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talk about that book stealing scene more though it was amazing and i replayed it 50 times

yeah it was?? idk i think maybe i wasnt at all expecting phil to be in this video himself other than in the little ways like when he  was squeezing dan’s bicep as the scottish crew captain or providing some shirts/socks and whatnot for the laundry scenes. so i was at first just so hype to see him make an appearance at all and then the scene is so visually pleasing for some reason? love the way it’s framed, love the low lighting, love the clothes dan is wearing and the way his hair is pushed back and that he’s wearing phil’s glasses (i assume? though they look slightly smaller than phil’s normal ones so i’m not sure). and i loved phil’s all black clothes too and his stride when he comes in which is super aggressive for real and it was all just rly good? lol probs because 99.9% of the time when we see them interact it’s sitting down and only torso and up shots, so anytime there’s a different view of them and they have to physically act in these different ways it’s kind of just fascinating to watch lmao (there’s no way of putting that that doesn’t sound creepy, i’m rly sorry)

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Hello! Question for you regarding S3 of Outlander. I remember reading that RDM mentioned the possibility of utilizing storylines from The Scottish Prisoner to add dimension to the LJG segment. If they have, which plot lines do you think they might have incorporated into the script? I lean towards one of any number of the touching, pathos laden scenes from Hellwater involving Willie. Your thoughts?

This is very exciting to me because The Scottish Prisoner provides a lot of really interesting Jamie “backstory” that we just don’t see in Voyager.

So - yes, I do think that bits can be leveraged from all the scenes where we see Jamie watching William grow up (maximum feels there). As well as the scenes where Jamie is sleeping in the stables - how he has a tenuous relationship with the other stable hands - how he dreams of Claire always. How he carries all those stones in his pocket for the people he loves - and a chunk of rough amethyst for Claire.

I don’t think we’ll see any major plot lines from the book make their way into Season 3 - the plot of The Scottish Prisoner itself is quite complicated and has Jamie going to Ireland…however, it would be easy for Jamie and Lord John in conversation to refer back to their time in Ireland, or perhaps to see an establishing shot of Lord John at his club in London.

If nothing else, this is the scene I’d love to see:

[John] was turning to creep back toward the stairs, when he heard Fraser’s voice. “Could I but lay my head in your lap, lass,” Fraser’s voice came softly through the door. “Feel your hand on me, and sleep wi’ the scent of you about me.”

Grey’s mouth was dry, his limbs frozen. He should not be hearing this, was suffused with shame to hear it, but dared not move for fear of making a sound.

There came a rustling, as of a large body turning violently in the bed, and then a muffled sound—a gasp, a sob?—and silence. He stood still, listening to his own heart, to the ticking of the long case clock in the hall below, to the distant sounds of the house, settling for night. A minute, by counted seconds. Two. Three, and he lifted a foot, stepping quietly back.

One more step, and then heard a final murmur, a whisper so strangled that only the acuteness of his attention brought him the words. “Christ, Sassenach. I need ye.

He would in that moment have sold his soul to be able to offer comfort. But there was no comfort he could give, and he made his way silently down the stairs, missing the last step in the dark and coming down hard.

Go Steady With Me? (Remus x Reader)

some fluff for my wife, Widow because she can always do with a little more Remus fluff in her life. (Lowkey don’t have any clue how to write Remus so this is almost 5K words of t r a s h)

Words: 4838

Tagged: well guess what no one has asked to be tagged in Remus fics whOOPS

Thursday 25 May 1978, just a few more weeks of school until sweet, sweet freedom. The marauders could practically taste that decadent, untouchable fruit that is Adulthood, where they’d go out into the world and make something of themselves. Though, to be quite frank, deep down all of them were scared out of their wits to be thrown into the real world and have to make their own doctors appointments and shit so they’d been deliberating a way to take the edge off, just for a little while.

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Norn/Nynorn phrases

This old couple who lived next to us when I lived in Caithness were Nynorn enthusiasts who use to talk it to me, it’s a generalised revival of Norn, a Scandinavian language closely related to Faroese and Icelandic, derived of Old Norse/Norwegian that was spoken in northern Scotland, Shetland and Orkney. It went officially extinct in 1850, but has been continuously spoken in some form since then. Strengthening my ability of it so here’s s new phrases!

Guðen dag - good day
Hvarleðes hever du dað? - How are you?
Eg hev dað gott, takk, og du? - I’m good, how about you?
Hvart heder du? - What is your name?
Eg hedi… - My name is…
Hvaðan ert du? - Where are you from?
Eg er ur Skottlandi - I’m from Scotland

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Ohhh okay..what about something set during Ginny 7th year at Hogwarts?Teddy and Harry visiting their favorite redhead, maybe? Thank you :)

I LOVE Hinny + Teddy, so I hope this fulfills your need. 

Also available on FF or Ao3

Also I’m still taking prompts! from this or this or any ideas you have!

(canon ships, brotps, what have you)

send me prompts!


Green flames subsided and ash settled onto Harry’s shoulders.  Loosening his death grip on the tiny bundle in his arms, Harry stepped out of Aberforth’s private fireplace and slipped into the hallway, keeping his precious cargo tucked close to his chest, peeking down to make sure nothing had been harmed on the journey.  Catching Aberforth’s eye across the pub, Harry nodded his thanks and snuck out the back door of the Hogshead, taking a somewhat circuitous, if not scenic, route to Hogwarts. The quickest path would certainly be one of the many secret passages into the castle, but a strong desire to avoid McGonagall’s wrath and the prying eyes of Hogwarts students lead Harry to favor stealth over speed.  

Once he had cleared the village, Harry pulled his cloak hood down, and glanced down, “Alright there Ted?”

The young child looked up at his godfather with wide eyes, intent on taking in all the new sights and sounds that the Scottish countryside provided.  In the not to far distance, the students taking advantage of Hogsmeade weekend could be heard shouting and laughing, exclaiming over their purchases and debating where to go next in the tiny magical village.  

Harry halted, glancing behind, then carefully scanning the surrounding trees, Harry was fairly comfortable saying they had made it without attracting any unwanted attention, malicious or otherwise.

After adjusting the strap of Teddy’s nappy bag, Harry trudged on, breathing in the cool fresh air, while Teddy babbled nonsense and tried to grab for tree leaves as they passed.

“Not so fast little man, I don’t remember Herbology well enough to let you get all up close and personal with all that.” Harry paused before continuing, “Y’know Ted, this is an important day.”

Teddy made eye contact with his godfather, attention won, Harry liked to think it was because he understood what people were saying, but it was just as likely he merely recognized his own name.

“This is your first time visiting Hogwarts.”

Teddy shifted around in Harry’s arms before settling, as if he couldn’t contain his enchantment with the school, “That’s right, you’ll love it when you go here Ted, and I’ll be getting letters from your Gran telling me you got in trouble pulling a prank.”

The metamorphmagus grinned before laying his head on Harry’s solid chest, “Just rest up little man, because once Ginny’s around, there’s no stopping her.”

Lifting his now red-topped head, Teddy clapped his chubby hands together happily.

Harry smiled, “See you do know what I’m saying.  Ron can just bugger off.”

With a content sigh, Harry picked up the pace again, peering down at Teddy and readjusting his wooly hat securely on his head.  Andromeda had made him swear that Teddy wouldn’t catch cold, and Harry was not about to find out what happened when you crossed Andromeda Tonks.

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