scottpilgrimage asked:

Judging by your tumblr I assume you would be an absolute blast to play a Dungeons and Dragon game with... though perhaps you would also be terrifying as well.

I’m usually the fighter that DESTROYS ALL THE THINGS *grin* DPS all the way, baby! xD Though in non-D&D games I frequently play very snarky characters that… are… still DPS. I just like to kill all the things and ask questions later. ;)

scottpilgrimage asked:

I wanna say the last three people who followed me were wildly inappropriate pornography addicts. Thank you for restoring my faith in tumbler.

Ahaha, you actually follow my Harry Potter blog, and sometimes I decide to investigate followers’ tumblrs, and I quite liked yours. The last few people to follow me had a weird thing for Zac Efron and other Disney celebrities. I think I’d prefer that my followers were porn addicts rather than fangirls.