked.  “You think I wanted to ruin risking everything?” He said, hands falling to his sides.  “I loved- love- you so much y/n I couldn’t- I didn’t want to tell you and then never even be friends it’s just not worth it-”

“Kiss me” You said, voice even, and calm.


“Just do it Stilinsk-” You were cut off, as he’d quickly crossed the space between you, cupping your cheeks and crushing his lips against yours.  Though the action was rushed, the kiss itself was soft and gentle and warm.  You pushed yourself against Stiles’ soaked chest, and tangled your hands in his hair.  You kissed feverishly after that, tilting your head to the side for better access.

You didn’t part until you were both panting heavily.

“I- I love you too” You breathed.  Stiles smiled, brushing your hair behind your ear.

“Good.. because that was really hot and I’d like to do that again” You giggled and nodded, brushing your lips against his before actually kissing him.

And you did end up spending the night together like you’d originally planned.  Although there were other activities involved.

I’ll leave your sexy time part of the night up to your own imagination

i myself had a lovely valentine’s day and i hope y’all did too 

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kisses ~ jordie

Come Back •Part 1• (Jim Kirk x Reader)

In which the reader takes Jim’s place in the face of certain death.

“I don’t like this, Jim,” you stated as he headed to release Khan from his cell. Jim cast you a look of frustration as he continued to walk.

“It’s not up to you, Y/N,” he said. “We’re all doomed right now, and the only chance we have of escaping that fate is by using Khan.”

“Just… just be safe, alright?” You whispered, taking his hand in yours. He gave your hand a light squeeze, his pace slowing slightly as he turned to face you.

“I’ll be fine,” he promised before pressing his lips to yours quickly. As soon as you pulled apart, he was gone, heading to get Khan and hopefully save the ship.

You waited anxiously with Chekov throughout the whole ordeal. Your shaking hands played with the necklace Jim had given you when your relationship with him began back when he first became captain. You always worried about him, but there wasn’t much you could do, seeing as how he would never let you go on away missions with him. You were forced to sit back and watch as he put himself in danger time after time.

You couldn’t help the relief you felt when you finally found Jim dangling from Chekov’s hands on that small bridge. You knew that he was still technically in danger, but seeing him alive and well made you feel as if everything was going to be alright.

You felt alright even as you raced to the warp core, your heart racing as you heard the computer Scotty was at. The warp core needed to be realigned or else you would all fall to certain death.

“The ship’s dead, sir! She’s gone.” Scotty exclaimed, looking at Jim.

“No, she’s not,” Jim declared before racing away. You chased after Jim, Scotty hot on your heels.

“Wait! Jim, if we go in there, we’ll die!” Scotty shouted. “Do you hear me? The radiation will kill us! Will you listen to me? Look, what the hell are you doing?”

“I’m opening the door,” Jim said as he typed codes into the keypad. “I’m going in.”

“The door’s there to stop us from getting irradiated! We’d be dead before making the climb!” Scotty tried to explain to him. You knew Jim, though, and you could tell that Scotty’s words were having no impact on his decision. You felt along your waist for the tranquilizer gun you had been given in case Khan had gotten out; you kept your hand on the gun, watching as Jim turned to Scotty.

“You’re not making the climb,” he mumbled quietly. As soon as he pulled his fist back to hit Scotty, you had the gun pulled out, watching as Jim caught the head engineer in his arms and lowered him to the ground. He turned around to face you, preparing to do the same when his eyes landed on your gun. “If you’re going to shoot me, you might as well let me go in there, I’ll die anyway.”

“You’re not dying,” you whispered in a shaking voice. You took a deep breath and placed your finger on the trigger. “These aren’t bullets, Jim.”

“Then what are…” he trailed off in confusion, his eyes focusing on the ground before they darted back up a moment later. Realization was clear in his eyes, and you could see him beginning to cry. “No, Y/N, you are not doing this. This is my ship and as Captain, I order you to-”

“I’m so sorry,” you sniffled as his hand shot up to his neck. He pulled out the dart, his eyes meeting yours with a shocked look as he fell to his knees. You could tell that he was attempting to fight the tranquilizer, so you raised your gun up again. “They’re not too strong, you should be up in ten minutes or under.”

“D-Don’t do this,” he stammered out, tears streaming down his cheeks.

“If I didn’t, then you would,” you began, shooting the gun again. Jim fell to the floor unconscious, and you immediately went to open the door. “This ship needs you, Jim.”

He wasn’t sure how long he had been out when his eyes finally fluttered open. He heard Scotty talking into the comm, telling someone to hurry. Jim let out a small groan as he moved to stand up; his body shook as he got onto his feet, but he knew it wasn’t just from the darts. There was a cold fear spreading throughout his body, making his blood feel like ice.

“Captain,” Scotty said as he looked at Jim. His eyes flickered to something behind Jim, and the Captain immediately turned around.

