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James McAvoy wishing good night is giving me an orgaSWEET DREAMS 

“Oh Father: Part 2”

Chibs Telford x OC
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The next morning you and the rest of the girls were all headed to the courts to support your fellow sister in her tournament. You had just arrived and taken your seats, when a rumbling of a motorcycle caught your attention. Out in the parking lot you spotted the same bike that had ousted you from your parking spot yesterday. You glared down the lot towards the man on the bike only to discover it was none other than Sara’s dad, and of course your anger over losing your parking spot faded considerably. Suddenly his attire last night made a little more sense, dark blues and blacks with a leather jacket on top of it all and boots. The Scottish hottie was a biker too, good lord your ovaries were exploding.

You watched him as he sauntered up to the bleachers, teasing you with his sexy strut.

“Mind if I sit with ye, girls?” he asked as he approached you all on the home side of the bleachers. Everyone nodded and he took a seat beside you. Of course he sat by me, you thought, just to ruin my day.

The teams were doing great, Sarah had just gone up against one of the best in the nation and won so you all were cheering and yelling and having a great time, Filip next to you was hooping and hollering like a true fan of the game, and naturally being sexy as hell, as you stood and excused yourself to the restroom.

You were returning from the facilities on your way back up to join your friends when you rounded the corner smack into a rock hard chest and you bounced back, stammering an apology as you looked up at the person you had nearly trampled.

“S'alright love,” Filip looked down at you with a smile which caused you to blush and look down at your feet. You were trying really hard to keep your promise but if he didn’t stop being so attractive you didn’t know if you would be able to.

“You know,” he spoke with a chuckle, “When I saw ye at the mall yesterday mornin’ I didn’t think ye’d be this shy. Ye seemed to be on top o’ yer game, darlin’.”

Your head shot up to look at him as he licked his lips and stared at you.

“Yes I remember ye, love,” he let out another amused scoff as he patted your shoulder and passed you by, heading into the men’s room down the hall as you stood still, shocked, in the same spot he left you. He was making this whole ‘obey Sara’s wishes’ plan very difficult.

You decided to excuse yourself from the Tennis tournament altogether to head home, knowing you needed to separate yourself from this beautiful man to keep from jumping him in public at this point. You changed into sweatpants and a hoodie before plopping down on the couch to chill, wondering if anyone thought your leaving early was strange. Tennis wasn’t really your thing anyway and Sara didn’t have any more matches until the following day so you figured you could take some time alone and cool down. 
Your plan would’ve worked, except that a half hour after you turned on the downstairs TV you heard a motorcycle outside the house. Your heart began to pound in your chest, maybe the girls were back too and his bike engine had just drowned the car engine noises out. Somehow you knew he was alone as you tried to steady your heart rate and act casual when the front door opened and in walked a lone Scotsman.

“Hello love,” he spoke as he walked in and saw you in the living room.

“H-hey,” you hesitated, looking at him as he stood at the threshold.

“Was just headed back to the hotel but the lasses said ye left early an I was hopin it wasn’t cause o’ me. Wanted to look in on you and see if you were okay?” The fatherly tone in his voice had taken over and he looked at you with genuine concern.

“I’m fine,” you gave a small laugh, “tennis just isn’t my thing I guess.”

He gave you a knowing look but said nothing, smiling instead and taking a deep breath, “Alright then, I better be off before Sara finds out she’s let you alone with me,” he winked and your gasp at his revelation was audible. That bitch had told her dad that you liked him!? You were going to die of embarrassment.

“Come lock up behind me? You really shouldn’ be in here alone with the doors unlocked anyway lass.” There was that fatherly tone again. You could almost hear yourself calling him daddy while he… You shook the thought from your head as you stood up to follow him out.

When he got to the door, with you in tow, he opened it and turned back around to face you, his sexy smolder making your cheeks heat up as he placed his hand on the door.

“Ye sure yer alright?” he asked again, a shit eating grin on his face because you knew he already knew the answer but you nodded anyway adding an 'mhmm’ for effect.

