characters from the oa as described by me
  • buck: he heart to big for he gotdamn chest
  • french: someone PLEASE HELP THIS BOY PLEASE
  • jesse: are you alright??? because you seem Very Not Alright and i am concerned and i love you
  • steve: i believe in ur ability to change my violent bean, go forth and become a slightly less violent butterfly
  • bba: my??? mom???? my mom.
  • hap: pls just die so we can either shut u up or get u to sTOP HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION YOU FUCKIN ASS
  • homer: he's.... so soft.... he's so soft you guys he's so SOFT
  • rachel: sing me to sleep
  • renatta: *aggressively downs 3 cups of cafecito* I LOVE BEIN CUBAN YALL VIVA CUBA
  • scott: never trust a white guy with dreads
  • the oa: hahahhaha what the fuck

Imagine the pack meeting you a dangerous hybrid who just so happens to be a hunter who’s Dean and Sam’s older sister.

A Promise to Hold // Theo

Prompt #18: “Just promise me you’ll come back to us”

Author: Caitsy

Warnings: Possible swearing and fluff.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters. I also do not own any gifs, images or songs involved either.

Summary: Theo came back to his family but Liam’s managed to convince him to help even if it means leaving his family. With a promise he intends to keep he leaves to help for the good side.

Requested: Yes. Anonymous.

A/N: Long awaited and I apologize! It’s been a busy time since beginning this blog and so Ash and I would like to thank you for being so supportive and remember to request things! It’s also admittedly terrible.

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You were a secret from everyone in Theo’s life because you were a weakness. Theo needed to be strong and while he wanted you to be a badass by his side, you had pushed him into agreeing to this. You couldn’t be at his side when you weren’t the only one involved.

Theo was the bad guy and you both knew that was true but you also knew he was loving and kind to both you and your guys son. Thomas was a miniature version of his father from the hair to the eyes while he had your smile and nose. He was the light of both Theo and your life even if he wasn’t planned whatsoever.

“Thomas!” You grinned picking up the toddler. He babbled before snuggling into your shoulder.

“Mama.” Thomas said curling his body into your arms like a cat, “Dada?”

“He’s coming home.” You said kissing his cheek, “He better be here before bedtime though.”

Theo had recently come back from the dead with a lot of changes. He wasn’t the same bloodthirsty chimera as he had been before, he no longer strived to be more than what that Scott McCall was. He was suffering in silence and not wanting to drag you into the fray.

“Y/N?” Theo asked walking into the house you had illegally rented, “Where’s Thomas?”


Thomas struggled in your arms before he waddled over to his crouching father. They curled into each others arms as you crossed yours. You were lucky to see Theo on the weekdays since he returned because you guys lived just in the outskirts of the neighboring town to Beacon Hills.

“Why are you home so early?” You questioned.

“I have some news to tell you.”

“And?” You questioned just as the front door opened to reveal a younger teenager. He was shorter than Theo by just a little but you recognized him somewhat, “Liam?”
“That’s me.” Liam awkwardly waved. You raised an eyebrow.

“You brought Theo back? Why? Aren’t your the enemy?”

“Kind of?” Liam trailed off watching the weird scene of Theo holding a child that looked like him, “You have a family?”

“What’s going on?”

“The Wild Hunt is in Beacon Hills. It’s taken everyone but the Sheriff, Scott, Lydia, Malia, Theo and I.” Liam explained shifting on his feet as the child turned his attention to him.


“I’m going to put a tv show on for Thomas.” Theo said bringing his son into the living room.

“What are we supposed to do?” You questioned, “You all made both Thomas and my life worse by taking Theo.”

“You help and I won’t sent him back.”

“Can’t do that without the sword.” Theo smirked putting one arm around me.

“I’ll find some-“

“Fine. I’ll help but that boy in that room stays out of this and NO ONE will know about his existence. Got it?” You stated.

“Stay here with Thomas. I’m going to help Liam and I’ll come back I promise.” Theo said before kissing you. You heard the clearing of a voice before you cast a glare at Liam earning a scoff in reply.

“Just promise me you’ll come back to us.” You said leaning your forehead against Theo’s earning a peck.

“Of course. I’ll always come back for you two.”