“Y-Y/N,” he choked out as he saw you sitting on the ground as you leaned against the door. You were so pale, your eyelids drooping as you looked up at him with a small smile. He kneeled onto the ground in front of the door.

“Is… Is the ship alright?” You gasped out.

“You saved the crew, Lieutenant Y/L/N,” Spock’s voice replied from behind Jim.

“What the hell were you thinking, Y/N?” Jim questioned, his eyes filling with tears as he watched you struggle to breathe.

“That I couldn’t let the man I love die,” you answered truthfully.

“I will forever hate that man.”

“Don’t,” you ordered. “He’s the most k-kind and loving person I’ve e-ever met. I would do it all again.”

“Y/N, please don’t leave me,” Jim pleaded as he began to sob softly. You noticed that Uhura had appeared beside Spock, both looking on with teary eyes.

“There’s just some parts of life I don’t control,” you whispered, voice becoming quieter. “I love you, Jim.”

You placed your hand against the door and watched as he slowly lifted his own up and placed it over yours. You looked into his crystal blue eyes and found the world around you becoming fuzzy. It was like going to sleep, but this time you knew that you wouldn’t be waking up.

“Y/N, don’t,” Jim pleaded as your stare became blank. Your hand slid down the door, and he was immediately banging on the glass. “You can’t do this, you promised! You promised!”

Bones heard the story from Scotty. The story of the great Captain Kirk who became nothing in a matter of seconds as he watched you die. Bones knew that Jim loved you more than anyone ever thought possible, but he had never imagined him to be so stoic as they brought your body to the medbay.

The body bag was opened slightly so that Bones could see. Your eyes were still open, looking at everything but taking in nothing.

Jim swallowed hard and left the medbay, the tears beginning to overwhelm him again. Bones glanced over to where his friend was leaving, his heart heavy. He walked slowly over to his desk and sat in the chair, allowing everyone to take a moment to mourn.

That was when the Tribble began to come back to life. Leonard shot up from his chair as readings for the Tribble began to go off and the creature made noises.

“Get me a cryotube! Now!”

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Imagine Kissing Scotty

(Look at that edit I made that)
Pairing: Montgomery Scott x Reader
Word Count: 643 (I got carried away with this one.)
Warnings: Handmade fluff
A/N: Thanks to @youre-on-a-starship for throwing me back into the Scotty trash can. Go read their fics! ‘The Part that Counts’ is killing me and I love it. Part 3/5 of this imagine series. These are so fun! I think I might to Marvel characters next. Enjoy! xx

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Part 8

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  2,072

Author’s Note:  I had so much fun writing this part! I hope you enjoy it, too ^^

Table of Contents Here

Pavel arriving with the drinks snapped you from your alcohol-induced space out.

“Good job, Pav,” Jim congratulated him. “You didn’t drop any this time!”

“Practice makes perfect!” the young man exclaimed, placing the tray in the middle of the table.

You didn’t grab for one of the beers quite yet, still feeling pleasantly numb.

“What the hell was that thing?” Nyota asked. “That shot?”

“I don’t know,” you said, pacing your words so they came out in the right order. “Pavel ordered it. Apparently it was like, ninety percent? Looked like a damn triple.”

“You idiots are gonna go blind,” McCoy growled from across the table. “And you need to be more careful,” he pointed at you. “You’re still undergoing treatment.”

“Y’ said I’d be fine,” you waved the doctor off. “Have a beer, enjoy yourself, Doc.”

Jim snorted and elbowed Scotty.

“Bottoms up,” the captain said, waiting for Scotty to grab a glass.

“I don’ know if-”

“Shut up and drink, Scotty, that’s an order.”

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Requested by @littlecarowrites Takes place in Into Darkness. The reader goes into the reactor instead of Jim, leaving a very desperate Scotty behind.

Warnings: Slight Spirk? I think?

Word Count: 1,289

A/N: This will probably be my worst one so far.


“One day I’ve been of this ship! One bloody day!” the engineer’s voice would have echoed in the starship’s corridors if she wasn’t falling apart.

Evacuation protocols initiated

“There won’t be time for evacuation if we don’t get power to stabilize the damn ship!” the engineer snapped at his captain.

“Can we restore it?”

“Only from engineering.”

Scotty looked like a man who was about to lose his baby, which was actually the truth in a way. But the ship wasn’t the only thing in his mind.

“[Y/N]…” Scotty’s brain was screaming over and over again. Where is she? Is she okay? I need to calm down, gotta find her…“

“Scotty we got to get the power back on! Come on!”


“Evacuate zhe ship!” the familiar Russian accent was heard among the chaos.

Everything was a blur. One moment you have been trying to make an escape with Pavel, the other you have been grabbing onto your friends for their lives.

