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Outer space
The ocean
The unknown(basically the first two, but whatever)
The Dudesons
The Janoskians
Children of Poseidon
The human mind
Shane Dawson
David, Liza, Zane, etc.
Learning about maladaptive daydreaming disorder
Les Twins
Fik Shun
Non-stop(the dancer)

Look at what the wonderful @hippano drew for me for an art exchange.

Thank you so much for doing this with me and drawing this gorgeous little Richard! I cannot tell you how much fun it was to do this with you! I am so in love with your work.

For everyone who hasn’t seen her stunning drawings yet, check out her tumblr. They are adorbs! xx


Playtesting The Chowder House on the customer side! Here’s Marion Brooks (by @jools-simming) enjoying a beer and some chowder. I like how busy the restaurant is. Also happy that manager Scottie is there, even if he’s having a bite to eat. All the staff I had hired were present, plus a couple of extra waiters that were generated, I’m guessing to make it a smoother dining experience on the active customer side.

I’ll have to remove the second bar outside, though - the bartender that showed up worked at that station instead of the bar inside. I think you can hire a second mixologist with a mod, but I want this to work nicely CC-free.

Hoping I can upload this very soon!