You watched as the two boys left the house and into the darkness where you wished Theo didn’t have to go to again and again. You weren’t even twenty and you already had a child that could very well grow up without a dad. If the Wild Hunt truly is in Beacon Hills than by tonight you may never even remember Theo.


You weren’t sure how much time passed but Theo hadn’t returned to see Thomas on his second birth and you knew he was gone. You just didn’t know if you should be happy to remember him or not because that’s not what the Wild Hunt did.

You were a human. You didn’t have claws or sharp teeth or anything supernatural. That didn’t mean you were helpless so when the door rattled you had a gun aimed there.


“Theo?” You questioned both confused and shocked.

“I’m home. For good.” Theo grinned as his son flew into the room screaming for him.

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Isaac Lahey: (Y/N), Isaac’s girlfriend witnessed Jackson coming back to life as the Kanima along with her boyfriend and his friends, and everything else that occurred that night.

If (Y/N) thought Nightmare on Elm Street was creepy, she had no idea what that made Peter Hale and Gerard Argent.

Everything happened so quickly. Gerard appeared. Jackson came out of his black body bag. And Derek was stabbed in the chest.

“What a concerned friend.” Gerard started, staring down Scott as Derek was thrown across the room. (Y/N) watched with wide eyes, refraining from screaming as she didn’t want to cause any extra trouble. She could feel Isaac push her behind him, protecting her.

But they were pulled apart. (Y/N) kicked and screamed as someone picked her up, their hand covering her mouth.

“(Y/N)!” Isaac shouted, running to grab his girlfriend. The high pitch scream of an arrow filled the air and soon he was on the ground, blood seeping from his left shoulder.

(Y/N) watched as her boyfriend slowly healed, pulling the silver arrow out of his shoulder. As he keeled over they shared a look, both afraid. The teenage human sent the werewolf a reassuring look, persuading him to continue.

The fight was a blur. The Kanima kept the three wolves busy and (Y/N) was forced to watch while her best friend and the love of her life were brutally thrown across the room. At one point Scott started to make his way over to her and the person holding her, but she shook her head, pleading with her eyes for Scott to save Jackson. To save everyone.

Not long after were they all on the ground, Derek and Scott unable to move. Isaac seemed to slowly get back up, forcing himself to continue. (Y/N) watched as he slowly limped, anger radiating off him. She was forced to watch as Allison came up and slit his chest, blood staining his blue hoodie. She was forced to watch her stab her boyfriend twice in the chest, Isaac falling almost instantly to the ground.

Something inside (Y/N) snapped as she watched him fall, and before she realised she had wrangled herself out of her captor’s grip and was rushing to Isaac’s side.

“Come on Isaac. Please. You need to heal. Please.”

Allison watched as her best friend pleaded her boyfriend to stay awake, tears streaming down her face. (Y/N) held him close to her chest, mumbling ‘please’ and ‘I love you’ over and over as Isaac’s wound slowly began to heal.

A picture flashed before her eyes. 

Scott was bleeding out on the floor, her father standing over them as Allison cried and told him to stay awake. Scott was slowly starting to regain consciousness and her hands were covered in his blood as she gripped a hold of him.

“Why?” She looked up at her father, who smirked and raised a brow before turning away.

Allison felt the blades slip through her fingers as she was brought back to reality and forced to see what she had done.

“I…I” Before the youngest Argent could voice her apology the Kamina grabbed her from behind, a hand wrapping around her throat.

The fighting instantly ceased. Chris and the hunters stared daggers at Gerard and Scott and the wolves looked on with huge eyes.

“What the hell are you doing?” Chris screamed, his father looking perfectly unaffected.

Turned out he was dying, not that (Y/N) cared that much. What did bother her was that he wanted the bite. From Scott. Isaac slowly sat back up, (Y/N) still gripping onto him like a vice.

Both of them could see Scott’s internal battle. Of course he didn’t want to give this psychopath incredible abilities, but everyone was in danger and could be killed.

What they didn’t know was that Scott blamed himself for this whole situation. He saw his best friends, both with tear stained faces. His first love slowly choking to death. Even his high school nemesis turned into a scaled monster.

“Scott..” (Y/N) warned, her voice unsteady.”Don’t do this.” The best friends locked eyes and both could see the pain in the other’s eyes.

“I’m sorry.”

If y’all have seen the episode you know what happens