scottish lions

M-word Story:
So we had 3 shows this weekend and these stupid kids in the ensemble decided to say the m-word at least 50 times per show. During the first show we had:
•a girl crack her phone
•a girl lose part of her costume
•and a guy lost his voice
•the mics were not working
Second Day:
•guy’s voice is still gone
•another girl can’t find her pants
•main character can’t find one of her costumes
Third day:
•I forgot my hat
•a main character went on stage without pants
•the tech people didn’t open the mid-stage-traveler on time for 3 scenes

In conclusion: DO NOT SAY THE M-WORD

Quick PSA

It totally sucks that that pissmidget of a Cameron is back in Downing Street, but look at Scotland:

  • the SNP have taken 56 of 59 seats
  • let that sink in. 56 of 59. that has never been done before
  • they took the biggest labour and liberal strongholds with huge majorities
  • instead of career politicians most of the SNP members have had actual jobs, things like doctors and lawyers and quantity surveyors
  • both Jim Murphey and Danny Alexander lost their seats to huge majorities
  • at least (possible more than) HALF OF THE SNP MEMBERS ELECTED WHERE WOMEN
Hydra is going after Fitz

I think that, after seeing the stinger at the end and episode 10′s promo, we can safely assume that Hydra wants Fitz. 

Now, while I’m terrified for my little Scottish Lion, this presents a very interesting situation in terms of Fitzsimmons. 

Throughout this entire season, I’ve seen so many people begging to see Jemma fight for Fitz.  To have to struggle to be with him.  To throw herself in front of him like he’s been doing every damn episode since season 1.  And I think that this plot might open the way for that to happen.

Think about it, in the promo we see a shot of Ward followed quickly by a shot of Fitzsimmons.  I think it’s more than plausible that Fitz would willingly give himself up to Hydra in exchange for Jemma going free.  

So, he goes with them, leaving Jemma behind. 

And then what. 

Jemma is left alone at best freaking out because Fitz once again threw himself in harms way to save her.  Faced with the fact that he could very well die by Hydra’s hands, I want to see Jemma rise up and fight to get him back.  Fight not only for her best friend, but because she’s in love with him.