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This is a Scott McCall X Stiles Stilinski X Reader imagine.

And I would like to thank the lovely @fuckkoffcourtney​ for requesting this.

Word count: 1154 words.


You and Stiles were together for a pretty long time and Scott was okay with that, well because Stiles is his best friend and trusts him with his life that he would be perfect for his little sister. You was a little wary at first when you started dating Stiles because of him being madly in love with Lydia, but as weeks goes on the feeling you have for Stiles grew stronger and stronger every second.

With Scott being a werewolf and being a part of the supernatural he told you everything about it before he told your mother. So when Stiles started acting strange Scott told you everything about Void Stiles. You was scared and worried for your boyfriend but then you wasn’t scared that Stiles or Void would hurt you, but that’s what you thought when you was alone with Stiles having a movie day and then in a matter of seconds he turns into Void.

“S-Stiles I know your in there, come back” you whisper as you step away from Void. Stiles or Void just stared at you before tilting his head to the side and giving you a smirk of satisfaction.

“Darling Stiles is gone right now” Void says in a dark tone, the smirk still on his lips. “But the screams inside my head from right now are telling me to leave you alone, but where’s the fun in that.”

You take another step back but don’t get very far when Void steps forward and grips your bare arm, an evil grin lays on his face as he takes step forwards until the two of you are inches apart. “Now, now Y/N where do you think your going, silly girl.” You stay quiet, not speaking a word and avoiding any eye contact. “Now your going to stay quiet.”

You stay quiet still not wanting to speak another word to Void because deep down you knew he could scare you half to death, one hand at your side grips your phone and the other just dangles in a tight fist. Void turns around for a second and that gives you the opportunity to dial Scott’s number and then put the phone back to your side.

“Silly pathetic girl, you don’t think I can’t sense your phone on and calling Scott” Void says and laughs with an evilly tone. Tears start to gather up slowly in the corner of your eyes at the horribly word Void is saying to you, but you knew deep down that Stiles was in there and trying to break free. Void laughs deeply before he begins to speak again. “Your just a stupid little girl if you believe Stiles loves you, your not perfect like Lydia, you’ll never be.”

And that’s when you had it, you break down without spearing a glance at Void or Stiles or whoever he is right now because you don’t care, not when every insecurity, every self hate and low confidence about yourself runs through mind as you run to your room and lay a thick line of Mountain Ash across your door frame alongside locking your door.

Your back hits the door, slowly sliding down until your bum touches the door, the tears constantly roll down as you throw your phone across the room, simply forgetting that Scott was on the other side, worried and petrified for his younger sister. Your sobs fill the room as you sit there in the darkness alone and hurt.

***4 days later.***

You’ve been avoiding Stiles and everyone of the pack since what happened that night when Void came out and said them horrible words to you. The only person you really have talked to was Scott and your mum or maybe Allison with text.

While you sat at home alone, upset and heartbroken over what happened, Stiles was out there in school worrying, having panic attacks and scared that he had done something to terrible to make you avoid him and completely act like he doesn’t exist. Stiles would constantly ask Scott or others what happened but they wouldn’t tell, until Scott finally had enough of hearing his little sister sob and cry at night and told Stiles what happened that night.

“I-I did what?” Stiles stutters when Scott finishes telling him what happened and what Void had said to you. Scott was angry, but not angry at Stiles but at Void because how badly the monster had hurt you, but he was also very worried about you and Stiles.

One because you guys are inseparable.

Two you guys love each other to much and are best friends, even know you have Scott and the others.

Three Stiles had no clue one what happened, he remembers nothing.

All he remembers is watching some movie with you and then completely blacking out and that worried Stiles. Stiles had enough with you avoiding him and not talking to him at all, so on a Monday morning when him and yourself was supposed to be in school, neither of you was.

You was well sitting in your room just thinking and Stiles was rushing his way to yours, after leaving you have a few days to yourself. The pounding on your front door causes you to stir from your thoughts and get up from you bed and leave your room until your standing at the top your stairs and a very tired and worried looking Stiles standing in the doorway, of your now open door. In one hand he holds your favourite flowers and a bright pink gift bag in the other.

“Y/N” Stiles breathes out. “I-I, I’m so freaking sorry about what happened a couple nights ago, I had no clue at all he was going to take over, I’m sorry” Stiles says, constantly apologising and not stopping until your making your way down the stairs and kissing him, cutting Stiles off for rambling any more.

When you pull back you stare at his beautiful eyes and sigh. “I don’t want Lydia, I want you” Stiles says, beating you to it. “Always you.” You don’t say word but pull your boyfriend down into a kiss and a very passionate one it was. When you pull away Stiles stares down at you with a questioning look.

“I forgive you” you whisper. “Because I love you.”

“I love you to.”


Reader x Stiles Stilinski



Imagine: You go to a meeting at Scott’s house, to discuss over the new Beacon Hills’ new threat. There you bump into Peter Hale, who you deeply dislike, because he has precious information. But he makes the mistake of threatening Stiles, your boyfriend, and this get wild.

Word Count: 2252

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dating Stiles and being Scotts younger sister

Request: Can you please do a headcanon of dating Stiles and being Scott’s younger sister or having a crush on Stiles

Warnings: mentions of sex

- your mum (Melissa) being happy that Stiles is your boyfriend

- Stiles coming over after school, and Scott making you leave your door open

- “Scott c'mon, you’re not my dad”

“ yeah but im your brother, keep the door open”

- your mum and Scott not being there after you come home late from staying after school (much to your confusion)

- only to discover a flustered Stiles wearing your mothers apron, stirring something in a pan

- “Stiles?” you giggled,

“oh uh hey babe whats up?” he stammered

- eating a pretty well made ‘Stilinski special’ (named by the one and only Stiles), which was actually just a spaghetti bolognese

- Melissa banning both you and Scott from seeing Stiles if either of you were grounded

- your mum inviting both Stiles and Kira round for dinner regularly

- Stiles covering your mouth during sex incase any one heard, even if no one was home

- “ How lucky am I? Being bestfriends with one Mcall and dating the other!”

