Scottie Animated Horror Short
My submission for the Annabelle Creation film contest. It most likely won't count, but I really wanted to make this short anyway.

WHEW! I finally completed my submission for the #MyAnnabelleCreation contest.

It’ll probably be disqualified immediately, but hey, they never said we COULDN’T submit animations.

Giselle lends her creature voice and human characters in this short ^0^ I love her so much.

Not too shabby for two & a half weeks of work. 


Sure, puppies are cute, but they’re also quite complex. At TEDxZurich, systems scientist Nicolas Perony uses YouTuber Robert Gann’s Scottie Pinwheel to show how complex social structures emerge from a group of individuals following a common rule (here: keep access to milk).

Watch Nicolas’s talk to understand more about the simple rules that drive some of the astoundingly complex social behavior of other animals – like bats and meerkats.

Watch the whole talk here>>