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Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll dressed in 30s glamour attending an event in 1934.

Margaret Campbell was the most famous and feted debutante in an age when rich and beautiful debs were media stars. Margaret Duchess of Argyll, who has died aged 80 (1993), was one of the most photographed and publicized beauties of the 20th century and a seemingly indomitable social figure.

But between 1959 and 1963 she was involved in a sensational and sordid divorce case, when her second husband, the 11th Duke of Argyll, Chief of the Clan Campbell and Hereditary Master of the Royal Household in Scotland, sued her for divorce on grounds of adultery.

The court case lasted 11 days, and its piquant details included the theft of a racy diary, in which the Duchess listed the accoutrements of a number of lovers as though she was running them at Newmarket. The 50,000-word judgment, in which the Duke was granted a decree, was one of the longest in the history of the Edinburgh court.

The Duchess was found to have committed adultery with three men named in her husband’s petition and with a fourth, unidentified figure. A pair of photographs was produced in court showing the Duchess, naked save for three strings of pearls, engaged in a sexual act with a man whose face was not shown and who passed into folklore as ‘the Headless Man’.

Lord Wheatley, who tried the case, described the Duchess as 'a completely promiscuous woman …Her attitude towards marriage was what moderns would call enlightened, but which in plain language was wholly immoral’.



And just like that, it’s over. Well, almost- there’s still Christmas to get through. And leading up to the deadline to submit your video or picture to the Thank You, Peter Capaldi project (more information here!) it’s time to celebrate everything that the 12th Doctor has brought to the show during the Twelve Days of Twelve.

For 12 days from July 16-27, post something- an edit, gifset, meta, whatever- that follows the prompt for the day. For easier reading (and more detail) here’s the list:

July 16: The moment you fell in love with the 12th Doctor. Everyone has that moment that the new Doctor suddenly becomes the Doctor. What was yours
July 17: Favorite Series. What series that the 12th Doctor featured in has been your favorite?
July 18: Team TARDIS. The 12th Doctor has had some amazing team TARDISs- from just himself and Clara to being River’s companion, and then with Bill, Nardole, and even Missy! This is a day to celebrate the companions in 12’s time on the show.
July 19: Favorite episode. What 12th Doctor episode has been your favorite?
July 20: Twelve’s Style. From “minimalism, but I think I came up with magician” to Space Hobo, a day for 12’s unique style. A perfect day to post your cosplays of the 12th Doctor!
July 21: Twelve’s Hair. Enough said, tbh.
July 22: Favorite Scene. What scene that the 12th Doctor featured in has been your favorite?
July 23: Character Development. “Am I a good man?” From the uncertain, cue-card needing 12 that we started with to the man he is now, this is a day to appreciate the character development that 12’s had during his run.
July 24: Time Lord Rock Star. Possibly the best thing (in my opinion) that 12 has brought to the show. Rock on, 12.
July 25: Scene that made you the most emotional. For a Doctor that pretends to be very reserved and detached, he’s gone through a lot. Barring the mess that you might be at Christmas, what scene with the 12th Doctor has made you the most emotional?
July 26: Favorite Quote(s). From inspiring (though occasionally self-depreciating at the same time) speeches to classics like “Don’t be lasagna,” what are some of your favorite 12th Doctor quotes?
July 27: Peter Capaldi Appreciation Day. Peter Capaldi has brought so much of himself and his fan-boy glee to this role. The guy honestly needs an entire week for himself, but here’s at least one day to celebrate this Scottish fan-boy having the time of his life.

BONUS July 28: Teaser of your entry to the Thank You Peter Capaldi Video Project. July 28 is the deadline to submit your pictures and videos to be included in a thank you video for Peter Capaldi from the fans. If you’ve submitted your video/photo to, post a teaser! If you haven’t submitted one yet, then get on it!

Tag any and all submissions with the tag #thankyou12 (or ‘#thank you 12’ with the spaces- both will be checked but the one without spaces is preferred) and they’ll be reblogged to this tumblr (thankyoupetercapaldi). And if you want to help get the word out about the video project, feel free to reblog this post or share this video as well.

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I was supposed to upload this waaaayyy earlier but i got busy working on my comic. I wanted to do something that I can only describe as Frazettian in spirit. Also in color. And because the scotsmans daughters fought alongside the spartans I added the robot minotaur head as a shout out.

Twas a fun ride drawing this.
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