- Scott hearing you and Stiles arguing, so he goes to your room across the hall and tells Stiles to get out

- the last thing Scott wants is his little sister hurt

- going on double dates with Scott and Kira

- being super close to Kira

- Stiles being practically part of the Mcall family

- over protective Scott

Home Again

Liam Dunbar X Reader Sam Winchester!Brother X Reader Dean Winchester!Brother X Reader

Word Count: 853

Requested: Anon

Request: Could you do an imagine where you catch your boyfriend Liam(Dunbar) cheating on you and then u come home crying to your brother Sam and Dean and they comfort you

Originally posted by darklingerson

You hadn’t expected to walk in on Hayden kissing Liam but that was what you saw and he was no pulling away, you backed out of the room unnoticed and hurried down the stairs. You picked up your phone and called Stiles. “Can you pick me up at my house in an hour?” You asked.

“Yeah what’s wrong?” he asked.
“I’ll tell you when you get there okay?” You asked as you started walking to your place.
“Is it bad?” he asked.
“You could say that.” You nodded to yourself “I’ll talk to you later.” You hung up the phone and hurried home. You walked up to your room and started packing all of your clothes, Stiles rushed in half way through seeing your tear stained face and half packed bags.
“(Y/N) what happened?” Stiles asked.
“L-Liam kissed Hayden.” You managed to force out the words were like venom but once you got them out you seemed to be able to calm down a little bit.
“I’m gonna kill him!” Stiles threatened the baseball bat that he’d walked in with now raised to rest on his shoulder.
“Stiles can you please just help me pack and I’ll give you gas money but I need you to drive me somewhere.” You pleaded and Stiles nodded.
“I need to call Scott, he’ll probably want to come with,” Stiles said.
“Yeah, that’s fine.” You mumbled digging through your draws to look for the number that you brothers had given you. You called it “Hello?” Dean’s voice asked.
“Dean it’s (Y/N).” You said you voice shaking.
“What’s wrong you want me to come get you?” Dean asked.
“No I’m coming down to you, it’ nothing life threatening I just don’t want to be in Beacon Hills anymore.” You said. “You guys are still at the bunker right?”
“Yeah, you sure you don’t want me to come down?” he asked.
“Yeah, I’ve got a ride.” You let a small smile cross your face as you saw Stiles making exaggerated hand movement while on the phone to Scott.

You were packed and ready to go by the time that Scott was at your place, he hugged you before he even said anything before help Stiles put your stuff in the back of the Jeep and then you all climbed in. “So where are we going?” Scott asked.
“Um, Lebanon Kansas.” You answered.
“Well, I had better call my mum then,” Scott said. Scott called his mum who also decided that she wanted to kill Liam but said that it was fine for Scott to make sure that you got to your brother’s safely.
“Okay, so we’re going to forget about what’s happened because this is going to be a long damn trip.” You said leaning forward and looking at both boys. You pulled out your phone and started playing All Time Low which you knew Stiles loved because of the posters in his bedroom.

It took a day to drive there but you finally got there, Stiles helped you get your stuff inside, Sam and Dean were out and Scott couldn’t actually get into the bunker on the account of him being a werewolf. “Thanks, guys.” You smiled.
“No problem, make sure that you call,” Stiles said pointing at you.
“I will I promise.” You smiled hugging him.
“I’m sorry,”Scott said as you hugged him.
“It’s not your fault.” You whispered before waving them off. A few hours later Sam and Dean walked through the door and you had your feet up on the table as you ate from a Ben & Jerry container.
“So it was a bad break up?” Sam asked making you jump, you looked over at him and nodded.
“Well then we’re gonna need some more ice cream and some pie, Sammy.” Dean looked over at Sam who rolled his eyes and grabbed the car keys.
“Why is Sam always going to the shop for you?” You asked as he sat next to you taking the container.
“Because I don’t want to go,” Dean answered mouth full of ice cream. “I was right by the way.”
“What?” You asked.
“You came back.” he smiled.
“You guys always know how to make me feel better.” You said. “Where is Cas?” You asked.
“I don’t know…” Dean frowned.
“And Crowley?” You asked.
“You planning to dam the werewolf to hell?” he asked.
“What no!” You answered quickly.
“So you were dating a werewolf… Was it that Alpha?”
“What no! Scott and Stiles drove me down here…” You answered.
“It was the Beta.” Dean nodded as you snatched the ice cream back. Dean walked over the radio and turned it on smiling when he found the right station and pulled you up so you both started dancing and making fun out of each other. Sam walked in a little afterwards and picked up flinging you over his shoulder before carrying you into the living room where you watched really bad movies, halfway through Cas walked in and you all launched into the explanation of why you call did this when you had a bad break up.

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I’m With Him Now - peter hale

Prompt - reader was Derek’s girlfriend but months after they split she falls for Peter and Derek gets jealous, and wants her back
A/N-  italics flack back or memory! bold texts or notes

Pairing - Derek x reader (past) Peter x Reader (present)

Warnings - swearing, jealousy 

Story - 

Sat reading a message Stiles had sent, begging you to come to the hale loft, the was a pack meeting and they needed you. “why don’t you want to go today” peter questioned looking over to the text, knowing I’d been avoiding meetings lately. I rolled my eyes at him snuggling more into him. “is it because you think your going to see him there? I hear he’s back in town” he continued teasing voice as he lightly ran his nose up your shoulder and neck. ignoring his question giggling at his touch “why would I go when I can stay here with you” you say sounding flirty. peter gave you a small kiss on the nose “because they will start to ask what’s wrong and come looking for you” he said smoothly. “and you don’t what them finding out our little secret now” he said kissing your neck making you move so he had more access.

