Last weekend, we were at new York Comic Con! And it was AWESOME! We’ll be posting stuff from there all week–including episode 27, some photos of very cool X-cosplay, and a special bonus mini-episode–but while we’re recombobulating post-travel, here’s the full NYCC round-up from Rachel’s Cyclops Has a Good Day sketchbook!

Atomic Robo and Nikola Tesla

A living automated machine built by Nikola Tesla in the 1920’s, Atomic Robo is a rare breed of robot. The only one of his kind, he was raised more like a child than a machine by Tesla. Like his ‘father,’ Robo is a scientist at heart, though he’s quite the adventurer as well. He’s been in wars, to Mars, and defeated a being that existed outside the known universe. He has founded Tesladyne Industries, an organization that is primarily dedicated to progressing science in radical new directions, but somehow has also become his world’s best line of defense against strange and terrible threats.
Pretty Cool Webcomics: Atomic Robo

Atomic Robo is a Pretty Cool Webcomic by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener! It updates daily.

It is September 3, 1923. Nikola Tesla, acclaimed scientist and inventor, is holding a press conference to unveil his latest creation; “The Atomic Robot,” a nuclear powered automaton and the first true AI in history. Naturally, such a revelation brings great controversy, calling the robot everything from a hoax to an affront to god, and yet the robot remains, eventually taking on the name “Atomic Robo.” With an intelligence to match his abilities, the next few decades allow him to gain numerous official and honorary degrees, but it’s the adventure comics and tales of vigilantes fighting crime and saving the day that eventually lead to his true calling.

With the help of his organization Tesladyne, Robo travels around the world, helping fight off against local threats to interdimentional cosmic horrors, and everything in between. Over eighty years have passed since Robo was first created and shown to the world, but he’s still going strong; and with a slew of allies* ranging from Carl Sagan to H.P. Lovecraft to the unstoppable Jenkins, nothing can hold him down for long. No, not even whatever Dr. Dinosaur is.

*Steven Hawking is not among those allies. Steven Hawking is a jerk.

Originally a print comic series published by Red 5 Comics, Atomic Robo made the leap to digital some time ago with the help of Patreon and Hiveworks, and has now been picked up again by IDW Publishing. It’s an interesting road that the creative team has taken, but any way you read the comic I promise that you’ll have a blast with the snappy dialogue, focus on fun and action-packed adventure, and art that makes a character without much a face surprisingly expressive. The story chapters are presented in a non-linear order, allowing the authors to jump from one adventure to the next without worrying much about set up or filler chapters, and looking at the about page shows that they’re putting the effort in to make the more frustrating parts of mainstream comics a non-issue with Robo.

I’ve been following Clevinger’s work on and off ever since his sprite comic 8-Bit Theater, and his knack for jokes and characters firing snark back and forth has only improved with time. This is a fantastic comic well-deserving of its praise, and if you like supernatural adventures like Hellboy, or even Dr. McNinja, then you owe it to yourself to give Atomic Robo your support.

Atomic Robo contains violence and occasional body horror, and is suitable for teens and up.

Thanks to en-rich-ment​ for the submission!

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