When his feet was on the not so safe ground. Scotty pulled you into a hug. “Oh [Y/N], lassie. I am so relieved you are alright.”

Before you could answer the ship shook and nearly knocked you all to the ground.

“Even if we get to the warp core we’ve still got to redirect the power!”

“What are you talking about?” you could tell that Jim was panicked even more. You grabbed his arm and squeezed it.

“Someone has to hit the manual override, Jim.” you said and Scotty butted in, turning to Pavel.

“Laddie, there’s a switch-”

“Behind the deflector dish! I’ll flip zhe switch!”

“Let’s go!”

Was it the adrenaline rush or the fear of death? You didn’t know. But you found the courage to take Scotty’s hand in yours and ran behind the captain.

Core misaligned, danger.

“Oh, no no no no!”

Scotty pulled away from you reluctantly and started to type furiously. “The housings are misaligned! There’s no way we can redirect the power.” he turned to you and Jim. “The ship’s dead sir, she’s gone.”

You made eye contact with Jim and saw the wheels in his brain turning at the same time as yours. Your eyes also widened at the same time. “No, she’s not.” he said and started running.

“Jim wait! Let me help you!” you shouted and started running after him.

“Wait, guys!” you heard Scotty’s terrified voice behind you. “Please, stop Monty.” you screamed inside your head but he seemed to do the opposite.

“If we go in there we’ll die you hear me? The radiation will kill us! Will you listen to me?” he screamed.

You wrapped your arms around his torso to stop him from getting to Jim “What the hell are you doing?”

He was beyond scared right now and the way you were acting did not help at all. You did not know how you were feeling. A mixture of fear and confusion maybe. But you knew one thing. You did not want Montgomery to die.

He deserved better than that.

“I’m opening the door. I’m going in.” Jim’s voice came through your ears making you release Scotty and turn to Jim in panic. “No, not you!” the voice inside your head shouted.

“That door is there to stop us from getting irradiated! We’d be dead before we made the climb!”

When you heard the word “dead” fall from his lips your blood turned cold and you made eye contact with Jim. You did not want him to die. You did not want anyone to die. Not the man who has been your friend since your Academy years and definitely not the man you love.

“I’m sorry.” you whispered while still looking at Jim.

“You’re not making the climb.” and with that Jim punched Scotty through your shoulder which made you let out a small shriek. You watched him buckle Scotty up.

You had to act quick. Before Jim could even see it your knee came in contact with the captain’s abdomen and after that you backhanded him across the cheek. When he hit the ground you quickly placed him right next to Scotty, thanking Bones because of the self defense classes he made you take.

Before throwing yourself in to fix the core, you kneeled in front of Scotty and pressed a gentle first and final kiss onto his lips.

“I’m so sorry…”


“Engineering to bridge. This is Captain Kirk.” tears flowed from Jim’s eyes freely. “Spock. Get down here.”

The slight tremble in his captain’s voice was all it took for Spock to get up and rush to engineering.

Red puffy eyes. Wet cheeks. Shallow breathing. It was a sight he did not want to see.

When the Vulcan stopped in front of him with his hands behind his back, Jim shook his head. Not being able to keep it in anymore he placed his head on Spock’s shoulder and started weeping.

With his head out of the way, Spock saw Scotty’s slumped figure. What he did not expect to see was your limp body, seperated from them by the glass.

“The door is locked.” came Jim’s whisper. Spock put a hand to his shoulder, leading him slowly forward. There they could see their friend more clearly. Spock couldn’t help but let a tear escape at the sight of you.

“Don’t cry, Monty. It’s okay.” the strain in your voice made Scotty’s lip tremble. The tears did not seem to stop. It made your heart break.

“Please, Monty. Don’t cry. You must understand. I could not let any of you die.” It was hard to breathe but it was harder to see your friends and the man you love cry for you. “You guys became my family. When I had nowhere else to go. I want you to be happy.”

“How am I supposed to be happy without you?”

Scotty’s voice raised and he pressed his forehead to the glass. “Dammit, lassie I cannae live without you.” the sight of his tears falling down made your heart ache.

“I love you [Y/N].”

Your eyes widened and you felt your own tears streaming down your face.

“I love you. I love you. I love you.” he chanted like a mantra. Jim’s weeping got louder and he fell onto his knees, bringing Spock with him.

You knew you didn’t have much time. You could no longer feel your legs and your mind was starting to go numb. So with all the strength you have left, you placed your hand where Scotty had placed his head on the glass and smiled.

“And I love you Montgomery Scott.”

With one last tear escaping your eye. Your hand fell and you stopped breathing.


“Well if it isn’t [Y/L/N].”

“It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Could you even do something right?”

“We’re friends… right?”

“Get out! I don’t want to see your pathetic face!”

“I love your smile, lassie…”

The sudden brightness made your vision blurry but after blinking a few times, you saw your grumpy friend dressed in white.

