Sure, puppies are cute, but they’re also quite complex. At TEDxZurich, systems scientist Nicolas Perony uses YouTuber Robert Gann’s Scottie Pinwheel to show how complex social structures emerge from a group of individuals following a common rule (here: keep access to milk).

Watch Nicolas’s talk to understand more about the simple rules that drive some of the astoundingly complex social behavior of other animals – like bats and meerkats.

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[Dogs: (howling with the ambulance siren)


Happy National Dog Day!

Franklin D. Roosevelt had a lifelong affection for pets. His best-known was Fala, a Scottish terrier given to him by his cousin, Margaret Suckley, in 1940. Fala became Roosevelt’s constant companion and the most famous dog in America, appearing in newspapers, cartoons, and films.

Fala often accompanied FDR on trips and was present at key meetings, including the 1941 Atlantic Charter Conference. During the 1944 presidential campaign, Republicans falsely claimed Roosevelt ordered a destroyer to retrieve Fala when he was left behind on an Alaskan island. FDR disarmed his critics in a celebrated speech. Fala’s frugal “Scotch soul was furious,” he reported, at allegations that tax dollars were spent to rescue him.

After FDR’s death, Fala lived with Eleanor Roosevelt. He is buried near the President and First Lady.

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