scottsdale staycation

Technology is fantastic!!! We are able to connect with loved ones across the globe instantly face to face, watch over our homes, send messages in the blink of an eye.

However, it is also limiting. People rush to judgment, misread communication, and often the personal interactions of face and voice is limited if at all a part of relationships.

I had two such challenges this week. One where an individual felt mislead and another where snap judgments were made regarding my decisions.

Interestingly, I didn’t think these interactions would be painful to me. However I was wrong. First, I feel badly that there was miscommunication between individuals. Communication is so important to me that it was discouraging to see that weakness. Second, perhaps I shouldn’t feel hurt by the rejection shown to me because of my divorce. But I do.

Ironically, my trip to San Diego turned into a staycation in Scottsdale. Half way there and realizing we would be too late for my son to play tonight and then leaving for home again at 3 tomorrow…Then listening to the traditional “Are we there yet?” I ate the loss of the hotel. (Shaking my head!) And now get to sleep in a hotel to appease the little man instead of my own bed.

We attended the new Beauty and the Beast movie. Which spoke to me about making judgments about others. Perfect timing. So. Accept what is and pick myself up. Tomorrow will be a better day.