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And The Oscar Goes To
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Being publicly in the closet means Stiles can’t go to the Academy Awards with who he really wants, but it’s not like he’s going to win so he doesn’t have to worry about slipping up and thanking Derek in his speech… right?

This one is for my OSA (one sentence anon) who keeps cheering me on and motivating me. I wouldn’t have finished this WIP if it wasn’t for you, so thanks dude, whoever you are!

Earlier in his career, Stiles Stilinski had thought that walking one red carpet meant he had walked them all, but this award season had proved that assumption to be totally false. Walking a red carpet when you’ve been nominated for an award at the show was an entirely new experience. Sure, he had been nominated for People’s Choice Awards and more fan-driven ones before, but this year he had finally broken out of the rom-com and buddy comedy genres and into roles that challenged him. And this year, he was walking the red carpet at the Oscar with the chance to win not just one, but two once he entered the building.

Some had called 2016 his breakout year, others had said they knew that he could do it all along, and others still had questioned his ability to take on some of the more serious roles until they saw the films he was starring in. So here he was, at his third Academy Awards, but this time he was nominated instead of just attending. It had been a nerve-wracking award season that had left Stiles with a Golden Globe, a SAG award, and two Critic’s Choice awards, but none of that would hold a candle to this.

“Stiles, you have to move,” Lydia Martin–his agent and manager–said to him, pushing him toward the final reporter along the carpet. “Smile more.”

Stiles resisted the eyeroll that he could feel building; he didn’t want to be on the cover of some trashy tabloid with his eyes rolled back in his head and a caption commenting on his mental instability or an attitude problem. “Stiles! You look great,” Erica Reyes from Access Hollywood said, her voice sweet as syrup and her lips fire-engine red.  

“So do you, Ms. Reyes. Are you sure I can’t convince you to leave your husband and run away with me?” Stiles said with a charming smile. He had gone to UCLA with Erica’s husband Vernon Boyd and they had been, and still were, good friends. Boyd was currently the star wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints and would kick his ass if he were here in that moment.

“Ah ah ah, you know that I’m loyal,” Erica said with a smile. “But what about you? Who are you here with? Have a hot date that you’re hiding somewhere?”

“Of course I do,” Stiles told her. “My dad’s right over there.”

“Oh! Of course he is; he’s your permanent date during award season.” Erica said and then waved. “Hi, Sheriff.”

John Stilinski waved back with a smile, “Aren’t you going to ask me who I’m wearing?”

“I would, but that’s Laura Hale and I need to catch her before she gets inside. She and that hunky artist brother of hers skipped half the reporters already; I can’t let them skip me,” Erica said, giving Stiles a little smile. “It was lovely talking to you Stiles; good luck!”

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“Better Hands” - Part 1

“Better Hands” - Part 1

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Leonard “Bones” McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 2402

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Heavy Abuse, Cursing, Talk of Injuries,

Summary: After being in an abusive relationship, you have been able to turn your life around thanks to the help of the team. But when you have to go back to your ex for some of your things, some shit goes down.

Originally posted by bilesandthesourwolf

Author’s Note: So this is my first Star Trek piece and I’m super fuckin nervous about it. I’m not a huge Trekkie, but I am a fan of the newer films. Those are what I base my fics off of unless stated otherwise. But yeah, I hope you enjoy!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @goodnightwife @theeactress @the-witching-hours12-3

It’s been about 3 years since you joined the Enterprise. Starting with an abusive boyfriend and a low ranked job in engineering, it was easy to think you would never really be good enough to be an important member. But you proved yourself wrong.

Within a few months of joining, Scotty saw potential in you and began to mentor you more. Through this, you two became very close friends. You were able to be yourself around him at work. This being said, you never told him about the abuse your boyfriend delivered. You had mentioned a few things that sort of raised red flags to Scotty, but you told him it was nothing and you two moved on.

It wasn’t until you came into work one day with a “sore chest” and slightly limping that he found out how bad the abuse was. You hadn’t been thinking and decided to roll your sleeves up while you and Scotty worked on one of the many pipes around the ship. He saw a huge dark blob out of the corner of his eye, turned to look, and was mortified. Your whole left arm was covered in bruises and there was a nasty one growing on your right arm.

He asked about them and there was no turning back now. You told him about your boyfriend and how he took out his anger on you some nights. And sometimes he would just place blame on you or manipulate you in ways you didn’t think of. From that moment on, Scotty became an older brother and helped you through everything. Cutting this asshole from your life, starting over, and creating a better life for yourself.

After hearing your story, he asked if he could report this to the Captain. You nodded in agreement. He went to hug you, but as soon as he put a little pressure around your torso, you were writhing in pain. Scotty decided to end work for today and to take you to the medbay.

