British Pattern 1828 Highland Officer’s Sword

A BASKET-HILTED BROADSWORD FOR AN OFFICER OF THE ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS, BY HENRY WILKINSON PALL MALL, NO. 27130 FOR 1886 of regulation type, with etched fullered blade decorated with thistle foliage, Regimental title, badge, the owner’s crest and maker’s details, iron hilt of rounded bars carrying alternating rectangular and square panels pierced with hearts, vestigial quillon, a pair of loops, fluted pommel, fishskin-covered grip, doeskin liner in its iron scabbard 84.0 cm; 33 in blade The Wilkinson sword records state that sword no. 27130, a Claymore, was sold February 1886 to Rossbegh of the Royal Scots Fusiliers.

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The average (scottish) Claymore you see above weighs almost 3 kilos and measures roughly about 140 cm from hilt to tip of the blade.

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British Pattern 1828 Highland Officer’s Sword with Cross Hilt and a British Pattern 1896 Cavalry Officer’s Sword

The first a Scottish Officer’s sword, the blade etched with scrolls, battle honours, regimental badges and title of The King’s Own Scottish Borderers, regulation plated cross hilt, wire bound fish skin grip,plated scabbard, the second with a cavalry officer’s sword with blade etched with srolls, ERVII cypher and owner’s initial’s A.W.G., regulation honeysuckle hilt, wire bound grip.

Weapon Info for Writers Part 1: Swords

So after reading a book with some absolutely awful fight scenes, I decided to impart my knowledge on medieval combat.

Just a disclaimer that although I know more than someone who relies on films and books, I don’t actually know that much. Although I do practice a martial art, so I have the basics of fighting down.

Lets begin.

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