‘It’s never twins’, etc...

My first thought when I woke up this morning was, ‘JIM’S BACK.’ :D

And the second was, ‘what if it’s twins?’ And really, I don’t mind that much if it is, as long as Andrew’s playing both.

But I really don’t think it is, and I’m going to lay out why just so I can get it out of my head and move on. I agree there is some evidence - maybe even compelling evidence - but this show likes to throw out red herrings, so I’m taking everything with a pinch of salt.

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Okay, so we know Stiles will be injured and not be able to play lacrosse in 6x01 and that’s why we have this picture of him with Scott where he’s wearing his normal school clothes.

So I think this is Scott and Stiles probably talking about that. Nothing bad has happened yet and this is just a normal conversation between them. Stiles starts to look worried.

Scott’s like “You okay?” And Stiles is like “Lydia was supposed to meet me here about 20 minutes ago.” Our hint as an audience of canon Stydia in the making. (!!!)

And of course Scott would say something like “Dude, i’m sure she’s fine. Maybe she’s just running a little late.”

A few minutes later the game starts and then chaos. People running away, screaming, etc. Stiles first thought is Lydia, so he runs to were the chaos is, frantically looking for her. He finds another Martin instead.

Natalie is trying to stay calm and also let’s Stiles know what happened from her perspective. Stiles then asks “Have you seen Lydia?”

Because maybe Lydia was at the school earlier studying. But Natalie hasn’t seen her in a few hours and hopes that she’s okay. Not sure if that top picture of Holland is on the same night as the game, but it might be… so i’ll leave it here. 

The cops show up and question Natalie. Stiles turns around and see’s the body on the gurney. This makes him even more worried because of Lydia’s bansheeness and he continues looking for her.

Which I think leads to him finding her and that’s when we get the “definitive scene” and the rumored kiss we’re all dying to see!!

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Scott + Stiles + fraternity carwash for charity :)

“Scott, I can’t wear this!” Stiles twisted as he gawked at himself in the mirror, mouth dropped open with something that was both insult and shock.

He was in shorts. He was in really short shorts. Bootyshorts, even, the fringe of the jean cut-off falling just barely past the curve of his ass. He kept trying to tug them down, only to realize that was just going to result in way more of his happy trail showing than he wanted.

Not to mention how lovingly the shorts outlined the goods at the end of that happy trail.

Scott was sitting crosslegged on his bed, his entire being reflecting how totally amused he was. His eyebrows lifted when Stiles looked back to him, dark eyes scraping up and down Stiles’ body. Stiles shifted his weight uncomfortably from foot to foot. Too much of that from Scott and everybody was going to be able to see Stiles’ reaction to it, highlighted in acid-wash denim.

Why were these things acid-washed anyway? That made it like five thousand times worse.

“You have to, Stiles,” Scott was saying when Stiles tuned back in, sounding like he was holding back laughter. “You signed up to do the charity car wash. You were there when we organized this with Lydia’s sorority. You were basically the lead campaigner for making everyone wear the same extremely objectifying outfit regardless of gender identity!”

Yeah, but that’s when I thought my bisexual ass was going to be running the cash box and enjoying the view, not being squeezed into Daisy Dukes!”

Scott tipped his head to the side, considering the entire situation before him. “If it makes you feel any better, I think your bisexual ass looks really good in those shorts.”

Self-conscious, Stiles smoothed both hands over the ass in question, watching how Scott’s eyes tracked the motion. Then he did it again, just to see Scott watch with the same rapture as before. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” Scott agreed, lifting his hands to beckon Stiles closer. “You look amazing. You’re gonna bring in so much cash for the charity, dude.”

Turning from the mirror, Stiles let himself be drawn closer to Scott. He made a show of sounding thoughtful, eyes sliding up and to the side. “Okay, sure, but what’s my motivation? I need to get something out of this, personally, if I’m gonna go out in public and get wet looking like this.”

Scott reached out, drawing Stiles up against the side of the bed. He pressed his face and mouth to Stiles’ bare abdomen, kissing faintly. Both hands came up to plant themselves squarely on Stiles much-discussed backside, squeezing gently. “So how about this. You go out there and make us a crapton of money at the car wash, and then we come back here and I’ll do every single dirty thing that your ass makes me think of to you. Slowly. Maybe more than once.”

Stiles’ voice came out of him rough-edged, like half a growl, and eager. “Deal.”

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Charles: “We can make my chair rock.”

Erik: “You won’t be able to walk when I’m done with you.”

Raven: “I can be anyone you want.”

Hank: “We have chemistry so we should try for a chemical reaction.”

Jean: “I know what you want.”

Scott: “I may wear glasses but I can see how much you want me.”

Storm:  “Sparks will fly when I’m done with you” 

Kurt: “My tail can do more than help me drink tea.”

Peter: “My hands aren’t the only thing that vibrate.”

Warren: “You’ll be flying high with me tonight.”

Jubilee:  “I can see sparks between us.”

Alex: “Let's cause a little havoc in my room.”

Sean: “I’m a screamer.”

Bobby: “How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice!”

Rogue: “I made you food.”

Kitty: “I can lock us in a private place and we can be alone all night.”

Pyro: “I’ll light up your night and your bed.”

Logan: “ I’m an animal in bed

Momma: “Do you like Marvel comics?” (I can't do pick up lines)


for @reactoring - he’s wearing his dumb shirt now leaf me alone


Wonder Girls’ ‘Why So Lonely’

Wonder Girls is finally back and I love this concept they are doing. The song is really good, it has a reggae feel, really attractive and good so check it out in the link below. Watch the MV here.