“Welcome back, [Y/N].“

“How?” you were still on a daze, trying to understand what happened.

“That is a story for another time, kid.” Bones dropped his PADD. “You have a visitor.”

Bones walked away, letting you see a nervous looking Scotty, who walked towards your bed. After a moment of silence the first one to speak was Scotty.

“Jim wanted me to tell you that your slap still hurts like a bitch.”

You couldn’t keep it in anymore. You let out a laugh and tears started to flow freely just as Scotty too started crying. He leaned down, careful not to hurt you and pressed a hard kiss on your lips.

“Welcome back my lassie.”

Night on the town, part 6

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 2355

Warning: Smut (It’s my first time writing it.  I apologize if it’s awful.), language

 Part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5

You made yourself look mostly presentable before heading to meet with Commander Spock.  There was not time to shower but at the very least, you pulled a clean uniform out of your pack and brushed your hair.  After the previous day, you were still feeling exhausted. As was Leonard as he took a rather cold shower.  There were dark circles under his eyes as he gave you a kiss and a half smile before you left for your briefing.

“Thank you for meeting with me Doctor [Y/N].  I will attempt to make this gathering brief.  This PADD has the information regarding your quarters assignment, as well as information for chain of command regulations. As your Chief Medical Officer, Doctor McCoy, has more information that will pertain to the regulations of the Enterprise’s medical staff.  You will be assigned to alpha shift for now with Doctor McCoy as Doctor M’Benga prefers beta shift.”  Spock continued with several other items about your new position and the ship.  It was probably another ten minutes before he sent you on your way to find your quarters.  

It took little time to find your quarters.  They were one deck below sickbay and several decks away from Leonard’s.  That was either going to be a good or bad thing. Your quarters were not large but you would be comfortable.  Some place you would be able to make home for the near future.  Your only hope now was that you were going to be able to adapt easily to life on a star ship.  Living for the last few years in York Town and on Earth for several before that. The only experience you had with ships were a few short-term missions to different bases to assist in setting up medical facilities.  This was far different.  Leonard was there though.  That one thing could make anything else tolerable.  

As you left your quarters, heading back to Leonard’s to pick up your belongings, Uhura walked up the corridor.  “[Y/N], good morning.  Exploring the ship?”  Her smile was friendly.

“No, I was just on my way to get my things so I can unpack.  I’m tired of living out of bags.  I want to be able to settle in, and figure out a place on this ship.” The woman nodded to you.

“I understand that feeling. Try not to let Doctor McCoy monopolize your time, too much.  I was serious about getting together some time.  It will be nice to have another female in crazy crew.”  

“Doctor McCoy to Doctor [Y/N], report to sickbay, please.” You sighed lowering your head.  Uhura laughed.

“At least he uses ‘please’ with you.  We get ‘now’. I will let you get to work. Remember we are going to talk.” She walked off in the opposite direction with her ponytail swinging behind her while you headed to the sickbay.


The scene there was only slightly calmer than when you arrived there the previous day.  Nurse Chapel handed you a PADD with information about the next patient that needed seen.  You smiled at Leonard as you saw him across the room.  He returned the smile before motioning to you to get to work.  The rest of the day continued with brief glances and more smiles between patients.  Working in the sickbay by the end of the shift felt like old hat.  You fell into an easy routine with the nurses that kept the flow of the patients going.  Leonard was impressed, having to stop and watch you several times throughout the day. Many times without you knowing.  You were far more talented than your record had shown and he no longer felt guilty for using his and the Enterprise’s status to bring you onboard.  

After reporting off to Doctor M’Benga, you went to find Leonard.  Of course, he was in his office working on whatever reports he needed to finish for the day.  “Should I wait or am I going to be eating alone?”  He looked up from the terminal with a smile.  Something that everyone noticed was appearing more often.

“No darlin’, I am just finishing up.  I had to send more information back to Star Fleet about the issues over the last month, medical wise.  All the supplies and injuries, the boring stuff.  You ready to eat?  I am starving.”  You nodded as he stood up to walk around the desk.

“I am too.  Plus it will be nice to sit.  I have been bouncing from exam room to exam room all day.” He placed his warm hand on your lower back guiding you towards the door.

“Good, maybe we will even get time to talk.  We haven’t had a real conversation since you got here.”  The mess hall was busy but you found an empty table for just the two of you.  You knew this would not be a common occurrence but you wanted him to yourself just for today.  Leonard asked how you had been through the month absence.  He was not prepared to hear how bad things had gotten for you.  However, he was glad you had told him.  The conversation progressed into a more serious tone when he asked how you felt about being on the ship.  You could see the fear in his eyes that you would run back to York Town as fast as possible after the last couple days.  Laying a hand on his cheek you smiled.

