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Endangered langblrs #2

This is the second post of this kind. As in the last post #1 I want to introduce you to important helpers of revitalising and documenting endangered and lesser-used languages here on tumblr. So, I will name some langblrs that deal partly or wholly with those languages. If you know more of such langblrs please tell me right away and I will mention them in a next post.


Kalaallisut is a lesser-used language and certainly a minority language within the Danish realm.


Laz language

ლაზური ენა, lazuri ena, or ჭანური ენა, ç̌anuri ena is an endangered Kartvelian language spoken by 22,000 people in Turkey and Georgia that is related to Georgian. 



Chikashshanompa’ is a Muscogean language that is currently spoken by less than 75 people in Oklahoma.



Gaeilge is the national language of Ireland but only has around 74,000 mother speakers.


Scottish Gaelic

Gàidhlig is also a Celtic language as Irish is and is spoken in Scotland and Canada by only 57,000 mother speakers.



Kernowek is a revived Celtic language that has gained some new mother speakers again.

@fortheloveoflanguistics (Also about language revitalisation in general)

Sami languages

Saami languages are Uralic languages, related to Finnish and Estonian, and are spoken by around 30,000 mother speakers.

@selchieproductions (Southern Swedish Saami)
@fara-learns-sami (Northern Saami)

I really hope that this will inspire more of you to submit other blogs that deal with a certain endangered, lesser-used or minority/regional language or with language endangerment and revitalisation in general. The network and possibilities of tumblr are such good resources for languages that have hardly any visibility elsewhere and especially no resources to learn with. So, let’s spread this message further, so I will get more submission of endangered langblrs to share with you. Thanks a lot!

anonymous asked:

You guys are awesome! Seriously, I love this blog so much. Anyways I hope you can help me. I have four main characs (kinda) but I dont think they're diverse. The speaker is greek, then theres a Spanish girl, an Italian dude and a Scottish girl(the last two are half siblings). How can i make this more diverse without changing the Scottish girl (becuz reasons) and having everything make sense? Thank you!

Diversity within commonly White associated Nationalities

Thank you We are happy to help :) …

Nationality is not the same as race, though. You will have diversity in terms of culture, but you have not specified their race. You can add in more diversity by having them clearly be PoC while keeping their nationality. You can have them be Rromani, they might have immigrated and taken on these nationalities or their parents might have been immigrants, maybe they’re mixed race, so anything is possible when it comes to race and ethnicity within these nationalities. Just keep in mind that without telling your readers which race/ethnicity your characters are that these nationalities (and most of their native ethnicities) are usually defaulted as white. 

Black People in Europe

I feel like I have to at least also mention that there used to be PoC all over Europe, even before the migration of the first white peoples long ago from Central Asia, until the Hundred Year Wars (1618–1648). These were scattered wars across the continent which lead to a devastating decrease in Black populace by death and later forced indentured servitude in New England and the West Indies. The Hundred Year Wars is sometimes also called the Black Genocide in Europe (but it is not commonly known because of erasure due to racism). 

~ Mod Alice

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How do you feel about the whole witcher 3 having only "white people" thing going around? Is it a problem of American media enforcing an America-centric view of the world? Is it the devs being racist or ignorant?

I think most European fantasy literature, like the source material for these games, base themselves on the rather complex cultural landscape in Europe. So from my only perspective, as a European, I actually think CD Project did an outstanding job representing a wide variety of cultures in The Witcher. Right down to having different regions of England like Cornwall and Newcastle represented. I thought going to Skellege and hearing a variety of regional Scottish and Irish accents in different villages was absolutely amazing. And I think that it sucks that non-white people didn’t get that experience. I completely understand the thirst for more diversity in games from a personal level - I can count the amount of believable Irish characters in video games on one hand - and each of them has made a very real impact on me. The representation of the Irish underclass in Bioshock Infinite literally made me cry. However in this instance I really don’t believe that The Witcher has anything to apologize for. I wholeheartedly believe that games can do a better job of representing a greater diversity of characters, but holding a game concerning itself with European tribalism to task is a counter-productive mis-fire for me. 


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