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Margaret of Wessex, Queen of Scotland (1070-1093) • Matilda of Scotland, Queen of England (1100-1118) • Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of England (1154-1189) • Margaret of England, Queen of Scotland (1251-1275) • Philippa of Hainault, Queen of England (1328-1369) • Joan Beaufort, Queen of Scotland (1424-1437) • Elizabeth Woodville, Queen of England (1464-1483) • Elizabeth of York, Queen of England (1486-1503) • Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland (1503-1513) • Anne Boleyn, Queen of England (1533-1536)

This or That - Langblr edition! โ˜†

Duolingo or Memrise? Class or self-study? Movie immersion or music immersion? Learning a few languages or just one language at a time?

Romance hoe or Germanic hoe? Japanese or Mandarin? Egyptian Arabic or Morrocan Arabic? Italian or French? Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic? Swahili or Zulu? Latin or Ancient Greek?

@windcalling - here’s the list of songs I was referencing! You’re about to learn which artists are my favorite.


Hi, Dad. Yeah, it’s great to hear your voice, too. I’ve been meaning to call you for a couple of days. It’s been a difficult few weeks.
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The Compliment Game

(Still writers blocked. Hereโ€™s an old story Iโ€™ve never posted before, itโ€™s good but I always felt like it deserved a second part and could never come up with one. It works as a one shot but it just could beโ€ฆ yโ€™know?) Eighth Year fic, 3K word count.

โ€œWelcome to detention, lads,โ€ Ruz Yarrow, their new Potions professor, said with a pleasant smile and a lovely Scottish lilt.

Draco kept his gaze locked on his hands in his lap. Harry bit his lip nervously. Professor Yarrow didnโ€™t give detentions out often and they were rumored to the worst. Only no one would say what happened in them, and a bunch of kids with active imaginations only conjured the worst possible scenarios. It was all a little unsettling.

Professor Yarrow had that way about her. She was only five foot five and slight as a wisp, with curly brown hair that was almost always tied back, brown skin and eyes; and yet she was always a bit unnerving. It might have had something to do with the way she always seemed to be smiling like something delightfully awful was just about to happen. She was a very good teacher but took an inordinate amount of glee out of cauldron explosions. Sometimes she even caused them herself, as teaching examples. It was most of the student bodyโ€™s opinion that the new Potions Professor had a very strange personality indeed.

Professor Yarrow circled around behind them, โ€œSee those cauldrons?โ€ she stopped between their shoulders and pointed to the stack of cauldrons reaching the ceiling, stinking of sulfur and dragon liver.

They both nodded and relaxed just a touch, scrubbing cauldrons wasnโ€™t that bad, it was sort of what was expected in a detention.

โ€œGood,โ€ Yarrow went on, โ€œKeep them in mind now, y'hear? During this detention the two of y'are gonna play-โ€ she paused, apparently for effect, โ€œ-a compliment game.โ€

โ€œA what?!โ€ They both blurted, turning around to stare up at her.

Professor Yarrow smiled that gentle unnerving smile of hers, as she walked around back in front of them, โ€œY'heard me. Itโ€™s simple, y'ken. Just take turns give'n each other compliments. If'n y'canโ€™t, or y'say somethinโ€™ a bit rude or cruel, yโ€™ll washs a cauldron wit a dollop of elbow grease, while the rest of us watches you wit scorn and maybe mockery for beinโ€™ a right silly bugger.โ€

Harry and Draco looked at each other with apprehension.

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Today is Richard’s birthday (he’s already 31 but still my baby) and I just had to do a post dedicated to him for being an amazing actor, a lovely person, and a beautiful human being. So happy birthday, Richard, enjoy your 31 and thank you for being the most wonderful, Scottish actor. Love you.