“Leonard, I swear I am not going anywhere.  I hope someday you will believe that.  I traveled through half the quadrant to come be with you on this ship.” His shoulders relaxed and he smiled.  His hand moved over yours holding it to his cheek.

“I just don’t want to lose you or this, [Y/N].  You mean everything to me.  I hope you know that.”  Tears welled up in your eyes as you beamed at him.  Neither one of you could see a table not far off watching the exchange. Jim, Uhura, and Scotty watched the pair of you with great interest.  Spock, unlike the rest of the group ate his food reading over a PADD, thinking about how illogical it was for them to stare at their friend.  None of them had ever seen Leonard so happy or emotional.  They only hoped that you continued to do whatever magic you preformed on him to keep that smile on his face.

With your meal finished, you and Leonard walked back to his quarters to retrieve your belongings. Before the emotional end to dinner, you had said how much you wanted to unpack and feel like you were a part of the crew and the ship.  By the time, you made it back to your quarters you were joking about one of your former professors in medical school.  Leonard had him as well and had a few of stories of his own about the man.

“His face got so red and he was sputtering but there was nothing he could do.  Nothing in the regulations said that we couldn’t.”  You laughed loud as the doors opened to your quarters.  Leonard set your bags down, after refusing once again to let you carry them while he was around.  “So this is it?  Not bad. Though I think it is a tad far from my quarters.”  He looked around the place a few moments before he realized you were staring at him. “What?”  A slow smile spread across your lips.

“We are alone.  Really alone.  No shifts to run off to, no briefs to attend.”  You walked close to him wrapping your arms around his neck. Kissing him lightly.  “No one but us.  Finally.”  Leonard wrapped his arms around you, leaning down to kiss you again.

“I say it’s about damn time.”  He picked you up in his arms carrying you over to your bed.  You giggled as he set you down.  “Oh funny is it?”  The mock look of fear lasted only a moment, as you could not keep a straight face.

“Oh no Doctor McCoy not funny at all.”  You grinned as he pulled off your boots and tossed them across the room.  He climbed onto the bed laying gently over you as his kissed your nose then lips.  

“Good.  There is nothing funny about what I want to do to you tonight, [Y/N].”  The intensity in his tone caused you to shiver.  The kiss that came next was one not unlike before that send warmth rushing through your whole body.  His hand moved down your body, over your hip to grab onto your outer thigh pulling you closer against him.  A gasp escaped from your lips as his mouth teased over your jaw and down your neck. You could not help but close your eyes as you allowed him further access.  Both your hands trying to find a place to hold to him as he teased.

“Leonard…” you moaned as he rolled you enough to one side to allow his free hand to unzip your dress. Feeling his warm hands roam over your skin made you want to feel the same.  You wanted to feel his skin.  Feel the muscles and shape that made him who he is.  Trying to make that desire come true, you moved your hands to pull his uniform shirt up over his head.  The man was more than happy to comply.   Leonard helped you remove it then tossed it aside as he had with your boots.  Sitting up over you, he pulled your dress down over your shoulders then over the rest of your body.  It followed suit and landed somewhere far away from your bed.  Leaving you in your panties and bra.

“My God, you are beautiful.” As you laid there staring up at him, his eyes wandered over every bit of your exposed flesh.  You had never felt more beautiful or worshipped until that moment. Never had anyone ever made you feel like Leonard did.  Pulling him back down to you, you kissed him deeply.  Pouring all of yourself into it. One of your hands moving through his thick hair as you held onto his back.  He was breathless as he finally broke the kiss. “Woman, you are going to kill me.” You smiled wickedly up at him. That only encouraged him further. The remaining pieces of your clothes followed the rest settling somewhere on the floor until you were both bare.  

“Kirk to McCoy.  Hey Bones I need…”  Leonard looked fierce as he lifted himself over you.  You bit your lip trying to keep quiet.  A sense of disappointment starting to build.

“Jim are you dying?”

“No but…”

“Is anyone else dying?”

“No.  I just…”

“Then I don’t give a shit if the ship explodes.  I’m busy.” You stifled a laugh as he returned down to you.  His mouth teasing your neck and moving lower.  Arching into his touch, as his tongue circled one nipple and his thumb ran over the other.  All the sensations happening at once causing your brain to shut down any rational thought. Now was just the time to feel. One of his hands moved lower, grazing over the skin of your abdomen sliding down between your thighs.  You gasped as he lightly ran his fingers in a circle over your clit.  “Oh you like that darlin’?”  The only thing you could do was nod as he increased the pressure.  Leonard continued the torture for a moment until his fingers slipped down further and pushed inside.  The motion causing you to lean up on your hands quickly, causing him to lean back.  

“Leonard… please.”  

“Tell me beautiful. What do you want?”  You whimpered as his fingers moved inside you.  His mouth on your neck moving up to your ear to whisper to you.  “Do you know how much I have thought about this?  Thought about you beneath me?  Having you cry my name.  [Y/N], tell me what you want, baby.”