Peter was the only person you could be yourself with. he always knew what to say when you was feeling down or angry, he also knew when words wasn’t needed and hold you until you felt better again. about a month ago you and Peter started dating in secret, you wanted to wait before telling the rest of the pack, Peter wasn’t the pacts favourite person and you know they would ask questions over why your going out with him and try and talk you out of it, also they would say it’s strange because of Derek being peters nephew, peter agreed with you but personally you thought peter wanted to speak to Derek first before Scott or stiles told him, although he never said it. you and Derek was together for 2 years before splitting up 8 months ago after Derek cheated on you.
After the break up with Derek, you and Peter had become a closer friends, until one night last month having a drinks watching a movie you both had a play argument over who’s turn it was to get up and get the refill’s and snacks. Poking and tickling each other you leaned in and kissed him, which lead to more, both of you believed was long overdue. At first it was awkward nether if you expected it to happen, wanted it to but didn’t expect it would, after a few days you both admitted you like it and each other spending more and more time together.

Peter held your face looking you in the eyes keeping a straight face “they are your friends y/n, and I’m not going to let you use me or Derek as an excuse not to see them” his lips cornered into a smile “now go get dressed, go see what trouble beacon hills is in today” pouting with a hint of a smile you get up to get dressed, Peter always had a way of talking you into something you didn’t want to do.

Looking up at the loft you felt your heart sink, you hadn’t been to the loft since ending your relationship with green eyed wolf. Whenever you saw the pack it was at Scott’s or stiles home even that was rarely. Getting to the loft door you took another deep breath, Thinking of the last time you walked through the big steel door “der, I got” you stopped talking when you saw Derek in the arms of Jennifer Blake kissing each other as he removed her top. Shaking the memory out your head you pulled the door open wide, Stiles was stood at the table almost surprised to see you standing there. “what’s so important you called me here?” you say with venom in your voice to being dragged to Derek’s. “erm.. well er” stiles fumbled thinking of an answer for you. “were still waiting for Scott” he covered. A few minuets later Scott came in battered and cut you run sitting him down, “what happened to you” you cried as his wounds slowly started to heal. “we was coming back here when we got attacked” he said still a little sore “wait! why are you here?” Scott asked confused to my presence, my head snapped to stiles. “I’d like to know what she’s doing here as well” a voice boomed behind you. 

Derek entered the loft looking as battered as Scott, his shirt ripped reveling his toned muscled torso his gaze fixated on you, making you blush and feel nervous all at the same time. looking back at stiles he started rubbing the back of his head “well you don’t come to see us anymore y/n so I thought if you and Derek talked and made up, you would be part of the pack again” he said nervously. You started to feel angry stiles had set you up, making you face Derek after he had done. “I was always part of the pack Stiles I didn’t need Derek to make that happen” you say. Lydia was the one to change the subject “so what happened to you two?” she asked pointed to Derek and Scott. “alphas the have Boyd and Erica, we got Issac he’s in the hospital with my mum” Scott said.
Feeling uncomfortable with Derek looking at you in a hardened gaze, and also being in the loft full stop. Your phone bleeped, it was Peter hope your okay sweetheart miss you hurry back.

Smiling at his words “well if no one is dying then I’m going, things to do, people to see” you say smiling “oh have you got a hot date” Lydia joked seeing your smirk, your heartbeat quickened “date no,” you lied, as you said bye walking out.
Derek heard the change in your heartbeat knowing you’d lied, he watched as she walked out, he followed her out the loft, as he called her name he watched her press the button and the  lift doors close. It reminded him of the way she walked away from him 8 months ago feeling the same pain he closed his eyes reliving the memory. 

Derek had been attacked and was hurt finding Jennifer for help, after that the pair had been seeing more and more of each other. Derek was hypnotised by her. He bought her to the loft y/n wasn’t there Jennifer kissed Derek but he didn’t stop it instead welcomed it. By the time y/n can back Derek was about to do more then kiss. Hearing y/n voice made Derek stop, the look of hurt in her eyes was like nothing he’d seen before he went to run after her calling out her name as he ran. When y/n stopped she had tears down her face “don’t you dare say sorry, it was a mistake or anything at all Derek it’s over” she said before getting into the lift.

Derek went back in the loft stiles looked terrified when the Wolf walked in. “go” was all he said to the teens in an angry growl as they quickly left, he sat on the couch. Y/n was somehow exactly the same yet more beautiful then ever, it was no surprise she was seeing someone else, he desperately wanted to know who. During his time travelling taking Cora somewhere safe he thought about her and how stupid he was to cheat on her with Jennifer. Although it had come out Jennifer had used some form of magic on Derek, y/n refused to believe it and wouldn’t speak to Derek of anyone sent on his behalf.

At Peter’s apartment, you walked in not saying much trying to control your heartbeat, Peter took one look slightly turning his head as he studied your face body language and chemo-signals. He knew the was something was up “saved the day already sweetheart” he asked lightly joking “no! stiles and his fucking fake pack meetings” was your answer as you sat down next to him. Peter put his arms round you, you started to cry a little into his chest when the realisation hit you Derek was back.
Peter didn’t question what had you upset knowing you would tell him in your own Time, instead he held you kissing your head. You both sat the rest of the night making mild chit chat, you looked at Peter wiping your face, you decided it was the last tear you would shed for Derek. Looking at Peter in his soft caring way made you realise how much the older wolf had always been there for you, something in that moment you knew you loved Peter and kind of always had even if it took this long to figure it out. 

