Nicola Sturgeon (b. 1970) is currently the First Minister of Scotland and the leader of the Scottish National Party, the first woman to hold either position. She has been a member of the Scottish Parliament since 1999. She has been ranked as the second most powerful woman in the United Kingdom.

Before assuming leadership of the party, she was Deputy First Minister, as well as Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, during which time she oversaw measures such as scrapping prescription charges and reversing A&E closures. Under her leadership, the SNP grew to be the most important and trusted party in Scotland.


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The Covenanter’s grave at Airds Moss. This slab marks the grave of Richard Cameron and 8 other Covenanters, including his brother, who were killed here at the Battle of Airds Moss on 22nd July 1680. “Halt, curious passenger, come here and read, Our souls triumph with Christ our glorious Head, In self-defence we murdered here do lie, To witness ‘gainst the nation’s perjury.”


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The Martyrdom of Richard Cameron

“Lord, spare the green and take the ripe.”

Today, the 22nd July, in 1680, the Rev. Richard Cameron (known as the “Lion of the Covenant”) and many of his followers were martyred for their faith upon the battlefield of Airds Moss., killed by the soldiers of Charles II. 

Less than a decade later, the Cameronian Guard would take his name as an example of faithfulness and Christian bravery, as they formed to resist the Jacobites and secure the Glorious Revolution of 1688. The Cameronians remained a regiment of the British Army until the 1960s, when they were finally disbanded. 

Some of the earliest photographic innovations were inspired by artists who hoped to capture the dynamic power of the body in motion. And yet for decades after the announcement of photography’s invention in 1839, cameras were incapable of stopping the action of live sports. The earliest sports photographs were thus limited to portraits of athletes and illustrations of human locomotion in carefully designed settings.

This photograph of a young man pretending to play “real” tennis, also known as court tennis (the forerunner of the modern game of tennis), is the earliest known sports photograph. Because exposure times were too long to stop movement, the subject poses with his racket as if engaged in a volley and focuses on an imaginary ball. A metal headrest, retouched out in the negative, helped him remain still during the one-or two-minute exposure.

David Octavius Hill (Scottish, 1802–1870) and Robert Adamson (Scottish, 1821–1848) Mr. Laing or Laine, 1843. Salted paper print from calotype negative Scottish National Portrait Gallery.


On July 14th 1927 The Scottish National War Memorial opened. The National War Memorial for Scotland was established by Royal Charter to commemorate the sacrifice of Scots in the Great War, Second World War and subsequent conflicts. The Memorial within Edinburgh Castle houses and displays the Rolls of Honour of Scots servicemen and women from all the Armed Services, the Dominions, Merchant Navy, Women’s Services, Nursing Services and civilian casualties of all wars from 1914 to date.
The memorial commemorates nearly 150,000 Scottish casualties in the First World War, 1914-18, more than 50,000 in the Second World War, 1939-45, and the campaigns since 1945, including the Malayan Emergency, the Korean War, Northern Ireland, the Falklands War and the Gulf War.

The Memorial is to be found in Crown Square at the very top of the rock on which Edinburgh Castle stands. In 1927 the architect Sir Robert Lorimer and 200 Scottish artists and craftsmen created a serene Hall of Honour and Shrine, where the names of the dead are contained in books that are on permanent display.

The Memorial is open to the public, free of charge so if you contact Edinburgh Castle ticket office it means you get free access to the castle


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Better Together’s Broken Promises (In Four Minutes)


The Sanquhar Declaration

On 22nd June 1680, Reverend. Richard Cameron and around 20 of his followers rode into the town of Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire.

At the town cross, they dismounted and sang a psalm, before Richard’s brother Michael Cameron read aloud a speech in which they disavowed any allegiance to Charles II and his government, and called for the exclusion of Charles’ openly romanist brother James, Duke of York (later James II & VII, who was ousted during the Glorious Revolution) from succession to the throne.

This declaration of war - in the name of “true Protestant and Presbyterian interest” of Scotland - would become known as the ‘Sanquhar Declaration’. It would see Cameron himself killed in battle, though the tentns of his declaration were ultimately realised in 1688. 