“Damn it Leonard!  You. I want you.  Please I need you now.”  Leonard could have lit the galaxy with the smile that appeared on his face.

“Anything you desire, darlin’.”  Moving to place himself between your thighs, he leaned down to hold your face in his hands as he kissed you.  Lightly and sweetly at first that turned into something much more.  His cock slid achingly slow inside you, stretching the tissue in the most wonderful way.  Leonard stopped himself a moment to pull back from your kiss.  His head leaning against your shoulder, as he had to control himself from going too quickly.  He wanted you to feel just as good as he felt right now.  Then he began to move, slowly just as he had with the kiss.  Letting the feelings build between the both of you.

Moans and grasps from you two started to echo in the room.  Hands moving over each other’s bodies, kisses left over burning skin.  Your movements became more desperate as he brought you higher. That long forgotten feeling tingling as it built up inside you, low in your belly.  Your arms wrapped around his body as you tried to hold on.  Leonard nipped at your neck hoping he could hold out just a bit longer.  But your beautiful body and all the things it was doing to him at that moment were pushing him farther than his control would allow.  His hands moved to your hips gripping with bruising force.  Thrusting into you now with a pace, you could not hold onto as your body let go.  Crying out his name as your nails scored the skin on his shoulders.  The shaking and shuddering beneath him was all he could take as his own orgasm surged through him.

“[Y/N], damn it…”  He grunted into your ear as he moved a few last times inside you.  Leonard fell down on the bed next to you trying to control his breathing.  You rolled to look at him, grinning.  

“That was one helluva ‘welcome aboard’ Leonard.”  He laughed rolling to steal a kiss.

“That was just the beginning darlin’.  Trust me; you better get some rest because I will be ‘welcoming’ you all over this room tonight.”

 Part 7

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Summary: On your way to Chicago to search out new opportunities. Your car breaks down outside of a small town nestled near the mountains. Trapped for more than a week, you almost seamlessly fall into place. Which makes it even harder when you have to leave.

Pairing: Scotty/Reader (But it’s a slow burn so hold your horses)

Warnings: Helpess pining

A/N: sorry I’ve been gone so long. I hope I can get some writing done on the five-hour band trip I’m taking on Friday. Also you meet Sulu! yea!!! Also not beta’d or revised that much, you might find errors.

Word Count: 1436


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4. Desperate Kiss - Montgomery Scott

//I just realized that I have no idea what I’m going to do once I get to the really long titles of the kisses like kisses because everything hurts right now including being loved by you but you’re also the only thing that makes it feel better. This is going to be interesting. //

Word Count: 650


There was a look in Scotty’s eye.  You knew that look.  His eyes connected with yours when he turned to you and his jaw was set.  No.  This was not good. 

“Shit.” You swore, pushing through the scrambling crowds of people trying to escape the building that was about to explode. 

Scotty didn’t move even as you stormed towards him, he only watched you approach with sad eyes.  You grabbed onto his sleeve, hard.  “No, Monty.  I know what you’re thinking.  Don’t you dare.”

“I hafta.” He shook his head, defiant. 

“No, you don’t, this is not your responsibility, this is…”

“This is exactly my responsibility, Y/N!” He hoisted his workbag over his shoulder but you didn’t let go of his arm. “I hafta do this, I’m the only one tha’ has any chance of dearming the damn thing.”

“We almost have everyone out.” You insisted, but with a glance over your shoulder you saw crowds of people still streaming out of the building. “Just wait, come back with us, you can’t-”

“Love.” He sighed, and your heart melted and broke at the same time at the term of endearment. 

“Please, Monty.” You pleaded, tears forming in your eyes and a sob forming in your throat. “Please.”

He shook his head gently, his eyes softening, and he grabbed you by the elbow. “It’s the only chance we have t’a save everyone.  I cannae just throw tha’ away.”

Your chin trembled as you searched his eyes before dropping your gaze to the floor, it was too painful to look at him now, thinking that it could be the last time…

A knuckle pressed under your chin. You allowed him to tilt your head up and he clucked his tongue softly when he saw your now tear-stained cheeks. 

“Lass, It’s gonnae be alrigh’.”

“But what if it’s not?”

He smiled weakly, but you could see the fear in his eyes, the determination. 

“I love ye, forever, remember’?”

A gasping sob escaped you, but you tried to control yourself and you managed a nod.  “I love you, too.”

Your eyes fluttered closed when he pressed a soft kiss to your forehead, and then he was gone.  You watched his back as he strode towards the building, a stark contrast against the swarming, terrified crowd that was trying to leave. 

Fear and regret and desperation flowed through you at that moment, and you clenched your trembling fingers into fists.  No.  This was not okay.  

