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SO many possibilities

So I did hear from him, in the end, he’d lost his numbers on his phone, and didnt have mine. I guess he could have messaged me on facey, but anyway, wrote this exact thing.

“im just finished work! I had to reset my phone so lost ur number on saturday :( yes, best of luck with everything if ur ever back let me know! x”

So I’m guessing, he might have liked me, but realised there wasn’t a chance with me travelling, so why pursue.


I went to Oktoberfest, and met a super nice guy from Germany.
I keep forgetting that this is my private ‘diary’ so I can be uncensored, since I have told this story so many times…

I’ve realised that I think I’m much uglier than I am. Like the boys from highschool’s harsh words still drill into my head, but Oktoberfest felt like a time to shine. I really let myself go crazy and get dressed up.
I lost all my friends, and went outside, where I saw this typical German boy eyeing me off.

He had blonde hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. He was wearing a leiderhosen.
I was very drunk, I’m not going to lie, so I went over there and probably spoke some garble. He had two friends with him, a much older man, probably closer to 45and his friend about 25ish.
The older man was funny, but a sleeze with us both being so drunk, I didn’t really care though, he was jokingly trying to kiss me etc, but yeah he was a genuine heart. the other guy was very shy, and my guy, was so.. german!
It was time for us to go home, and I realised there was no way I’d be able to navigate myself back to my camping site. So my german boy offered for me to come with him, so I did!
We realised that I couldnt go through the front entrance, because I didnt have a camping wrist band, so I had to jump the fence.
I was with my guy, and I was almost over the fence, when I jumped and my dress caught, ripping all up the backside, exposing my ass.
I was a good sight for the male population.
Lucky, I only had to walk to the van, so 50 meters?
I got to the van, inbetween kissing my german, and when I finally got there, we had a little bed, and just kissed and played, but we didnt have a condom, so had to draw the line :(
I feel into a beautiful sleep, he was such a broad comfortable chest, he smelt nice, and he played with my hair as I feel asleep. Anyone who plays with my hair has me under their complete control.
I woke up and we were kissing each other.. fantastic way to wake up.
Then, I gave him the favour. Yep. I had a protein shake for breakfast.
Then We both fell back asleep. He was very happy, I’m not going to lie, I can give pretty god head.
I smelt coffee.
I woke up, open the curtains, and there he is with his two friends, making me breakfast. I mean- come, on!
All these little meats and cheeses, toast, eggs, gurkains, and other stuff I didn’t know. Various juices etc..
I woke up in heaven. And then, to add to that, hey got me a needle and thread to fix my dress….. wtf!
These people aren’t real
SO obviously I’m going to marry this guy and have many children, right?
Anyway, we went back into town, and he held my hand!! I must have looked like death, and he held me hand….
We exchanged Facebook, and this was the conversation;

Me: I leave today, but if I am in Germany in november, i’ll let you know?
GermanGuy: Yes this is cool. Im going at Oktoberfest. It was a cool Day with you!!!
Me: And with you! And *Friend 1 and *Friend 2! Have fun, drink lots x
GermanGuy: Yes have many many many Fun!!!! I Love pktoberfest”

And I didn’t reply, so I’m thinking of going to Germany again end of this month, I love germany, so even if I go, and I don’t see him, it wont be a waste. I want to move to germany, so bad.

I didn’t fuck him, and there were a lot of cute things, maybe there is potential for a friendship (can’t say relationship, gotta aim low)
But seriously, I’d love a german friend.

Anyway, I’m in my new job, travelling a certain country, and I have the oportunity to meet so many people.  It’s funny how last week or so, I was thinking “omg ScottishBoy"  and then this week "GermanLad”
So what?
Is this telling me something?
What do I even like about these people?
I’m worried it’s their 'potential to be a good dad/husband’ that attracts me to them.
Ohhhh, hell-lo daddy issues.
Either way, there’s so many good fucking guys, I just hope I get one.
I’ve never had one.
Daddy issues?