Shut up about Cultural Appropriation

Fuck all of you. I’m going to try to make this as mild of a rant as I can, but honestly, fuck all of you.  None of you actually give a shit about anyones cultures or anyone being ‘oppressed’. All of you are literally sitting at the edge of your seats, faces glued to your laptops, waiting for some innocent and naive person to post a picture of their new dreads, a tribal tattoo, their next size up from stretching their ears, their new piercing, anything that is popular for you to jump on because it makes you feel important or like you’re part of a group. That’s all it fucking is. You could care less for anyone who’s actually being oppressed. 

I am 100% Scottish. I’m a Loud MacLeod. Remember when Kanye West donned a kilt during a performance? Remember when kilts suddenly became a huge thing in the fashion industry, inspiring big name companies to create lines including kilts in them? No one said a god damn thing. No one was pissed. That’s my culture being appropriated, but because it’s not a mainstream culture, none of you care. 

And somehow, you guys think it’s okay to message people and tell them to kill themselves because you don’t agree with their lifestyle choices? I remember a time when the hate, anger, and intolerance has NO place in any of the equality movements. Now, it fuels them. What fucking happened? Where did you people decide it was okay to make people hate themselves because you’re mad? Also, what happened to using ACTUAL FUCKING REAL FACTS? It’s been proven over, and over, and fucking OVER, that dreads, stretching your ears, tattoos, are not exclusive to any cultures at all and pop up in many cultures, regardless of race. Yet some of you have the nerve to go after a girl with a third eye piercing, who has studied Hinduism her entire life and lives the lifestyle associated with it, and yet you guys send her immense amounts of hate, telling her she is disgusting and that she looks terrible and that she should kill herselfs. 

Get out of this cause. Get off your fucking computer. You are the enemy, you embody what people like me, the people who actually get off their ass and do something about hatred, intolerance, and ignorance, have shrived to defeat. You are what I and many others have given their time, money, and effort to demolish. You are hateful, intolerant, and ignorant.

Hateful, hypocritical, rude, intrusive, fucking ignorant pricks.

anonymous asked:

who is you favourite actor that has never been in any marvel-related movies?

Good question, anon! I had to think really hard about this! Maybe Ewan McGregor??? He was my first ever celebrity crush and still remains to this day. Plus he’s brilliant actor, and should have several Oscars by now. His performance in Trainspotting is AMAAAAZING. His more recent movie choices are a bit…. less than ideal, but I’ll still see anything with him in it because he’s so great. And for the ladies, Charlize Theron forever and ever amen. Loved her since Monster, even loved her in the hot mess that was Snow White. In a perfect world, she would have been Emma Frost ;___;

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