On July 15th 1889  The National Portrait Gallery for Scotland opened in Edinburgh.
If I had to pick a favourite building and indeed art gallery in the New Town this would be it. The Scottish National Portrait Gallery is one of Edinburgh’s most remarkable buildings – a great red sandstone neo-gothic palace which sits proudly on the city’s skyline. The Scottish National Portrait Gallery was designed by Sir Robert Rowand Anderson as a shrine for Scotland’s heroes and heroines. It opened to the public in 1889 as the world’s first purpose-built portrait gallery. An elaborate Arts and Crafts decorative scheme, both inside and out, with its glittering friezes, evocative murals and extensive sculptural embellishment, makes it a very special visitor experience. As well as the beautiful building you can see a wealth of imagery including portraits of famous historical figures such as Mary, Queen of Scots, Prince Charles Edward Stuart and Robert Burns, through to more recent pioneers in science, sport and the arts. A must see and of course it is also free!

The Last Covenanter Martyr

Close by the Water of Ayr in the little village of Sorn in Ayrshire, Scotland, stands an old church with many stones around it. On the east facing gable wall of the church by the staircase is a large memorial in memory of young George Wood who was the last of the Covenanter martyrs to be killed, dying in June 1688. George was only a lad of sixteen years of age and whilst he was in hiding an informer reported him to the neighbouring garrison as a Covenanter who had been at a field meeting. One night while he was hiding on Tinkhorn Hill about two miles north-east of Sorn, he was discovered by a trooper called John Reid, (a man noted for cruelty,) who shot him outright without asking a single question. When challenged later for the deed, trooper Reid answered that the boy was “a known Covenanter,” and “they ought to be shot on sight.”
Later that year, the arrival of William of Orange and the Glorious Revolution brought an end to the killings.

Sorry this didn’t send with my submission about my Character! This is just the reference drawing I did of her. It’s basically just her green Xion suit, gauntlets, boots, wrist-mounted laser, and goggles. The only thing I haven’t included is her kevlar armor, but hopefully this gives a good enough visual. I hope you like it, and feel free to tell me what you think of her, if you’d like!


Name- Callen Irving.

Name Meaning- Callen, (pronounced KAY-lin) is of Gaelic origin, meaning “powerful in battle,” and “warrior.” Irving, (pronounced UR-ving) is of Scottish origin, meaning “green water.”

Overwatch Codename- Although she prefers to be called by her first name, her team name is “Rebound.” The reason for this is easier to understand once you’ve read what her skills are, which I will expand on later in the sheet.

Class- Offensive.

Nationality- Scottish.

Language(s)- English, and dabbles in French, although she is nowhere near being fluent. Because she’s from Scotland she speaks with a lilting, Glaswegian accent. Although she tries her best not to, Callen has a habit of using quite a bit of slang, which often results in mass confusion on the part of her teammates.

Age- 33 years old.

Gender- Female.


Height- 175 cm (5 foot 9 inches.)

Weight- 68 kg (150 pounds.)

Eye Color- Gray. Not much else to describe here. They’re a cool grey, almost blue in color.

Hair- Auburn (red-brown.) She has a double-side-cut (shaved back and sides,) while the rest of her hair is wildly curly. When down, it reaches her upper back, just below her shoulder blades. When up, she ties it into a tight bun at the crown of her head.

Extras- As far as a “body type” goes, Callen is relatively well-built. Living such an active lifestyle certainly has its perks, and she’s blessed with some pretty toned muscle, specifically her legs, which get the most use. She doesn’t have any tattoos, however the amount of scarring she’s got is extraordinary; she’s broken plenty of bones, and has needed countless augmentations and surgeries to fix them. Because of this, most of her scarring centers around her lower back, and her most noticeable incision marks are on her shoulders, knees, ankles, and wrists.

