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Name: Em
Age: 15
Country: USA

Hello! I’m a girl looking for a new friend. I’m currently in high school, but my social life isn’t very eventful, so I’m counting on the internet to help me find some new friends. My favorite subjects are astrobiology, astrophysics, philosophy, history, art, music, and literature.

I’ve been playing bass guitar for 4 years, I’ve been drawing & painting all my life, and I’m currently trying to write confessional writing. I’d like to travel, especially to Asia. Western, and Eastern Asia both interest me, because of the vibrant history of the whole continent. I’d like to travel to countries such as China, India, Japan, Laos, Nepal, Israel, the U.A.E., and Lebanon. I’d also like to go to medschool to become an anesthesiologist.

In my free time, I like to relax by either sleeping, or drawing; I sleep A LOT. My music taste ranges from 60s folk music to underground rap, and some of my favorite books are “Who I Am” by Pete Townshend, and “Black Water” by Joyce Carol Oates. I also like learning about mythology from all over the world, especially mythological monsters.

Here are some other facts about me:
1. I’m 4 foot 11 inches
2. I’m a Capricorn
3. I’m fluent in English, I’m learning French in school, and I’m teaching myself Scottish Gaelic
4. I have a farm
5. I’ve played bass guitar for local concerts

Preferences: Preferably, I’d feel comfortable talking with a friend via Tumblr between 14-18 years old; the gender doesn’t matter. Race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, and gender aren’t any issue; I don’t discriminate. I’ve got an open mind, so I’ll befriend anyone from any walk of life. Preferably, I’d like to befriend someone from any of the Asian countries I listed, but anyone from anywhere is welcome to contact me!


Tantallon Castle and Bass Rock by Mark Seton
Via Flickr:
We headed off from our base near Peebles to go and visit Edinburgh for the weekend and meet up with family. We stopped on the way at Tantallon Castle which has a great view of Bass Rock out in the Firth of Forth - a home for Gannets that was featured in the Guardian just the other day -…


a little birdie told me someone doesn’t know whos in supertramp and THAT’S BASICALLY A CUE FOR ME TO MAKE A HUGE INFO DUMP ON WHY I LOVE SUPERTRAMP SO MUCH

L to R: John Helliwell, Dougie Thomson, Bob Siebenberg, Roger Hodgson, Rick Davies

they’re a bunch of nerds that i love lets  talk about each member

ROGER HODGSON aka my love

this is Roger Hodgson and he’s amazing. he’s one of supertramp’s main songwriters along with Rick. I definitely have a crush on him but can you really blame me? He’s a wonderful guy and probably the nicest musician I’ve ever heard of. Seriously, his kindness, passion, and love knows no bounds and you can SERIOUSLY tell it whenever you see him in concert. His smile is the most wonderful and sincere smile in the world, and it brings sunshine to stormy days. (Truth. I saw him on a rainy day and once he started playing, it stopped raining.)

He has a high pitched voice and he writes all the songs he sings, as compared to Rick’s deep gravelly voice. He sang songs such as Give a Little Bit, The Logical Song, and my personal favorite, Hide In Your Shell. He’s pretty much the hippie of the band. He played guitar and keyboards in Supertramp, but he’s played bass and flageolet on their first album.

He left in 1983 for a solo career and he still tours today. He also made some weird music videos in the 80s, but who hasn’t?


Rick is probably grumpy, but we love him anyway. He’s always got a full beard and if he doesn’t, something happened because that only happened TWICE in supertramp’s career. He’s the other main songwriter of Supertramp, writing songs like Goodbye Stranger, Crime of the Century, and Bloody Well Right. He’s pretty introverted and he likes the blues. He played keyboards and sometimes played the harmonica in Supertramp, but he was actually a drummer first! 

When Roger left Supertramp, he made a promise to not play any of the songs Roger wrote. (You see, technically every song is credited to the both of them, but in reality, the one who sang it = wrote it.) In 1988, he broke that promise and Roger was heartbroken. They haven’t really spoken since, and no, there won’t be a reunion.

Despite what some people might say, Rick and Roger don’t hate each other. They might have had opposing personalities, but they never really hated each other. They just don’t talk anymore. I don’t think it’s even possible for Roger to hate anyone, to be honest.

JOHN HELLIWELL (more like john HELLAwell)

WHO DOESN’T LOVE THIS GUY???? John’s the saxaphone guy and also master jokester. In the Roger era days of Supertramp, he did all the announcing, so he was probably the one the audience knew the most. Rick and Roger were much too shy to do it themselves, so they got John to do it. He doesn’t mind it because he’s naturally the center of attention. He plays sax, obviously, but he does other wind instruments and also keyboards when needed in live shows. 


he’s scottish, obviously. He plays bass for supertramp and left in 1988. He likes sailing and now he lives in Chicago somewhere, which is close to me. He’s very wiggly on stage.


Also spelled Bob C. Benberg because he wanted to get around some laws because he’s actually AMERICAN. He plays the drums for Supertramp and he’s a stereotypical Californiaer. Californier? I don’t know. He got drunk a lot.

Jimmy Bain (19 December 1947 – 24 January 2016) was a Scottish bass guitarist best known for playing in the bands Rainbow and Dio with Ronnie James Dio. He also worked with Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott, co-writing on his solo albums.

Bain died while on Def Leppard’s “Hysteria On The High Seas” cruise. He was performing on the cruise with his current band, Last In Line. No official cause of death is known at this time, but band members informed fans on the cruise that he had been battling with pneumonia for a while.