The next morning Peter woke with a message from Derek, saying he needed his help. Peter rolled his eyes “so that’s why y/n was so upset last night Derek’s back” he muttered to himself. Leaving a note for y/n he kissed her head as she slept. Peter got to the loft he could hear them talking as he walked up “You know Scott doesn’t trust him, right? You know, personally, I’d… well, I’d trust Scott.” Isaac said. “Do you trust me?” Derek questioned “Yeah. I still don’t like him.” Issac replied at Peter got to the loft door “no one does” Derek said as Peter opened the door “Boys. F.Y.I., yes, coming back from the dead has left my abilities somewhat impaired, but the hearing still works. So I hope you’re comfortable saying whatever it is that you’re feeling straight to my face” Peter said smugly walking down the steps “we don’t like you” Derek said bluntly “now shut up and help us” Peter rolled his eyes waiting to hear what they wanted.
Derek inhaled as Peter walking past smelling the sent of y/n. He watched as Peter dug his claws into Isaac’s neck trying to find the memories Deucalion removed. Derek growled each time he smelt the cherry and honey sent come from Peter. He knew y/n and Peter had always been friends but it angered him she still went to peter for comfort, friendship. Once Peter had finished with Isaac, Derek told him to see Scott leaving Derek and his uncle alone.

“long time no see” Peter called in a sing song voice. Derek’s claws was starting to dig into his palms as he tried to get the sent of y/n out of his head “I know, so how are you? and everyone been doing while I was gone” Derek asked trying to sound like he wasn’t asking to the questions he really had on his mind. Peter looked at Derek, he had never asked how he was before knitting his eyebrows together “I’m good, don’t really see much of the pack but no one is dead so I’d say there all good” Peter answered. Derek squeezed his fist harder he was hoping Peter would mention y/n. “do you still see y/n?” Derek asked unsure of what to say. Peter had his back to Derek, gave a small smirk. Part of him wanted to gloat and say yes the last time he saw her she was sleeping naked in his bed. Instead Peter turn with a straight face “every now and then we have coffee” he lied, but still keeping his heartbeat the same. Derek inhaled again the smell sending his emotions crazy. Peter noticed Derek’s deep breath quickly realising he smelt of y/n.“don’t lie I can smell her all over you” Derek said. as Peter looked down he saw the blood running though his nephews clenched fingers. Peter rolled his eyes “we’re not going through this again, Derek she’s not even yours anymore so you can’t be jealous that we speak” Peter smirked back smirking back. Remembering the jealousy Derek displayed after y/n went to peter after her break up. wondering how he’d react to their new secret relationship. 

Peter sat reading when hear a soft tap on his door, confused to who it could be he listened as he walked to the door. He heard sobbing on the other side, when he opened y/n was standing on the other side, she could hardly breath she was crying that hard, when her eyes clasped on Peter her sobs became whales as she hugged him tight. To took him nearly fifteen minutes to make sense of what had happened as she tried to tell him about Derek and Jennifer though her tears. Peter sat with her head on his chest rubbing her back trying to sooth her until she eventually cried herself to sleep, picking her up he placed her in his bed covering her up then went and slept on the couch. The next morning Cora was going to south America, so Peter went to see her before she left. When he got there he found out Derek was going too. Part of Peter was happy it would help y/n of she didn’t see Derek everyday but part of him wanted to punch Derek for hurting her then running like a coward. 

Derek smelt y/n on Peter the second he walked in. Growling, glowing his eyes “so that’s where she ran too, you!” Derek spat with utter jealousy. Peter frowned “yes she did come knocking on my door after you broke her heart what was I meant to do send her away” Peter smirked. “oh and I bet you just loved it” Derek growled. Peter narrow his eyes “don’t play stupid Peter it doesn’t suit you, I’ve seen the way you are around her, flirting, trying to Win her affection” Peter held up his hand to cut Derek off  "well now she’s single and alone, I can make her mine just to piss you off more" he said, Derek roared “stay the fuck away from her Peter she’s too good for you, you go near her ill kill you” Derek carried on screaming threats to peter" both, now in wolf form with there claws out ready for the other to make a move, when Cora came running in at the sound of them growling she dragging an angry Derek out before he attacked a smug looking Peter. 

Peter watched Derek growl and snarl with the same look he had when he left. “I’m not jealous!” Derek roared “I’m worried she’s gonna be hurt or killed if she gets mixed up with you.” Peter had turned his back to Derek, he had to hide the smile he couldn’t stop appearing on his lips. “she already is” Peter whispered to himself not intending for Derek to hear. Derek did hear and grabbed Peter by the shoulder throwing him into the concrete wall. “what did you say?” Derek roared as Peter stood up his eyes now glowing Beta blue and claws out. They ran at each other clawing and punching each other.

You woke in Peter’s apartment finding his note morning sweetheart, the is a problem with Isaac and needs my help if your gone when I get back I’ll call you, always love P xx

It make you smile the small loving things Peter did, you noticed more and more over the few weeks. After an hour you got bored and wanted to go home to change. Getting your coat you went to grab your bag, after not finding it by the door where you normally leave it, you remembered it’s still in Derek’s your rush to leave made you forget to pick it up. Leaving Peter’s you knock at Chris Argent’s apartment in the same building as Peter’s. “Chris I need you to drive me to Derek’s my bag is there with my keys init please” you asked, Chris agreed. 

