where you been, cain?
where you been?
where’s your brother?

HI LONG TIME NO ART??? i’ve been alternating between doing art for BBP or being super artblocked, and i’m only just getting through it fjhkjdsfds and my laptop kinda crashed and burned, so this is the first thing i’ve finished on my new computer \o/

i’ve been enjoying season 4 of teen wolf a whole lot and i wanted to get something done in time for the finale. the song that plays over the final scene of 4x11 is “cain” by cousin marnie and it really made me want to draw scott & stiles

belated thing for queerly-it-is c: love u even tho ur terrible

I SWEAR THIS WASN’T GONNA BE PUNK AU AT FIRST but then it happened anyways, i’m sorry. also this had a lot more detail at first and like, backgrounds and shit, but then i just.. didn’t. so you get transparency instead.


Only Fools Rush In by Rosewindow

“Pros to taking Stiles to the Werewolf Wedding: One, I’m non-supernatural, but I know about supernatural things. Two, I own a suit. Three, I look good in said suit.“

Scott and Stiles attend a werewolf gathering and think they can totally play at being boyfriends, no problem. But Scott already has a bit of a crush on his best friend, and lets his protectiveness get the better of him, putting them in a tough situation.

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Rosewindow for the Sciles Reverse Bang and it was such a treat!  Her fic is amazing, I hope you love it as much as I do!  :’)  (I got a little carried away with the art as you can see, ahaha)

Huge thanks to Lydia for being an amazing, gracious and patient mod!  And huge thanks to Rosewindow for putting up with me and how late I am with these!

Notes: This is the first time I’ve had the chance to use my Kyle Webster Photoshop brushes, I love them so far!