Camelback Mountain, Scottsdale, Arizona

Some of the greatest natural beauty in the world is located in the United States. Arizona tops the list of states with a tremendous amount of natural beauty in tact. Sometimes the best inspiration comes from home.

If Arizona had an official second language, it would be Spanish. As a kid, half my family spoke it and thus I was totally motivated to learn as quickly as possible so that I wouldn’t miss a word of the Spanish conversation. As an adult, I am grateful that can now speak it. By 2050, over 30% of the United States will be Spanish speaking. Travel can be a motivator to learn another language, but sometimes the best reason is right at home.

Humans have a powerful need to communicate with each other - the level of depth and the emotional connection intensifies when you can speak in a way that the other person understands. This is the passion that fuels our desire to continuously learn

p.s. (Did you know it’s a felony to deface a Saguaro Cactus? Each one is a protected National Monument.) 

p.p.s. Let us be a resource for a few words of Spanish. Click here for more.