At the loft you stood outside about to knock when you heard something inside smash and load roared word you couldn’t make out. Waving for argent to come, you ran inside seeing Peter and Derek almost killing each other. Without thought you ran and got in the middle of them screaming for them to stop. A claw caught you in the back of the shoulder, ripping your top and down your back. Screaming out in pain, made them stop fighting. The pair holding you apologising non stop. Chris slowly walked in his gum out as he watched Derek and Peter help you to the couch. “this is your fault I told you, you would get her hurt” Derek said as Peter let out a low rubble growl. Chris ran over putting the gun away, he took one look at your back saying you needed stitches. Derek got a first aid kid, Peter came over holding your hand his vain going black as he eased the pain you felt. Derek came in with a big green box and warm water. Chris took them from him quickly coming to you. Derek saw Peter and dragged him away from you, “look at what you’ve done to her Peter” Derek shouted, Peter didn’t have answer he looked at you with sad sorry eyes. Derek gave another growl as his uncle ignored him. “look guys I need to stitch y/n up and I can’t do that if your going to kill each other” Chris said as he cleaned the cuts “Peter I think you should go, Derek go lay down and calm down” he ordered the wolfs. You looked at Chris smiling a thank you for getting rid of them though you felt bad for Peter going without being able to tell him your okay.

After Chris was done you went to get your bag and go, when Derek blocked the door way. “before you go can we talk?” he asked as Chris left. “what do you want Derek” you say sitting down. Derek could smell Peter’s sent on you just as strong as yours on Peter, making his start his conversation differently to how he planed in his head. “you know if you stay friend and get to close to peter you’ll wind up dead” Derek said low looking at the floor. “what are you talking about Derek” you say. “I know you stayed with Peter, he was so smug! I could smell you all over him, like I can smell him on you and if your bag was here you didn’t go home last night. I know you see him more then the pack Issac told me” you looked at him annoyed “so what if I’m friends with Peter why can I be” you challenge him back “because he’s going to hurt you even if he doesn’t mean to you will get hurt or killed, look at your back y/n he’s already clawed you if stay friends with him you will end up dead” his tone and angry shout. Grabbing your bag you walk to the door “like you care Derek, is that all you wanted to bitch about Peter and get me onside over what ever it was your fighting over now” you say about to leave. 

He grabs your shoulders keeping you in place “y/n, no I wanted to talk to say I miss you, I still cared about you” he says softly. You didn’t speak, you didn’t know what to think. When you didn’t answer him, he looked in your eyes with a saddened expression “I thought about you everyday I was gone, I’m so stupid for what I done, please give us another chance y/n” he said. You looked at him slowly shaking your head, confused, angry and shocked. Derek went to cup your face in his hand when you step out the way. Taking a strong breath before talking calmly to him “Derek you didn’t think about me when you was sleeping with Jennifer, you didn’t miss me as you kissed her, you didn’t even stay to try and fix us. you ran off” your voice a lot lower but he still heard “probably with her” you look at the floor pushing you bag back on your shoulder. “I left with Cora only because you told me you didn’t want to see me again” he said almost as low as you spoke. “but I’m sorry y/n please believe me when I say I still love and want you back more than anything” Derek leaned in to kiss you but again you move out his way “Derek you hurt me, a lot and now you say you love me I can’t handle this right now” you answer pushing past him out the door.

Peter didn’t leave when Chris told him to. He wanted to know how badly hurt y/n was he couldn’t believe he’d clawed her “its your fault she’s hurt, look what you’ve done” Derek’s words ringing in his head. He hid so he could still listen in, looking in the window every now and then seeing his claw marks deep in her back. It felt like forever waiting for them to finish, when Chris and y/n went to leave Peter was going to see her and say sorry but heard Derek ask her to stay. Peter watched as Derek told her he was evil and would hurt her. Something about Derek’s words hit home to peter as he watch the clean white bandage Chris had just applied already turning blood red. I did that to her, me. He thought. He  watched as Derek told her he missed her and how she looked at him not saying anything making him worry shed go back to him. Peter knew she was happy and safe with Derek once, and with him a secret, and not it looked not always safe. Peter walked away not wanted to hear anymore sat on the hood of his car head in his hand lost in his thoughts.

You left the loft, looking for Chris but his jeep was gone. Walking round the corner you see Peter sitting on his car, you start smiling thinking he waited for you. “hi you didn’t have to wait for me” you say sweetly glad he did. Peter looked up at you with a sad worried look “y/n I’m so sorry I didn’t see or hear you come in” he said as he grabbed your hand his vain once again turned black, you sighed in relief. “I’m sorry, I can’t I believe … I’d never…” Peter started to talk fast in panic not finishing his sentence. You reach up putting your hand on his chest making him stop talking. “Peter it was an accident, it’s what happens when a human gets in the middle of 2 werewolf’s fighting” you joke trying to reassure him “and I’m okay now all stitched up and painless now thanks to you” you say squeezing his hand. 

Peter smiled at first before pulling is hand away “I heard what Derek said to you” he said looking away. You roll your eyes about to speak when Peter did “he’s right, if you stay with me ill get you hurt I already did look at you, maybe I’m best keeping away from you. Ending what we have to keep you safe” you looked at him now annoyed why he thought that. “Peter your not bad for me Derek was wrong. You’ve been there for me always and I love you for it, I don’t want us to end” you smile standing on your tiptoes to kiss him, it was sudden and needy. Peter paused at first, but didn’t stop you, instead one of his hands help your hip while other found its way into your hair both pulling you closer to him as he deepened his kiss.

