jexxer  asked:

Soooo for Idfic Wednesday is it a good time to resubmit my Malcolm/Julius lap-sex prompt? I don't even know or care how they get into the situation, I just can't shake the image of Malcolm being held firmly in Julius' lap, back pinned to Julius' chest as they have some cuddle time turned naughty.

Cuddle time turned into lap sex, at your command! Sorry this took so long.

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"The Right Word" (Julius/Malcolm, adult)
Julius has just caned an angry, tired, out of control Malcolm. Now he feeds him some dinner and discovers there's more work yet to do before Malcolm is truly calm.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Read first: Immediately follows “Dire Straits”.
Wordcount: 3400
Contains: Mostly kinky pr0n, nudity, submission, spanking, references to enemas though no depictions thereof, anal sex, weeping, cuddling, aftercare following spanking, did I mention spanking, a Scottish wolf, a fussy minor peer, quite a lot of affection along with the kink.