scottie made a thing


The Reboot Crew + Social Media

Nobody thought there was a Facebook equivalent of MySpace famous until Jim made an account.

After everyone’s urging, Spock finally got a snapchat. His current score is 2.

Ridiculous photogenicness run in the McCoy family. Bones gets a lot of private messages from child modeling agencies and single gay men.

Sulu has no idea how he got so many subscribers, but his videos have maintained the constant theme of “I hate my fucking life but space is awesome and so is the cute navigator.”

Uhura may act tough and cold, but her tumblr is just a blog full of pretty things.

Pavel’s cute accent and silly antics made him rise to fame quickly on Vine. The occasional cameo by his hot pilot boyfriend also tends to draw viewers.

All Scotty wanted to do was have a little drunk fun and let the world know all of his useless opinions on everything. The world found his useless opinions hilarious, his podcasts topping iTunes downloads, and his twitter blowing up as soon as it was made.

So I’ve seen a couple of fandom + naughty or nice posts going around so I thought I’d give it a go making a Star Trek one.
inspiration from afewreelthoughts 

Naturally Kirk is on the nice list

Bones is that you?

Proof that whilst he may act grumpy on the outside he’s actually secretly a teddy bear

Scotty what did you do?

Uhura is made of sunshine and kindness so naturally she’s on the nice list 

Kindness was invented in Russia don’t you know


And possibly the most accurate one

Can’t even argue with that