Derek had followed you out, he didn’t know why but he needed to see where you was going. He saw you talking with Peter, he felt a ping of jealousy again “why’s he still here” Derek grumbled to himself tried to stop himself from storming over. But what he saw next shocked him y/n kissed Peter then got in his car driving off. Derek went home taking his anger out on the training bag until he hit it the hard the hinges keeping it on the ceiling snapped. Scott came in with Isaac they had been to see Deaton and found out Erica and Boyd was in the closed down bank. Calling everyone for help they waited for rest of the pack to arrive.
you sat with peter as he looked over and changed you bandages, “I swear ill never hurt you again” he said still feeling guilty. your phone buzzed, we know where Boyd and Erica is we need everyone at the loft recuse mission tonight - Scott. you roll your eyes as peters phone bleeps with the same message. peter didn’t even look at his still focused on you “we have to go” you say although the was no effort of wanting to go in your voice. Peter didn’t answer as he pull your top back down turning you to face him. “we have to tell them all of them” he said serious you knew he was talking about telling the pack about your relationship. nodding knowing he was right, if you told the pack it might start to put a stop the jealousy and hate between peter and Derek. you knew it wouldn’t be that easy but if the whole pack was there when Derek there they might not fight. “your right, we’ll tell them today after we helped save the others” you say standing “I’m always right sweetheart” he said following you out. the drive to the loft was quite. Peter could smell your anxiety build up the closer you got to the loft he reached over and held your hand “stop worrying” he said as he opened the door for you to walk in.

Derek didn’t look at you both just walked to the back of the room. you let go of peters hand walking in “so where are they?” you asked getting right to point, after an hour a plan was made. Scott and Derek was going to break into the volt. Lidia, Issac and Allison was going to a distraction/ back up, you was told to stay at the loft with stiles being to hurt to fight. This was the only thing Peter and Derek had agreed to. “and what about Peter?” stiles asked, “I’m not getting killed for them” Peter said making everyone including you roll their eyes. “he can stay here with us I’m sure we can find some use for him” you say smiling at Peter sliding him maps and plans stiles had brought of the bank.

Derek gave another grow, it was his 10th one of the meeting mostly when you or Peter spoke. “you would wanna stay with him” Derek spat. Getting more pissed off by Derek’s behaviour you couldn’t hold your tongue any more “okay what the fuck is your problem” you shout slamming your hands on the desk. “i saw you y/n I saw you kissing him after I warned you to stay away from him” he shouted back, making stiles and Allison jump a little, you didn’t move or flinch instead stirred at him in anger “Derek you lost the right to tell me to stay away from anyone when you cheated on me! So don’t you dare come back now and tell me u can’t see or kiss my own boyfriend” you blurted out the covered your mouth realising what you had said. Everyone looked shocked including Derek, “he’s using you y/n to get to me, he doesn’t care about you, why can’t you see he’s playing you” Derek said in a low pleading voice. Peter who now was as angry as you held you shoulders, mainly to keep himself calm. “Derek your wrong I do care about y/n I always have, I love her!” Peter said in full honesty shook in everyone including you. Blushing but smiling you looked at him. Derek was still growling “if we going to save then by the full moon we have to go now” Scott said knowing we was wasting time fighting. “this isn’t over” he shouted about to leave. “it is over Derek” you say making turn and look at you “I’m With Him Now! I’m Peter’s you have to understand I love him and he loves me, so you can expect us or not I don’t care but with Peter ” you say looking back up at Peter as he kisses your forehead.

Derek walked out not saying a word, “well it’s about time you to came out” Allison laughed you looked at her confused “I’ve seen you car outside our building and Issac says he can smell you in the lift a lot to it made sense you and Peter was hooking up” she laughed. “oh and don’t worry we’ll work on getting Derek to come around” Lydia smiled as they left. Stiles was left with you and Peter “so you two” he said “stiles you ask any questions and I’ll kill you” Peter said, the three of you started looking into stiles thought if why now, flicking though the scattered papers. Every now and then you would look up at Peter happy everyone now knew and happier to know Peter hale loved you.

Rec your own fics

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.

I was tagged by @theuncertainhour and tbh i haven’t written that many fics but here are the ones I’m proudest of, even going back to my ffn days (eek!)…

A Single Soul (Scott & Bailey, Gill/Julie)

‘I had to be here,’ Julie says, her voice quiet and breaking.  You nod and your lip trembles.  ‘I had to make sure you were ok.  I had to touch you to make sure that you were really there.’

I’ve only managed twice in my fic-writing life to just magic a fic into existence.  It seemed to write itself and I barely edited it at all.  Anyway, this ship is my original otp and this fic was my way of finally processing 3x08, like a year and a half after the episode aired.

Wooden Floors, Walls, and Windowsills (Home Fires, Alison/Teresa)

You watch her walk away. She turns back with a huge smile and a wave just before she disappears from view. And, just like that, she’s gone again. It’s just you and Boris and the deafening silence.

This was written for the Home Fires Fic Exchange for the prompt ‘Falling in love slowly. Alison’s POV. Confused feelings. S2 canon (fix-it fic).’  I had great fun writing this and I love these characters so much and canon was horrible to them so let’s just believe they lived happily ever after.

Plus Ça Change, Plus C'est La Même Chose (Holby City, Bernie/Serena)

I won’t put a snippet here bc it’s only 192 words long.  Don’t be put off by the title, it’s in English!  I spent a lot of time thinking about Serena’s grief-induced erratic behaviour and came up with this, Bernie seeing different sides of her.

Under Attack (Holby City, Bernie/Serena)

Bernie is being attacked from all sides by children with water pistols and all she has to defend herself with is one that leaks and has a measly jet. Serena may have had a hand in that - she let the kids have first pick while Bernie was changing into her rather fetching navy blue swimsuit, a colour not unlike her scrubs.