“Well, I’ll be around tomorrow for the next match, see you then?” he asked as he leaned in towards you and you held your breath as he kissed you on the cheek before winking at you again and exiting your home.

You shut and locked the door as he strode down the steps towards his motorcycle and leaned against the inside, letting out the breath you had held and closing your eyes. You could still feel his lips on your cheek and your stomach was in knots, your heart was pounding out of your chest.

You fell back onto the couch again, planning to resume watching the FRIENDS rerun that was playing. You shoved your hands in your hoodie pockets out of habit and felt something… A piece of paper.

You pulled it out and examined it; how did a gas station receipt get in your pocket?

3 gallons of gas and a pack of cigarettes - totaling $14.33 - and definitely not yours.

Weird, you thought, where could this have come from?

You flipped it over, looking for a clue, and had your answer…

“Mariott on University St. Rm 308
No pressure”

“Holy mother fuck,” you cussed out loud, not noticing that Erin had come home to check on you and had just walked in the door.

“Holy mother fuck, what?” she asked as she approached the couch and you stuffed the receipt in your pockets quickly.

“Gas is almost $3 a gallon,” you lied and Erin looked at you with an eyebrow raised.

“Okay strange one,” she scoffed, “we decided after you left that we all wanted to go to dinner tonight and afterwards see that new Ryan Reynolds movie. Wanna join?”

This was perfect, you thought. While they were at the movies you could be at the Marriott getting cozy with Filip.

“Eh, not feeling like going out to be honest,” you groaned a little, acting as if you were in a bad mood and hoping she bought your lie.

“Okay…” she trailed off, searching your face for answers to your behavior but apparently finding nothing as she perked up after a moment or two, “Well have fun sitting around alone and being a bum!” she cheered to you as she turned around and ran up the stairs to her room.

Happy Sigh from the Front Row

I had the great pleasure and nearly unbelievable opportunity to go see David Tennant tonight, for free, as part of the Screen Actors Guild Conversations on Broadway series.  All credit and love must go to @fomagranfalloon, who told me about the event in the first place.  I was so excited, but kept thinking that something was going to fall through or that it was all a crazy dream…

In the front row. For two hours.

Below the cut is a collection of what I was able to remember on my subway ride home, but ask me questions to jog my memory!  I can probably remember more!

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Rumbelle Prompt

Belle and Neal are roommates in college and later NYC. Even though Belle is only eight years older than Neal she’s always been very motherly to him and so as a running joke he calls her “mom”. Even though he does it mostly for laughs he also likes how she acts like the mom he never had growing up.

Eventually he begins dating Emma and things get serious enough that he proposes. Emma’s parents take charge on the wedding preparations, insisting on having it in their sprawling house in the countryside (Emma’s mother is old money and her little “summer home” is one hell of a mansion). When Emma mentions Belle as one of Neal’s guests and calls her his mom she fails to clue in her parents about the joke.

Fast-forward to the week of the wedding. It’s to be a three-day affair and people are assigned rooms at the mansion to stay in. And one of the best rooms is reserved for Mr and Mrs Gold. Gold certainly wasn’t expecting the room to come with a beautiful Australian woman and Belle is equally surprised at getting a complimentary Scottish hottie. They slowly unravel what happened and Neal PLEADS for them to go along with it. He doesn’t want to explain to Mary Margaret about why he never introduced her to his real mom (who aside from being a flake and uninterested in him is also prone to stealing and has this horrible boyfriend she drags everywhere). Also Mary Margaret is sort of a nervous wreck because of the wedding and both Neal and Emma are reluctant to point out the misunderstanding, specially since MM’s blood-pressure has been a bit high and has David concerned. So Belle and Gold play at being married. Only it is TOO easy to pretend. It’s almost as if it’s all very real.

Bonus for featuring Belle fussing over Neal in a motherly way and that making Gold’s heart do funny things. Also bonus points for bed-sharing because WHAT’S THE POINT OTHERWISE??? Super extra bonus points for the mandatory “can you help me with the zipper of this dress?” scene.