Scott x Sister!Reader

The Alpha Shield Masterlist

Scott refused to let go of your and as he ambulance rushed you to the hospital, your mother managing to keep herself calm, ordering people around as the bed you were in was rushed to the OR. Scott shot up when people hurried out of the room and for a few seconds the lights went out and then back on.


“She shorted out the electricity.” Mellissa explained making him grin.

“That means she’s alive right?” Scott asked hopefully.

“Oh yeah, she’s alive alright.” Mellissa nodded and hurried off again.

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I love Steve’s character development tbh he started out like the stereotypical famous asshole jock who only cares about making out with a girl and he picks on others but in the end he realized that his behavior was wrong and he turned into a badass like he could have easily left Nancy and Jonathan to die but instead he went back and helped them even though he was scared shitless and he literally had no idea what was going on I don’t get why people still hate him he even bought Jonathan a new camera 


Salvatores’ x McCall Pack

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“How are you not freaking out, why is she not freaking out?” Stiles hissed as you calmly set Lydia’s list down and looked at the confused group.


“I have a small confession.” You muttered.


“Is it that you drank the mountain lion that attacked us last week because we saw that and it was gross.” Stiles said quickly.

“Stiles shut up!” Scott grunted.


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Honestly I prefer “You’ll forget me” over “Don’t forget me” because it shows that Stiles has lost all hope like he’s sure he can’t do anything to stop this and he truly believes that the girl he loves is going to ease any memory of him from her mind and her heart but then Lydia says “I won’t” and it is such an important line tbh because she’s basically admitting that no matter what happens she could never forget about him like how could she ?!? after everything they’ve been through, after everything he’s done for her, they’ve survived so much together and they’ve stuck together until the very end so she basically says that even when everything falls apart she will do anything to protect him and she’ll fight for him because he is the boy she loves and she’s damn sure that nothing could ever make her forget him 


Scott x Reader / Stiles x Sister!Reader

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Stiles yelled loudly as Scott scored and you were tempted to cover your ringing ears. When Scott grinned over at the two of you your face lit up and you smiled back.


“Isn’t he doing great!” Stiles whooped and you nodded.


“Go… Scott.” You yelled, your voice seemingly lost in the sea of cheering but Scott turned and nodded at you.


He stopped for a second and nearly missed the ball flying at him as he cocked his head and watched as you became flustered and seemed to turn a bright red.

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Love With You (Scott McCall Imagine)

[[ For best effect, please listen to Can’t Help Falling In Love With You by Elvis Presley on repeat while reading this piece.]]

Your eyes were closed and your body seemed to sweep from side to side with the soft melody of an undying classic and the corners of your lips pulled up ever so gently as you spun around, your loose hair following behind you.

The floor was cold, but your bare feet barely felt it with the way your arched feet carried your body on the tips of your toes. Through the window, the sun hung low in the sky and in the back of your mind you knew Scott was going to return soon, but you paid no mind to the return of your boyfriend.

Melissa had informed you both that she wouldn’t be home until late, so you took advantage of the empty house, playing music at a reasonable volume that you danced to in nothing but Scott’s tshirt and your underwear.

With the circumstances at home, Melissa refused to allow you to return to your abusive mother. Because ever since your family suffered the death of both your father and younger sister of 2 years old, she lost herself to a world of alcohol and drugs. It was in the dark hours of the night, that she’d sit in her room, weeping with the bottle of Vodka clutched in her shaking fist. You always tried to pry it away from her and that was when she’d react in her ugliest coat of colors, shouting at you with red puffy eyes and wet cheeks, you’d always defend yourself and try to explain, but her hand would whip out and slap you in the face.

But alas, you could never find it in you to hate her, you always thought back to the times she’d sing you to sleep and comb through your hair and hug you on particularly bad days. It was when Scott and Lydia noticed the pattern of lies you’d tell to cover up for your mother’s previous way with you that your best friend of the time, refused to have you go home at night to a mother he knew would only hurt you. Sometimes Scott would ‘keep you hostage’ as you joked, for a whole week until two weeks ago when he told his mother and she drove you home to pack your clothes and necessities.

Your mother was crying and screaming at you, threatening to take legal action against Melissa and that made you hesitate, but Scott walked you out, holding you in the backseat as you sobbed, looking back at your house with a heavy heart that rose to sit in your throat and keep you from breathing.

But you had been able to put that past you now, because you’ve never been this happy in three years, with no worry of beatings for being late or forgetting to do something. You could sleep at night now without hearing your mother’s heart breaking in the room over. You missed her every now and then, but you’d remember what she’d do to you had you returned to her.

You always thanked Scott for always being one to keep out of danger’s wrath and refusing to have you go through the hell you’d live through for three years. You thanked God for having you stumble into Lydia and Stiles one day and having them take you in when they noticed your stutter and social awkwardness. It was all because of the pack that you found your true self again.

Shall I stay? Would it be a sin?

You sang softly to yourself, hugging your arms around you in the room that was beginning to darken, blissfully unaware of the Alpha watching you from the doorway to the living room with a loving smile that graced his lips.

He’d return with Stiles a few minutes prior, already hearing your music playing from down the road, thanks to his preposterous hearing and already was excited to see you, but he never expected to catch you enjoying yourself like you were, swaying around the room with eyes closed and lips silently singing along with Elvis Presley. His eyes held a spark that only you seemed to set ablaze and everyone but him seemed to notice it. Scott suddenly thanked God that he told Stiles he was going to busy the rest of the fading day.

His arms caught you by surprise and you let out a yelp and laughed when he turned you to face him, his arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you closer to him like the ocean swept over the shore and you leaned into him, happy to be where you felt most safe.
“This is something I can get used to coming home to.” He said with that boyish smile that always made you giddy.

You head rested on his chest and your hands slid up his chest to his neck where they rested behind his head, fingers combing through the hair there before they settled down to lock around his neck. He began to move with you to the rhythm of the old song and you both glided across the living room floor at a slow and gentle pace, relishing in just having each other to hold.

Nothing else was said, but you both closed your eyes, feeling the words of the song come to life in the situation. Your head lulled against Scott’s chest and his chin resting on top of it, hands rubbing your back in affection.

And it was then that you realized that his love was all that was needed for you to be happy. Just to have him look at you the way he did, to kiss you like he needed your lips against his to live, the way he hugged you like he was coming home, that was all you needed to realize that love still existed for you.

Take my hand, take my whole life too.

For I can’t help falling in love

With you…


Reader x McCall Pack

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It was rather unnerving to suddenly be able to pick up on who was what creature. You had no way of turning it off and you silently cursed your family for not giving you any warning that the change was going to happen.


“Hey you ok?” Malia asked as she shuffled her desk closer to yours.


“Yeah I’m fine.” You whispered without looking at her.


When you glanced at Malia you found nothing had changed, she was still Malia, but now you could see the shape of a wolf surrounding her as well. At least you thought it was a wolf. It was the same with Scott and some of your other friends, Lydia was surrounded by an odd shimmering dome that adjusted to her movements.

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