This is also Berena, but this time I just IGNORED CANON and wrote about one of the things I am very much passionate about: Berena mothering the Fletchlings.  Basically, they have the Fletchlings to stay overnight in the summer.  There are water pistols, cuddles, fluffy moments, moments where Serena could burst with pride at how good Bernie is with the kids.  This was my favourite one to write even though it took a lot of effort.

Tagging (only if you want to): @pea-green, @rachelcazalet, @featherxquill, @theresanotherdance :)



as some of you know, i want wendy to be a part of the next generation of scotts. so i added her & her mums to the world and went into their household to see what they’re like!!!

and this little…..goddamn fucking angel starts bbqing somethin 

and then before i know it shes set it on fire and just stands there like what did i even do this fire is inconveniencing me



i think she’ll fit in fine tbqh

No Harm Done

McCall Pack X Reader

Word Count: 565

Requested: Anon

Request: Can you do a teen wolf pack imagine where the reader has lung cancer and she has an oxygen tank with her at all times(but it’s lowkey a piece of crap that she’s had since she’s was little) and one day Liam bumps into it and it goes screwy and she starts coughing and sputtering and the pack freaks out but her coughing turns into laughter because she’s used to it going wonky like that and the pack is just confused but relieved.

Originally posted by dylanfanforeverr

You met Scott first, you were both at the Hospital a lot for different reasons, he was there because his mum didn’t have a babysitter and you were there because you had lung cancer, you were young and that was one of the only things going for you, you and Scott almost instantly became friends, your parents started to talk and then your mum offered to look after Scott while his mum worked. One day Scott introduced you to Stiles and you all became the trio of terror, you’d get into trouble all the time, Scott and Stiles made it their life’s ambition the moment they realised that you being sick meant that you had less time than they did.

It got to the time when your school was in full swing and you had an oxygen tank following you around everywhere, it was a piece crap and you knew it certain things meant that it freaked out but you learnt to deal with it while everyone around you freaked out. On the night that Scott was bitten you weren’t there and they did try to keep you out of the pack business in the sense that you knew what was going on but you weren’t ever involved in a plan most of the time you just help make them. “Scott could make you better,” Stiles said as he paced your room.
“I would be all for the idea but I don’t think my body is strong enough to survive the bite.” You answered.
“Erica survived,” Stiles said quickly.
“Yeah, she had something completely different.” You answered. “My body is run down now Stiles it’s tired I think if it was given the chance it would check out.”
“Deaton said the same thing,” Scott said sadly. “He said if it were the earlier stages than she would have survived but there’s no telling what could happen.”
“Don’t worry guys I’m going to live forever.” You sighed as you pulled out your homework. “So we have some things to do in order to succeed in life.”
“I could argue-”
“I’m going to slap you in the face if you don’t shut up and do what you’re told.” You finished for him with a smile on your face. Stiles put his hands up in surrender before grabbing his stuff and sitting on the bed next to you Scott was sat in front of you as you all helped each other with the work that you had to do.

Now, however you were all just a huge family, they were all careful with you, they were scared that they’d hurt you when Liam knocked your oxygen tank and it caused you to start coughing the whole pack freaked out, that is until they realised that you were laughing. They all looked at you waiting for you to explain “Guys I’m fine this thing is a piece of crap.” You laughed.
“That piece of crap is the difference between life or death!” Stiles argued.
“Do you know how many times this gets knocked a day when we’re in school?” You asked, Stiles opened his mouth but didn’t have an answer.
“You know what we need to get you a new one.” Lydia decided.
“Yeah well, not on my insurance.” You shrugged.
“We’ll get you a new one.” Stiles nodded and you rolled your eyes and smiled.
“Well, no harm was done.”

Requests and general question!

Don’t test me Liam dunbar imagine part 1

Theo sees Liam dragging gabe to the boys locker room and the boy already caused enough havoc for now “ oh Liam haven’t you heard of precious” he Whispered to himself as theo headed to the direction the two boys went

Meanwhile Liam was having trouble of controlling his anger “ you see when someone hurts my firends I get more angry than before” liam pressing gabes face on the mirror causing it to crack and gabe bleeding but continued anyways “ did you know Scott’s mum is in hospital did you know (y/n) affected too” liam angry intensified more “ liam… Liam… Liam” theo was playing the safe card while Liam was like this “ what do you want theo?” liam eyes glowing yellow at him while gabes face was pressed into the mirror more “ how many witnesses saw you dragging him here… How many Liam?” theo could tell gabe was scared by his heart beating rapidly

“ liam… Liam… Liam did you know if you kill him you’ve got to dig a grave and somehow manage to find a place no sheriff will find or deputy…. Plus you’ve got to hide your tracks… Not that you’re good at hiding it” theo smirking and folding his arms

Liam let go of gabe as he did gabe dropped to the floor “ what do you want raeken you really think playing the nice card on Scott will get you into the pack well some of us aren’t really going to let it loose” liam was referring to the time where theo played them all


Liam and theo tied gabe to a chair which theo found somehow without getting caught “ look gabe all you have to do is give us a name and we will let you go” theo and liam sitting there “ I told you dunbar I don’t know anything about what happened to McCall house okay” gabe leaning forward “ lying isn’t going to help either gabe” theo listening to gabe heartbeat “ liam…. Liam… Liam?” the boy was quite and theo nudged him “ WHAT!!” theo moved quickly liams eyes yellow “ liam… Liam…. Liam. Control…. Control” liam closing his eyes and restraining himself from causing more harm to himself and to those around him

As he took breaths “ you okay?” theo was generally concerned about liams anger issues lately “ I’m fine for now” glaring at gabe “ but I know about the bodies” theo and liam looked at each other “ what bodied?” theo eyebrows perked up “ the bodies in the school freezer” theo immediately untied gabe and pushed him back to the broken mirror “ what bodies gabe?” liam was standing there like reverse situation