Personality- Callen always has an impact on her immediate surroundings; the best way to spot her at a party is to look for the whirling socialite, flitting about as they move from group to group. Laughing and entertaining with a blunt and earthy humor, Callen can likely be perceived as being everyone’s best friend, and likes to keep her conversations energetic, with a good dose of intelligence. When it comes to professionalism, however, she’s very to-the-point, and doesn’t like straying from the task at hand. Theory, abstract concepts and plodding discussions about global issues such as the Omnic Crisis and its implications will always spark her interest and get her going in a conversation. During battle she tends to leap before she looks, fixing her mistakes as she goes, rather than sitting idle, preparing contingencies and strict plans of attack.

As far as her tolerance for Omnics goes, Callen is fairly neutral on the topic. She knows what destruction many of them caused during the first Omnic Crisis, and may be wary of having some on her team or interacting with others on the streets, but she is respectful to them nonetheless and treats them as she would anyone else.


Uniform- Her uniform (as pictured in the reference pictures at the end of this sheet,) is fairly simple; the base being an emerald green Xion suit, (an insulated, padded suit that’s relatively form-fitting, but with enough room that it isn’t skin-tight.) which she wears under her armor and other accessories. Over that she wears synthetic, kevlar-plated armor, mainly black and grey in color, with white accents (picture police or military riot armor.) This consists of a chest and back piece, as well as pads on her shoulders/deltoids, forearms, and outer thighs. Her accessories include a bright green grappling harness, worn over her armor, floureon goggles (basically just night vision goggles, strapped around her forehead,) and her gauntlets and boots, which are described below.

Weapons/Abilities- Rebound is trained in exceptional hand-to-hand combat techniques, so her weapons are most effective while in close range. Her “gauntlets” are armored gloves, with energy-absorbing coils built inside them, which attach to a capacitor at the end of each (around her forearm.) The whole system works similar to the suspension on a car; when she catches something or throws a punch, the coils absorb the high velocity energy and send it to the capacitors. The capacitors then transfer it to potential energy, which she can use to help defend herself without getting seriously injured. Seeing that they’re gauntlets, however, they aren’t nearly as effective at stopping bullets as they are catching grenades or deflecting a blow from a Rocket Hammer, so she has other weapons that prove useful in that case.

Because she relies mainly on close combat in battle, Rebound only has one secondary weapon; an electron laser on each gauntlet. It can only shoot one round at a time, but has a fairly quick recharge speed, however she chooses only to use it as a last resort, preferring the use of her gauntlets to deal damage.

Finally, her last “weapon” of sorts, are her boots. Built in a similar fashion as her gauntlets, they have built-in velocity challenging braces that absorb the shock received after falling from great heights. The capacitors inside the boots (around her calves,) then transfer the energy and allow her to sprint a good distance or bound back into the air after she lands. Alongside this, the boots are equipped with a gyroscopic mechanism. Her gauntlets and boots are built to be heavy and pack a punch, so the presence of a gyroscopic mechanism ensures that she lands on her feet after falling, because the weight affects how easily she can maneuver mid air.

Weapon Durability/Recharge- As previously stated, her electron lasers shoot one round at a time, and recharge quickly, but her gauntlets and boots are maintained in a far different fashion. The capacitors on her forearms and calves are capable of transferring kinetic energy, but can only store so much for so long. Once the capacitors are full, she is able to use her Ultimate Ability (which I will expand on below.) If the capacitors hold any amount of energy for too long without releasing it through a punch, landing, etc., then it will begin to dissipate until she has none left, resulting in her having to start gaining energy all over again.

Ultimate Ability- Rebound’s Ultimate meter is based on how much energy is stored in her gauntlets. Therefore, she can’t just jump off a building a few times and be able to use it, instead only getting closer as she lands punches. Since her energy depletes over time if she doesn’t use it, her Ultimate is tricky to come by, but worth it in the end. When her capacitors are full she is able to throw a punch that sends her opponent backwards and drains a massive amount of health. If their health is already low, they will (obviously,) die, but if they don’t she absorbs what energy they had stored for their Ultimate, gaining it for her own use.