Before you knew it you were sprinting across the asphalt, calling Scotty’s name until he spun around.  His eyes were sad and he shook his head as you neared him, but you kept on, slowing to a fast walk. 

Then, before he could protest anymore, you took his head in your hands and pressed your lips to his in a hard kiss.  He faltered a few steps backwards before catching your waist in his hands, his fingers tightening around your hips as he returned the kiss.  

Everything about the kiss screamed desperation.  It was hard mouths and gripping hands, leaving both of you gasping for breath.  You drew your finger across his parted lips to halt the kiss for a moment, your foreheads pressed together and chests heaving.  

There were no words, you realized, for this moment, so instead you gazed into his whiskey-brown eyes, letting another tear fall before tilting your head up and laying a soft, gentle kiss on his lips.  

He chased your lips with his when you pulled away, unable to stand the pain and fear any longer. “Come back to me, okay?” You breathed.

“Just come back to me.”  You leaned into whisper in his ear before you stepped free of his touch. 

You walked backwards, barely able to breath because of the look on his face, and finally, achingly you turned your back to him, wondering if you were ever going to see him again. 

-Thanks for reading!  I hope you liked it!-

(did I overdramatize the de-arming of a bomb?  Sure.  Do I care?  Not really)

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#228 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompts “Could I request a fic about y/n doing work experience as a catfish roadie and realizing it’s the job they want? You can include a romance with Van to make it better and him encouraging y/n to do what she really wants?” and “ reader and Van meet at one of catfish’s gigs because she is one of the new sound engineers in the crew and helps set up the mics & other equipment for them & Van starts asking questions & then out of the blue asks her out?” and “ you and van fight before he gets on stage, but then he sings hourglass(or any other catb song tbh, whatever fits in) and both of you start crying/get all emotional bc this song means so much on ur relationship and when he comes back you sort things out?”

Mini-request of (like in the 7 video) Van in a near-lying position, guitar on his lap for @binksey

The fear was a late bloomer. All through high school you were never very concerned with what others referred to as ‘the future.’ The here and now is what you cared about. Spending time walking through gardens, taking note of how all the different leaves and petals had their own texture and smell. Watching videos on YouTube over and over until you could build your own customised sound equipment that you’d sell to the shitty pop punk bands that formed in your music class. Scribbling out phrases and drawings in a notebook and being subsequently annoyed at your lack of artistic ability. So, when the whole senior year was given thick books with information about university courses and future pathways, it felt like a slap in the face.

Suddenly, every other person your age seemed to know what they were about and where they were going. They excitedly applied to study and travel and start their adult lives. Where the fuck had you been while they all made those big decisions? Face down in stacks of vinyl records? Sleeping whole days away in your bed, only getting up to explore the city by moonlight? What the fuck.

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Return - Part 8 - Jim Kirk

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

Summary: series following the events of loot– takes place during events of star trek beyond. in this chapter, you’re reunited with a friend and it feels so good.

Warnings: language, 

A/N: parts of this i love, parts of it i don’t. that’s life, though, i guess

It took more effort than you thought necessary to climb the extensive ladder in Jaylah’s “home” seeing as you were short a healthy arm and plagued with pre-existing exhaustion. But once you made it up to the dingy, dust-covered bridge that resembled models you’d seen in the San Francisco Starfleet Museum, you let yourself fall into a chair facing one of the many consoles.

You swiveled in your seat as Jim came aboard, Scotty walking ahead of him and gesturing to the ship exaggeratedly. You swung your legs over one of the armrests as your back rested against the other, you tipped your head back and shut your eyes.

“This is the USS Franklin, sir. Can you believe it? First Earth ship capable of warp four.”

You snorted to yourself, opening your eyes and mumbling under your breath, “Scotty would find that to be the most interesting factoid.”

“Went missing in the Gagarin Radiation Belt in the early 2160’s.”

Jim hummed, approaching the view screen and helmsmen chairs. “I remember that from the Academy. Captain Balthazar Edison, one of the first heroes of Starfleet. How the hell did his ship end up here?”

You looked at Jaylah as she stepped beside you, righting your head as the strain on your sore neck became too much. “So you live here?”

She glanced at you and nodded. Her arms were crossed over her chest, rumpling the grey shirt she wore. There wasn’t any malice in her eyes, just a general apathy— you found it amusing. “Yes.”

“It’s nice— I like what you’ve done with the place.”

“— but Jaylah has done a marvelous job of gettin’ the ship’s systems back online,” Scotty finished, gesturing to the tall woman beside you.

When Chekov managed to activate the bridge’s lights, you squinted at the sudden brightness, watching as Jaylah nodded once in appreciation and took the captain’s seat before Jim could plant himself down in it.

She ignored his “pardon me” seamlessly. “Thank you, Montgomery Scotty.”

Jim looked at you and tried not to smile at the amusement brightening your features, walking to you and pausing there.  