There, you met the infamous Leonard McCoy, and found out that you had a fractured rib and wrist as well as a sprained shoulder. As Leonard began to wrap you up, the Captain came in. You attempted to straighten up, but fell back in pain. Leonard gave you an injection for pain relief and you were thankful. You then began to listen to the Captain about how your now ex-boyfriend has been demoted and will be facing consequences. He also informed you that he, Leonard, Scotty, and Uhura will be personally helping you grow from this.

You were overjoyed, relieved, and so thankful. Tears flowed as you hugged the Captain and began your new path of life.

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“Kiss Me” Benny The Jet Imagine

Request: “ Can I request a Benny Rodriguez (the sandlot) imagine where you’re dating Benny and Smalls is your little sister and all the other guys think you’re really hot and they tease Benny when they see a hickey on your neck? Thanks love!!”

Word Count: 942

Warnings: None

A/N: I changed it up a bit. I hope you still like it!

The yelling of baseball terms filled my ears as I entered the sandlot to grab my brother, Scotty “Smalls”. He neglected to do some of his chores before leaving to go play baseball with all these dweebs. I scan the field until I spot my brother, my twin brother. He may be older than me by a minute and twelve seconds, but I’m a lot more mature and responsible compared to him. My eyes locked on my brother.

“SCOTTY!” I yelled at the top of my lungs

Everyone jumped and looked towards me, they stared like they’ve never seen a girl before. I’ve never been here when people were actually playing, and I’ve never met these kids before. They huddled together while I just stared at them and crossed my arms against my chest. They kept looking up at me, it was kind of creeping me out.


My brothers starts to jog toward me and I start heading towards home again.

“Why is mom mad at me?” He questioned as he tilted his head

“You forgot to put the dishes away, put the towels back, and grab your laundry.” 

We got to the house and Scotty wanted to say something but then continued to avoid the subject.

I was in bed in my pajamas reading a magazine when I heard a knock on my door.

“Who is it?”


“Come in.” I said as I sat up and put the magazine down.

He closed my door and pulled up a chair next to my bed.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“This is gonna be weird…” He said as he started trailing off.

“Just spit it out.”

“Me and the boys were talking.. actually, they were just asking me about you…’


“They think you’re hot…and they want you to come to the sandlot tomorrow…” He said as he started to rub the back of his neck.”

“Yeah….. I’ll come. But this was a very weird way of asking me.” I chuckled.

He left my room and I turned off my lamp and fell asleep.

*The next day*

We ate breakfast, did our chores, then headed to the sandlot. We talked about how all his friends thought I was hot.

“Did you explain that we’re twins?” I said as a chuckle escaped my lips.

“Nope, you called me over before I could even mention it.”

We laughed about this whole ordeal all the way to the sandlot. Everyone was already huddled up. Scotty made his way to his friends and I made my way to the sidelines. I watched their game as each of them tried their hardest to flirt and impress me.

Minutes and then hours went by. Eventually the baseball game came to an end and we all made our way to the best pizzeria in town.

They were all flirting with me the entire way there, except Benny. Come to think of it, he hasn’t said a word to me all day.

We ordered our pizza and the one vital question popped up.

“So, Y/N. How much older than Smalls are you?” Ham asked.

Scotty and I looked at each other and gulped.

“Actually…” I cleared my throat. “He’s older than me… by one minute and twelve seconds… Scotty and I are twins…”

Everyone’s jaws dropped, except Benny’s, he just clenched his jaw. Scotty and I shot each other a look that was worth more than a thousand words.

No one knew how to react. Everyone was confused.

Squints was the first one to break the silence.

“So, Y/N, how is hot babe like you the younger twin of a dweeb like that?”

This set off a whole conversation of being a twin that my brother and I were not expecting.

We ate delicious pizza and discussed love life, twin life, and summer plans.

The sun was just about to kiss the horizon and we all decided to go home. Benny and I stayed behind to clean up our stall a tad bit.

“You didn’t talk much, if at all today.” I said as we left the shop.

Still, nothing.

We made our way onto the stone bridge separating our part of town from main street.

I leaned against the rail of the bridge.

“What do I need to do get you to talk?’

“Kiss me.” He finally said.


“Kiss me.”

I leaned in and our lips touched. My heart fluttered with content. New sensations danced around my body.

Benny’s lips trailed to my neck, eventually finding my sweet spot. 

After what seemed like hours, we talked about our life as we walked to our houses. He liked me and I liked him.

I went to bed one happy girl that night.

*Next day*

I woke up at noon. panicking until I remembered that my parents went on a lunch date and Scotty and his friends went to the pool.

I’m not much of a swimmer so I ate lunch and walked all the way down to the town pool.

I enter through the dressing room and I look at the mirror and see three hickies on my neck.