“ the bodies downstairs in the school freezer” theo let the boy go again “ take us to the bodies and tell us everything” gabe couldn’t to more he had to now


As the pair was lead down the basement to the school storage area gabe opened the door in walked Liam and theo “ I didn’t know we had one only the one coach showed us” liam spoke

“ there that freezer” gabe pointed it out “ now tell us what you know about gerard plan and what he did to our friend (y/n) and where could we find her” liam eyes glowed yellow again

Theo slowly opening the freezer inside were two ghost raiders and two werewolves plus a child with their eyes missing “ who decided to store them in here” theo grabbing gabes face and squeezing it hard barely able to make him speak “ger….ger…gerard” theo letting go and gabe holding his face Liam needed to know if you’re safe “ where (y/n)?”

Gabe spat at him “ gabe he nearly killed Nolan did you know and I had to knock him out five times” theo knew gabe was petrified “ gerard has her held captive at the Argent bunker outside Beacon hills” gabe was breathless “ see that’s all we want” theo smiling “ as for you tell anyone what happened between us we make sure to kill you first” as the pair left gabe was about to call someone when “ gabe… Gabe??” it was Nolan

“ what happened to you?” the boy looked confused as to why gabe would be down here “ did gerard spoke to you yet?” gabe asked Nolan the boy flinched at the name “ no not yet why?” the boy barely making a sentence “ you told them didn’t you?” gabe grabbed Nolan" of course I did your useless how did you become a hunter let me guess your parents died because of a supernatural is it “ Nolan barely breathing” gabe… Gabe… Gabe “ Nolan struggling to get away from gabe grip” do something stupid like that again I’ll kill you myself “ gabe release Nolan he simply walked away

As for Nolan he was holding his neck


Not that it matters.

I love my mum

but my mum just bought me this cute shirt and it says like: [ ] single [ ] taken [x] mentally dating Dylan O'Brien And she just said like “yeah that sounded like you” and I’m like mum you’re so cute thank you

Like A Brother *Part 4*

Theo Raeken!Brother Figure X Reader 

Word Count: 732

Requested: Wattpad 

Request: omg im fangirling right now , can you make a part 4 were scoot comes back and the pack sees how much the care for each other and a nother puppy play scene thank you!!!! <3

*Part 1* *Part 2* *Part 3*

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Scott hadn’t been back since the Ghost Rider incident but they had all decided that they would go back this holiday so that they could meet up. Melissa had noticed the change in Theo since having you around and even the change in you. Melissa had managed to fix what relationship you had before you went missing and now she often come home and find you there which was always pleasant surprise, most of the time it was when Theo was working. Most of the time he arranged for you to be there anyway so that you could still spend time with your mum and wouldn’t be alone while he was out.

When Scott got back he was eager to see you, you’d both sort of repaired the relationship a little and Scott took a backseat on the brother thing after your outburst when Theo came back, it was obvious who you were more comfortable with. “Scott!” Melissa called as the boy walked through the door.
“Hey Mum!” he smiled dropping his bags and hugging her.
“So how is it?” she asked smiling.
“It’s great I love it!” Scott answered.
“Hard work?” Melissa guessed. Scott nodded in response. “You want to see your sister?”
“Is she here?” Scott asked.
“No, I know where she is though.” Melissa smiled as she grabbed her car keys. They were out in the reserve and Melissa led Scott through the trees and watched as his mum successfully tracked them down.
“How’d you do that?” he asked.
“Well before Theo took her out he taught her how to mask her scent so that others wouldn’t be able to find them, he taught me how to track them what to look for, they both helped me to learn,” Melissa explained.
“Oh.” Scott nodded. When Melissa found you both they were faced with Theo in Coyote form looking around, ear twitching searching for any sound that may give you away.
“Have you lost her again?” Melissa asked. Theo turned to her and in the second you jumped on him wrestling him down to the floor before he was able to fling you off and stand properly. He got into a defensive stance and you slowly circled him, after spending so much time playing these games, you knew that if you got him from the back you’d be able to pin him again, you guys played for a while before Theo brought your attention to Scott and your mum. You jogged off and came back dressed, you hugged your mum and then Scott who was shocked.
“How’s college I heard it can be cool!” You smiled looking up at him and he smiled back glancing over at Theo who had just come back into sight.
“It’s good! Maybe I can bring you down sometimes so you can see the place” Scott suggested.
“Maybe.” You nodded.

You all went back to Melissa’s to meet up with everyone else. Stiles was still a little confused with Theo being back and very defensive though he was warming to the idea that you were more comfortable and open with them. Scott watched as you spread your book over the coffee table and you sat in Theo’s lap as he helped you type up essays and finish off work for school when you went off with your mum to get something to eat, Theo and Scott talked for the first time. “Is she okay?” Scott asked and Theo raised an eyebrow.
“She’s doing well, she’s a fast learner,” Theo answered. “She happy too. Sometimes I have to physically stop her from working, she looks up to you on that aspect.”
“What?” Scott asked looking over at you.
“Well, I told her about what you wanted, that you wanted to be a vet and you did everything you could and got into the college you wanted despite having to deal with people like me,” Theo explained.
“Theo!” You called from the kitchen.
“What’s up sweetheart?” he asked when you came over and sat down next to him.
“What time are we leaving?” You asked.
“You don’t have to leave… Remember you still have a room upstairs and some clothes here.” Theo reminded you.
“I don’t know…” You mumbled.
“Well you still got time to decide.” he smiled ruffling your hair. You never actually made a verbal choice instead you all fell asleep during a movie that you were watching.

Requests and general question!