“I think I’m in love with her,” you said, smiling up at him as he rolled his eyes.

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Doctor’s Dose of Scotch (Part 4)

Pairing: Bones x Reader 

Summary: You visit the garden on the ship, and Bones just so happens to be there.

Part 1       Part 2       Part 3

@outside-the-government @ha-tep @sassy-mccoy

Originally posted by jimkirks-rippedshirts

              You passed Scotty a tool, and he went to work on one of his devices. He was working on another device to account for extra heat, as the last upgrades implemented by Starfleet had really done a number on the cooling systems. Scotty had already told you about the problems in the upgrades that he planned on fixing, and he’d developed a list of projects for the two of you to work on. Working with him reminded of you when you’d first started as an engineering officer, when you’d been able to work without Starfleet constantly looking over your shoulder.

              The ship had only been on course for a few days. But in that time, you’d already put so much work into the mechanical integrity of the ship. Few others ventured down to the engineering bay, and you’d really come to value the quiet time you spent there. Even your meals were much more peaceful compared to the rest of the crew, as they were spent in the cozy observation lounge that overlooked the reactor complex.

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Part 11

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  851

Author’s Note:  Here’s that angst again. Enjoy it, y’all.

Table of Contents Here

“How long was she there?” Scotty mumbled through his fingers, watching you inhale shallow breaths as you lay on the biobed in one of the private rooms in sickbay. Your eyes were closed and your hands rested palms-up by your thighs.

“No more than five minutes,” McCoy said. “As soon as she stopped responding I ran. The staff let me in right away.”

“Christ,” Scotty squeezed his eyes shut. “Wha’ happened?”

“I don’t know. When she called me, I asked her and she said she didn’t know either,” McCoy chewed his lip, watching his friend try to keep it together. “Chapel went back and looked around the room. It looked like she was in the shower when it started.

“Scotty,” he continued after a moment. “Did anything out of the ordinary happen this morning?”

“She woke up with a hangover, a headache,” Scotty sniffed and tried to sound confident in his story. “I as’d how bad; she said it was a seven.”

“Why didn’t you call me?” McCoy asked in a routine tone; he didn’t want to sound accusatory.

“I wanted to; she said it was a hangover and she’d be fine. I gave her a hypo and I left no’ long after.”

“How long were you gone?” McCoy asked.

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Title: Convergence [Part 5]

Fandom: Star Trek

Relationships: future Scotty/Reader

Warnings: swearing, awkwardness, mentions of death, full-out emotional roller coaster

Prompt: the Reader gets pulled into the Star Trek universe and confusion ensues over the incident

A/N: And here is Part 5…buckle up.

This is a part of a series! You can find the previous parts here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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For Kaity.

Originally posted by becausepine

For @kaitymccoy123, after a rough day. I love you to bits, dear, and I think they lost out, not you. I hope this is decent (banged it out on lunch break, posting quickly. Probably riddled with errors). Also, it’s incredibly difficult to find a good AOS Scotty gif.

“I didn’t get it.”

“Ya what?” Monty’s nose crinkles in a way that you would normally find adorable. As it is, the entire world seems dampened by the bitter disappointment that snakes through your chest, and your answering smile is hollow.

“The job. I didn’t get it.” Despite your best efforts, you feel your voice hitch a little on the words. 

“The rat bastards,” he spits, dropping his spanner and pulling you into his arms, heedless of the fact that you’re in the E deck corridor for all to see. You smush your nose into the mesh fabric of his red shirt and let him hold you tight. 

“Shh, shh, shh, shh,” he murmurs, more an instinctive litany of comfort than actual shushing. He rocks you gently back and forth, threading agile fingers through your dark hair. His skin smells of bay rum aftershave and something vaguely singed, and it crosses your mind to ask him, later, how the refit is coming. He presses his lips to your temple and sighs heavily through his nose. “The silly sods don’t know a good thing when they’ve got it.”

His words send hot tears prickling at the corners of your eyes. Silly as it is, to cry feels a little like defeat, like one last punch in the gut. You pull back, biting at your lip and swiping your face in frustration. 

Monty catches your hands in his. “My heart,” he says softly, reaching to thumb away the tear-tracks that stain your cheeks. “I know what I’ve got right here.” His eyes are dark as he stares at you for a long moment, as if memorizing your features. You can see, suddenly, that he shares your heartbreak. He clasps his fingers around the nape of your neck, planting a gentle kiss on your forehead and fluttering his eyes closed. “I have the very best thing, Kaity. I have you.”

Bonus, because I just can’t resist.

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Program 3 - Star Trek

Can I get a BOTE story with Scotty x Reader where Scotty has to cheer up the reader in engineering?

AN: Although this is more cute than funny, this is part of my “Bored on the Enterprise” series. You can read more of it here

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