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Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda
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“Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda” is a Scottish waulking song about Alasdair Mac Colla, (c. 1610–1647) a soldier who fought in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.

Scottish Gaelic lyrics and English translation:

Alasdair Mhic o ho (Alexander son, o ho)
Cholla Ghasda o ho (of gallant Cholla, o ho)
As do laimh-s’ gun o ho (into your hand, o ho)
Earbainn tapaidh trom eile (I would entrust heroic deeds, trom eile).
Chorus (after each verse):
Chall eile bho chall a ho ro
Chall eile bho chall a ho ro
Chall eile huraibh i chall a ho ro
’S haoi o ho trom eile.
As do laimh-s’ gun o ho (into your hand, o ho)
Earbainn tapaidh o ho (I would entrust heroic deeds, o ho)
Mharbhadh Tighearna o ho (the Lord of Ach-nam-breac, o ho)
Ach-nam-Brac leat trom eile (would be killed by you, trom eile).
’S ged ’s beag mi fein o ho (and although I myself was small, o ho)
Bhuail mi ploc air o ho (I threw a clot of earth on him, o ho)
Chuala mi'n de o ho (I heard yesterday, o ho)
Sgeul nach b'ait leam trom eile (a sad story, trom eile)
Chuala mi'n de o ho (I heard yesterday, o ho)
Sgeul nach b'ait leam o ho (a sad story, o ho)
Glaschu a bhith o ho (that Glasgow, o ho)
Dol ‘na lasair trom eile (was going down, trom eile)
Glaschu a bhith o ho (that Glasgow, o ho)
Dol 'na lasair o ho (was going down, o ho)
’S Obair-Dheathain o ho (and Aberdeen, o ho)
'N deidh a chreachadh trom eile (is being pillaged, trom eile).

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My old band The Buck-Hays video for our cover of Kill The Director by The Wombats. Forgot all about this.


Celtic with a hard c - There was a dire need for a mostly traditional Celtic folk mix not including Whiskey in the jar nor any Michael Flatley sequin bullshit, I thought. Just a couple of my personal favourites, not necessarily but mostly from Celtic performers. I’m not pretending to be anything of an expert, just an enthusiast - that is not pretend.

1. Ian Bruce - Ye Jacobites by name (Robert Burns) 2. Mànran - Òran na cloiche 3. Le Vent du Nord - La piastre des États 4. Dublin City Ramblers - The hot asphalt 5. The High Kings - Star of the county Down 6. The Dulcimer Guy - Doctor John Stafford (Turlough O'Carolan) 7. Eitre - The flower of Magherally 8. Enter the Haggis - Lancaster Gate 9. Bran - Bí liom bí 10. Fiddler’s Green - Picard jigs 11. Mànran - Puirt 12. The Young Wolfe Tones - The rocky road to Dublin 13. Eitre - William Taylor 14. The Chieftains - Brian Boru’s march 15. Bran - War bont an Naoned (live) 16. Fiddler’s Green - P stands for Paddy 17. Mick West - When a man’s in love 18. Old Blind Dogs - The battle of Harlaw 19. Julie Fowlis et al. - An Cóisire 20. Cló lar-Chonnacht - The lark in the morning 21. Bran - Dúlamán 22. Old Blind Dogs - The rights of man (Bedlam boys) 23. Robert W. Marr - Health to the company

Cover photo by Eva Czorny.

The mix is a birthday gift to myself, technically. (That, and having my Dad’s/Gran’s ‘63 watch repaired.) You’ll get a post tomorrow, probably. One week late and I wasn’t even drunk for the duration. Some of the performers’ names may be incorrect due to SoundCloud labelling, drop me a line if that’s the case.