scottish zine


a short comic I did about the for this months Edinburgh League of Comics zine swap. the prompt for November was fire and I decided to do one about the Great Fire of Edinburgh, which began on 15th November 1824 and destroyed a significant stretch of the old town from Tron Kirk to Parliament Square

apologies if my hand lettering is a little difficult to read in some places. i might go back and clean it up at some point, but i really wanted to have this up in time for the anniversary of the fire

sources & refs:

  • henry cockburn, memorials of his time
  • robert chambers, notices of the most remarkable fires in edinburgh: from 1385 to 1824
  • john wood, plan of the city of edinburgh 1823 

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Now that the @linpha-zine is finished, I can post my piece! I thought it’d be fun to switch around link and mipha, with link as the zora and mipha as the hylian! This was really fun to do and really got me going with painting characters into backgrounds!

Thanks to the zine and @scottish-kitty and @neisumi for having me!