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Hello! I royally screwed up changing my URL, and managed to delete ALL of my blogs! RIP Skatakit, 3 years worth of whale posts oTL... Anyways, I was wondering if you could help me find some of the cetacean blogs I used to follow? Do you have any recommendations on who to follow? Thanks in advance! :^)

This is awful news, I’m so sorry to hear that, I loved your blogs and I will miss them! But hey, let’s see this as a new beginning, there’s plenty of amazing content to share out there and I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job with this new blog.

Here’s a (probably incomplete) list of the cetacean-related blogs I am following: 

@@from-the-sands @king-lobo @argentinian-orcas @teamcetaceans @missmariemariana @kohola-kai @wild-orca @orca-friend @orcalovingbeing @russianorcas @dutchorca @natsilane @derangedhyena-delphinidae @i-am-seawolf @dreamt-of-dolphins @cetaceamother @w0lvesofthesea @thelovelyseas @theblackdorsalfin @b3n3aththesurfac3 @volk-morya @fachaich @habeas–porpoise @cetacean-nation @taslishaw @cetacea @cetagifs @cetaceanawareness @cetacean-lover @cetacean-waves @porpoiseprincess @stumpyx163 @whales-and-all-their-tails @orcas-till-the-end @orcas-of-the-strait @the-sea-is-their-home @echoesunderthewaves @endcetaceanexploitation @cetuselena @epaulard @mystic-marsh @vagnhvalr @beakedwhales @californiatransients @marion-island-orcas @mysticete @whalesgonnabewhales @keikosfreckles @missmarinebio @l-41 @weneedoceans @bitch-dont-krill-my-vibe @orcabeauty @blackfishsound @tired-seas @japaneseorca @marine-bio-stuff @scottish-orca @antarctic-orca

Ok that’s a scary long list. But I hope it’s helpful and I would encourage anyone to check out these blogs, they share varied content and are either strictly cetacean-related or post cool marine biology stuff in general.
Understanding the UK’s last killer whales
The coast of the UK is not well-known for its whale watching opportunities. However, the seas around the British Isles do receive regular visits from an array of marine mammals, from the diminutive harbour porpoise to the 70 ton fin whale. And Scotland’s west coast is home to the UK’s only resident orca population, a group of eight individuals that scientists now believe is doomed to extinction.

Fantastic article about the West Coast Community. 


Absolutely stunning footage of members of the Northern Isles pod off the shore of Lerwick Shetland, Shetland Islands.
Sighted: 21/07/16  

Please click for larger image

Ecotypes of Scotland fact sheet featuring artistic renderings of 032 ‘Busta’ , 019 ‘Mousa’, W01 ‘John Coe’ and W09 ‘Puffin’. 

This is a far better artistic rendering for the difference in sizes between North Atlantic Type 1 and 2. Not sure how many of you recall the terrible silhouettes but 032 ‘Busta’ up there is just shy of the size of Tilikum (6.6m to 6.9m). 

Please let me know if any errors (I know there will be some!) I’m really hoping for this to be printable so it can be placed in sighting hot spots for peoples reference and learning. 


Killer Whales off Noss - Tim Sykes
There were 5 Killer Whales in Noss Sound at 12.30 The bull drifted off after a while, but the remaining 3 females and an immature gathered in one spot, some 15 m from the shore, and took it in turns to dive (although they were only in a maximum of 3 m of water!). After about a minute, an Otter suddenly popped up in their midst, gasping for breath, pegged it for the shore, and virtually ran through the observers’ feet!
11th July 2006