Holy fuuuuuckkk–  The design of her gear is so bloody brilliant o.o I love it! =D 


COUGH. can I adopt her as well, pretty please? My army of children is growing in strengths and she is a precious one– 


anonymous asked:

I don't know about over in that part of the world, but here in the States any talk of a "nationalist party" conjures associations with xenophobia, bigotry, and fascism. The SNP certainly being the exact opposite of that, do you think foreign supporters might shy away from speaking up in support out of fear of being associated with the negative connotations that phrase has in their area?


Biggest issue is our media. It’s the Scottish NATIONAL Party not ‘nationalist’ as they continually say. High profile Better Together unionists had no quarrel with branding Yes voters and the SNP nazis in 2014.

The big difference is what type of nationalism it is. Civic nationalism is all inclusive, we don’t care where you’re from but let’s build a great community and country for us all.

The other type is Blood and Soil nationalism. The type that is associated with Hitler where a certain group are seen as 'pure’ and superior to others.

Anyone with five minutes research can see that’s not the case. Problem is we live in a world where people will read a headline and make a split-second decision.

Oc + Matchup?

Yeah so heres my porcupine themed child and a matchup would be fantastic if you’re still doing it! :)

Name: Quill

Real Name: Catriona Fairbairn

Age: 36

Height: 5’8”

Nationality: Scottish


-Calum Fairbairn/ Flint (Twin Brother)

-Bearnard Fairbairn (Father)

-Mairi Fairbairn (Mother)

Occupation: Weapons Mechanic, Overwatch Member

Affiliation: Overwatch (Previously Talon)

Role: Defense

Health: 200

Armor: 0

Shield: 0

Total: 200


-Right Click: Spine Crossbow- Main Weapon with a rotating clip of crossbow bolts that can be fired accurately and quickly

-Left Click: Triple Bolt- Fires a bolt that splits mid air into three from her Spine Crossbow for extra damage. Unlike her normal bolts this has a recharge time.

-Shift: A short burst of speed to knock into an enemy that both does damage with her passive ability but also knocks the enemy into the air and away from her

-Passive: Enemies who run into her take small amounts of damage

-Ultimate: Boltblast- Sends an array of a clip of crossbow bolts in a 180 degree area. The bolts divide midair to add to the damage.


  • Catriona was born in northern Scotland and raised with her brother, Calum, in a small cabin in the woods. Her parents, Bearnard and Mairi, both lived in Edinburgh, Scotland during the first Omnic Crisis. Both became extremely paranoid and scared of the world so they hid in a remote portion of the country to raise their children and build a shelter in case of a second Omnic Crisis. Catriona and Calum were raised learning to defend themselves which included learning hand to hand combat, bows/crossbows, and various guns. While her twin excelled in several forms of fighting, Catriona focused on only using crossbows while repairing and learning to improve the weapons they had. Calum eventually became sick of waiting around for something to happen and left their parents and ended up dragging Catriona with him. The two ended up on hard times with Calum trying to find something he deems worth fighting for while Catriona spent as much time as possible working odd jobs as a mechanic, until Calum found himself joining Talon with Catriona little choice but to go with him so she didn’t end up losing him. However while Calum ended up agreeing with what Talon was doing and going wholeheartedly with their plans, Catriona felt that Talon was doing nothing good for the world and after years of being stuck to her twin’s side she left both him and Talon. She still feels guilty about leaving him after the two of them being nearly inseparable all of their lives but knows that she’d rather try and keep the world safe than a brother who joined a criminal organization. After escaping Talon she went straight for Overwatch. She didn’t learn much but she wanted to share information from Talon to help them and to join them. She’s got a bit of a temper and is still extremely wary around Omnics after living with her parent’s paranoia most of her life but does her best to be fair and kind to all the other members of Overwatch. She helps out however she can and can even crack some jokes to lighten the mood when needed. While she knows it was awful what she was doing, Catriona does miss the thrill of being in Talon. However she’s ready for everything to just settle down already so she can live peacefully as a mechanic.