“Well damn…” I thought to myself.

I make my way to my brother and his friends and before I could even announce my presence, Squints made an announcement.

“Damn Y/N who sucked your neck?”

Both Benny and I blushed heavily and the boys started hollering and teasing us for what seemed like hours.

Man, this was going to be a long summer.

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The Quiet Neighbor

Just about the first thing anyone new to the neighborhood learned was to avoid Bud Filimore. Cantankerous, territorial, and fueled by what seemed to be a deep-seated hatred for just about everything, he was the kind of man that childhood nightmares were made of.

Although he’d only lived there for a few months longer than us, by the time my family moved in across the street from the Filimore house, his reputation was already firmly established. When other neighbors came by with their cookies and casseroles to welcome us and saw me and my brother, just nine and eleven, they’d pull my parents aside and offer hushed warnings.

“Keep them away from that nasty little man across the way,” Mrs. Devin said. “He can’t stand children.”

“My son, Bill, swears Bud tried to run him down in his car!” Mr. Crane said.

“He’ll look for any excuse to yell at them. He says the most terrible things,” Mrs. Paul said

My parents thanked them, but I don’t think they quite believed them. My mom especially wasn’t fond of gossip and she tried to take such rumors with a grain of salt until she could make her own decisions. She didn’t have to wait long.

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The Best of Friends: Epilogue

Jim Kirk x Reader

Y/N: your name | Y/L/N: your last name | Y/N/N: your nickname

Word Count: 1412

This is TOOTH ROTTING fluff and feels… sorry

A/N: I was only gonna do two parts, but as soon as I finished the last one, I thought of more to do, so y’all get an epilogue. Many thanks to @writingwithadinosaur (as always) for being her fabulous self, and assisting me!

Originally posted by imgonnaeditstuff

“So… I have a surprise for you,” Jim smiled as the two of you disembarked from the ship. It was nice to have semi-solid ground under your feet again, even if Yorktown was a man-made planet.

“You know how I feel about surprises, Jim,” you groaned, closing your eyes and rolling your head back on your shoulders in a dramatic fashion. He grabbed your hand and continued to pull you through the berthing area towards the exit, making your way onto the street outside.

“I know, but I really think you’ll make an exception for this one.”

Not that he’d put you out of your misery though. Nope, he told you that you wouldn’t get your surprise until after you’d showered and slept for a while. Of course both of those activities were extended since Jim insisted on participating in them with you.

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On this day in music history: April 26, 1983 - “Weird Al Yankovic”, the debut album by “Weird Al” Yankovic is released. Produced by “Weird Al” Yankovic and Rick Derringer, it is recorded at The Men’s Room at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA , KMET-FM in Los Angeles, and Cherokee Studios in Hollywood, CA from Mid 1979, 1980 - 81, and Early 1982. After releasing several stand alone singles both independently and for record labels such as Capitol and TK Records, “Weird Al” Yankovic is signed to the Scotti Brothers label Rock ‘N Roll Records (then distributed by CBS Records’ Epic subsidiary) in 1982. The first album by the comedy parody artist includes his first two singles “My Bologna” (re-recorded version appears on the album) and “Another One Rides The Bus” as well as parodies of songs by Toni Basil, Joan Jett and Tom Petty. “Weird Al Yankovic” peaks at number one hundred thirty nine on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

Baked with Love-Derek Imagine

Isaac is back and with Malia. Stiles and Lydia not together, sorry I’m not down with Stydia, everyone’s free to ship or not ship who they want.

Word count: 1315

I danced around the kitchen of Derek’s loft, quietly singing along to all time low while switching between checking the cookies in the oven and decorating the cooled muffins. I loved to bake. I usually don’t get to eat much of it because my three important boys would get there first; those boys being my little brother Stiles, my “adopted” brother Scott and my boyfriend Derek. But I didn’t mind, I just loved to be in the kitchen and bake. I loved to experiment and make something new but I also had my specials that Stiles would request on a weekly basis.

I was just taking the cookies out when Derek came in from grocery shopping as there was a pack meet at the loft today and those teenagers eat everything, clearing the cupboards and fridge. Luckily it had been quiet lately but the pack decided that a weekly meet would still be good. It usually consists of 10 minutes of serious talk before food and drinks are dragged out and everyone argues over a movie for 20 minutes. They would usually start falling asleep halfway through the second film. Liam and Hayden would usually fall asleep first, tangled up with each other in all their puppy love. Scott and Kira would shortly follow, Kira sitting across Scott’s lap with her head on his shoulder as they sat on the floor leaning on the sofa. Lydia, Isaac and Malia would fall asleep next. Lydia curled up in her individual seat. Isaac and Malia usually got one of the two sofas to themselves, spooning each other, Isaac’s arm around her waist as she held his hand. Corey would fall asleep on Mason’s shoulder, who’s arm would be around his waist, holding his hand as they sat on the floor leaning against the other sofa. Stiles and Mason would usually be last after bickering and “debating” over whatever was happening in the movie. Stiles would fall asleep at his spot on the end of the sofa, his head on the backrest, mouth open and snoring.

