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Loving the Son of Haggar part 2

Lance was in his room, he cried for hours. Remembering Shiro’s cries for him, he wonders if his mother felt the same after she sent him away.

Sometimes he knew someone was listening. He knew Lotor was at the doorway listening quietly, Lance didn’t care.

Sometimes Lance wishes he forgot Shiro and Voltron, so he wouldn’t be so heart broken. But at the same time he didn’t because he loved him so much.

Lance laid in the large bed, than he heard a soft knock on the door. Lance quickly wiped away his tears and sat up. “Yes? Come in!” He shouted, to be honest he wasn’t really expecting anyone. Most likely his mother or a guard, but no, it was actually Lotor.

Lotor was holding a small medium box with tiny holes on it, is was a lavender color. Lance was confused as he looked at Lotor. Lotor walked over to Lance and handed him the box, it was a bit heavy.

“I went to this ‘mall’ near plant Ubbery and this store full of these ‘earth stuff’ was selling this. And I was told by Haggar how much you adore these creatures.”

With confusion, Lance opened the box and gasped. He felt some tears come down his cheek and looked up at Lotor.

Who only smiled at Lance with love in his eyes. “Do you like it?” He said as if it was a secret of some sort.

It was a kitten, with folded ears. Most likely a Scottish fold, though it had grey blue fur with beautiful lime olive green eyes. Lance knew what this kitten was, a Scottish fold Russian Blue mix.

Lance picked up the kitten, it was so small. It looked like it was smiling at Lance, than it rubbed his head onto Lance’s.

“He’s beautiful Lotor.” Smiled Lance with a tear in his eye. The kitten purred as it continue rubbing his head on Lance. “He likes you.” Smiled Lotor, as he petted the kitten. “What will you call him?” Lotor as with his golden and purple eyes staring at by what ocean blues. Lance looked down unsure.

“I don’t know, maybe Kurogane?” Honestly Lance though of Shiro. Lotor nodded and kissed Lance softly on his forehead.

“I want you to smile Lavi, to be happy here. I love you more than anyone, and I’ll do anything for you to smile. Forget them, they’re nothing but the past now.”

Lotor wiped the tear away from Lance’s cheek. And smiled softly at the altean, “Your happiness here means the universe to me darling. Please smile, your smile helps me move on, live on even .”

All Lance could do was nod as he looked down at the yawning kitten Kurogane.

“I love you Lavi.”

Lance looked up, all kinds of thoughts ran in his head. He hated to admit to it, he adore this sweet side of Lotor. He wanted to see more of it, cause in his heart.

He knows he’ll never see Shiro again, no matter how much he cries in bed. Begging to see him again, dreaming of him every night.

“And as I..”

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So similar to the kittyformers ask with Rodimus, Cyclonus and Tailgate get into the same situation (tailgate is a munchkin/Scottish fold mix, Cyclonus is a tol oriental shorthair) What sort of hijinks would happen during that time with their human s/o?

On the first day, Cyclonus is trying to make sense of the situation while Tailgate is freaking out. they’re both really scared and it’s weird for everyone. 

Cyclonus quickly gets used to the four legs quickly and adapts, while tailgate has his problems. but Cyclonus does end up helping him learn how to land on his feet and stuff.

they both are a bit more scared, more so Cyclonus. Tailgate was already small, but if he doesn’t watch where he’s going he could get squished, the solution? You decided to just carry him around, which he doesn’t mind. Cyclonus will chill on your shoulder sometimes, but he’s mostly on the ground around your feet. 

They get picked on a whole lot. A Lot. lots of cooing and cat toys. but you will admit, watching Tailgate spRINTING across the room like a speeding bullet after a red dot is the funniest shit. 

Meanwhile, Cyclonus is chilling on your shoulder, paw to your face as he’s like ‘Tailgate, No.’ as he’s laughing his ass off internally.

Cat naps. Lot’s of kitty cat naps. Just a big cuddle pile of them both on top of you when you try to sleep at night.

Lose a cat or a boyfriend-Shiro Ship Week Day 4

Ironicly I spent the morning at a cat cafe. This kinda focused a bit more on Keith and Lance but Shiro is trying to help them both so I guess it still fits.

“Ahcoo!” Shiro sneezed for what he felt like was the fifth time in a row. Lance was looking at him from under his eyelashes as he watched his boyfr- I mean tutor – rub at his nose.

“You ok?”

“Yeah. I don’t know why I’m so sneezy. This place doesn’t have dust or anything and the only time I get like this is when I’m around long haired cats.” He didn’t notice Lance tense at the admition. He just rubbed at his slightly itchy eyes and looked at Lance. “Sorry. Have any trouble so far?”

Lance shook his head, trying to focus on the work in front of him. Lance really wanted to pass his flight theory class, so he could finally be cleared to use the flight simulator. It annoyed him that a certain other cadet passed the exam that excluded him from the theory class, but he wasn’t going to let that stop him. Keith might be the third person in his relationship, but he was going to prove himself equal to him.

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HERE SHE IS!! her details arent 100% set (hence why there isnt much on her ref sheet) but i’m thinking she’s a scottish fold mix, and some kind of magic user. I’m not sure on what I should make her yet :’)

she’s a lesbian who doesn’t have a gf… yet

So I made over the Pancakes which you can read/see more about [here]. And then I decided they needed a cat. Meet Waffles. He’s a persian/scottish fold mix with crossed eyes and Bob LOVES HIM. You can get the Pancakes (with or without Waffles) as well as [all my other townie makeovers so far] on the gallery - make sure you have the CC box checked. Though I don’t know why you wouldn’t want Waffles, he’s clearly amazing.

It’s a good idea to visit my [resource page] as well, to get most of the genetic items I use, if you plan on downloading any…they won’t be the same without it. 

So, yensasha suggested that Evanstan clearly needs to adopt a kitten in the Like Sugar series, because, well–Chris wouldn’t be able to resist his sub’s big pleading eyes.

So then this happened.

This one’s sort of non-canonical or maybe far-future canonical–in the main timeline they’re still getting used to living together and it’s probably a bit soon for a kitten, plus it’s much harder to have sex in every room of the house with a curious feline around (trust me on this). But anyway. Here you go. Like Sugar-universe Chris and Seb plus kitten.


“I have a surprise for you,” Chris mentions.

He’s standing at the bottom of the stairs, blocking Sebastian’s view of the living room; Sebastian can’t see past him. Chris’s hands appear to be empty; Chris’s tone’s tentative but hopeful.

He asks, “Do I wear it, eat it, or put it inside me, sir?” and licks his lips: mindful of the weight of his collar, of the texture of air and his Dominant’s gaze raising tiny shivers along his bare arms. He’ll be naked in a heartbeat if Chris asks; he’ll be on his knees as soon as Chris asks.

Chris’s last surprise had been of the vibrating variety, he remembers, and decidedly enjoyable.

Chris snorts, which is not quite the response Sebastian’s expecting. “You may regret that phrasing in a minute, sub.”


A sound comes from the living room. A rustle, a squeak. Sebastian tries to see. Chris’s shoulders, while normally wondrous sculptures of godlike perfection, are currently impeding his vision.

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