Myself and Derek would be at the other end of the sofa. Derek sat properly with his arm around me as I had my feet on the sofa and my back against him, playing with his hands. After everyone was asleep, Derek would clear away the leftover food and the rubbish while I covered our friends with blankets and turned the TV off. At which point, the two of us would go upstairs to our room and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

I love these pack nights.

I was knocked out of my thoughts, literally, when Derek tripped into me. I looked up as his unserious glare as he held me up from falling. I looked at him confused before realising he tripped over the oven gloves I left on the floor. I innocently grinned at him as he rolled his eyes at me, continuing to pack away the food as I picked up the gloves. Once he finished I felt his arms wrap around my waist from behind, kissing my head. “I love coming in to smell baking” he mumbled, resting his head on my shoulder as I finished decorating the last couple muffins. “Makes the place feel homely, somewhere to belong. With you. Have I told you I’m glad you moved in?” he continued, making me smile. “Yes, you have, many times in the last 3 months” I turned in his arms, wrapping mine around his neck and looking up at him. “And I’m very glad I did. I’m also glad you feel like you have a home again, you do belong” I leaned up and kissed him and he kissed back. It was slow and full of love. I had been good for Derek but he had been just as good for me. We got each other through some tough times and made each other feel whole and happy again. Something neither of us had really had since the Hale fire and my mother’s death. But here, 3 years later, everything was good.

I rested my head on his chest as he rested his on top of my head as we slightly swayed to the music on my phone, All Time Low having changed to Lady Antebellum, currently on dancing away with my heart. “How did you learn to bake anyway?” Derek asked, curiously. “My mom taught me, mostly. We would bake while Dad took Stiles out. It was the usual mother-daughter, father-son bonding Sunday afternoons. After she passed I used her personal recipe book, tried things we hadn’t done together. She had also bought me a few baking books so I went through those and then I just started experimenting and seeing what happens. Scott and Stiles were my testers and they approved 90% of the time and never got sick so that was a good sign.” Derek softly chuckled. I am a Stilinski, Stiles is my brother, I do have a tendency to ramble like him. Difference being, Derek actually liked listening to me, Stiles just made him want to hit him. “Although the first time I tried to make a cake after my mom died I forgot the eggs and ended up crying. My Dad came in and told me it was ok and we spent the rest of the afternoon with him telling me all the stories of my Mom’s baking mishaps.” I sighed. “I miss her”. Derek pulled me back slightly and wiped away the tear the slipped out at the memory of my Mom. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked” “No, no. It’s fine. It’s nice to talk about her sometimes, remember her before she got sick. Baking is my connection to her, she loved it too” Derek kissed my forehead and smiled down at me. “I guess that’s why I feel at home when I smell baking. My Mom used to bake too. Usually she did more pies than cakes but…yeah” I smiled up at Derek as he talked about his Mom. Neither of us used to open up about our dead relatives, it hurt too much to do so, until each other. I leaned up and connected our lips again.

We pulled apart when we heard the loft door sliding open followed by a satisfied groan, quickly identified as Stiles, Scott walking in beside him. “OK, Derek, I thought I’d be fine with my sister moving in with you but I’ve changed my mind. Can my Dad and I have her back? Because I’ve missed this. It’s all wrong not coming home to the smell of baked goods and me eating all of them and you telling me off because they weren’t finished yet.” I smiled at my baby brother’s rantings, “I still bring you baked goods, stop complaining”. Stiles threw his arms in the air, Scott smiling, amused, behind him, “it’s not the same! They’re better straight from the oven still warm!” I picked up the plate of cookies and walked over, shoving them in his arms, “there. They came out 4 minutes ago, they’re still warm. Happy now?” Stiles nodded vigorously, shoving one in his mouth as he headed for his sofa spot. I rolled my eyes, shaking my head before hugging my other brother, “hey Scotty. Where’s Kira?” “She’s coming with Lydia, they went shopping today” He explained before sitting down himself.

Slowing the rest of the pack arrived and the night went as expected. 10 minutes standing round the table, no new threats or potential threats lurking. Then the teenagers split into groups getting food, drinks, dvds and blankets out. Everyone took their usual positions and slowly fell asleep during Jurassic World after finishing Transformers: Age of Extinction. And as usual, Derek and I cleaned up and went to our room. We laid under the covers, facing each other with our arms holding the other close.