1) Sunmi is wearing the Swimwear bikini top and the Terry robe jacket from SJYP

2) Yubin is wearing the SMILE C3 GLASSES from Linda Farrow x Jeremy Scott

3) Yeeun is wearing the Powerpuff Girls Button-Front Cardigan from Moschino

4) Yeeun is wearing the Leather Double Buckle Western Waist And Hip Belt from ASOS

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Lost//Scott McCall + Stydia

(A/N): Reader finds a set of couples t-shirts online and after much convincing, Scott wears it in public, but what will happen when reader gets list in the middle of a crowded mall?

Warnings: None :)

“Do we really have to wear these, (Y/N)?” Scott whined, motioning towards his dark shirt that read “I’m Scott” in large letters with hand pointing up at his head. You giggled towards his pleading face, knowing that nothing that he said or did would make you budge, plus it was a little too late since you had already arrived at the mall.

“Of course we do,” you insisted, looking down at your own matching shirt that said, “If lost return to Scott.” Much to Scott’s dismay, you recently found a shop online that specializes in personalizing T-Shirts specifically for couples. Let’s just say, you put quite the investment into that company.

“But this is the third one this week,” he groaned, sending you the puppy eyes. His bottom lip stuck out as you glanced at his adorable face. “Don’t you think we should save these for another time.”

“Don’t be like that, Scotty,” you joked, ruffling his soft hair with your hand. “We’ll be the cutest couple in there.” You pecked his frowning cheek and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the mall’s main entrance. Scott reluctantly followed your lead, while trying to hide the shirt under his other arm. Pushing past the large doors, the smell of fresh pretzels instantly caught your attention.

“Scott, we have to get pretzels,” you declare, walking towards the elaborate pretzel shaped booth. The unique combination of sweet and salty smells tempted you even further.

“Go ahead. I’ll catch up with you in a second,” Scott’s eyes scanned over a table covered with the first non couple shirts that he has seen in days. You rolled your eyes playfully and jaunted towards the stand.

Reaching into your pocket, you realised that you left all of your money in the car and Scott had the keys. You spun around and quickly walked back to the store that Scott was looking in. The store was average sized, so it didn’t take you very long to find that he was no longer there. Deciding that a quick call would solve your problem in no time, you reached into your other pocket, but your phone was nowhere to be found. Your head lolled back in annoyance. This was supposed to be a fun outing to spend time with Scott, yet so far you were completely falling at the whole goal of togetherness.

Your shoulders slumped as you aimlessly wandered the crowded building, searching for your lost love, but luck was not on your side today. Inside the shops there were so many items you wanted to look at, maybe buy if ever given the chance, but those chances are looking pretty slim at the moment. Sighing, you rubbed a hand across your forearm as you developed a plan. The mall was enormous with two stories and at least two-hundred stores not even including the two food courts.  First you would want to–

“Hey, (Y/N),” an excited voice shouted from behind you. You stopped in your tracks to see Stiles jogging towards you with a drink in his hand. “What are you doing here?” he asked, pulling you into a friendly hug. The ice cubes in his drink clunked against the plastic cup as he leaned back. He looked down at your shirt and raised a brow. “You aren’t lost are you?”  

“Well, kind of. I was here with Scott, but he kinda disappeared…”  you trailed off, looking down the aisle. Even with Stiles at your side you felt missing. “There isn’t any chance that you’ve seen him, have you?”

“Can’t say that I have, but I can help you find him,” Stiles offered, taking an obnoxious sip from his drink.

“That would be amazing,” you replied, cringing slightly at the loud slurps. Glancing down the walkway, you began a thorough investigation of your surroundings. Carefully inspecting each passing individual and shop while Stiles stood by your side; more for moral support than anything else.

After what felt like hours of exploring every square foot of the mall, Stiles finally threw his empty cup away after causing a bit of trouble in the book store. You were beginning to feel defeated until you spotted the familiar outline of your boyfriend standing near the edge of the food court.

“I-I think I see him,” you announced excitedly, raising a hand in his direction. Your legs moved quickly, dodging, ducking, dipping, diving, and dodging some more through the crowd. Once you were closer, you could see that Scott wasn’t standing alone.

“Wait, is that Lydia?” Stiles panicked, grabbing your wrist to pull you back. His eyes darted around the area frantically as he went into a complete mental breakdown. “How do I look? Is my hair okay? Do I smell bad? What should I–”

“Stiles, you’re drawing a crowd,” you stated in a hushed tone, nodding towards a group of wide eyed strangers. Stiles slowly turned to the group with a bashful smile, dropping your wrist. He sent them an awkward smile before turning back to you with tense eyes. “Everything’s fine, Stiles. Just be you– Well maybe with less of the crazy fanboy part–but be yourself. ”

“Thank you so much for the helpful advice, (Y/N),” Stiles replied in a deadpan tone. His face stared at yours blankly. You ignored his gaze and fast jogged towards Scott and Lydia. Scott instantaneously saw you and held out his arm to you while Lydia gave you a small smile.

“Hey, babe. I was beginning to get worried?” Scott smiled, pulling you safely into his side. His powerful arms found their place wrapped around your waist as his chin gently rubbed against your shoulder. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Stiles approaching the group.

“H-hey there, Lydia,” Stiles stuttered, trying to lean against the garbage can very suave like, but his elbow just missed the edge and made him ungracefully trip over his feet. Thankfully, he recovered quickly with a red tint his cheeks. Lydia’s nose curled up at his movements before turning her attention back to you.

“What happened to you?” you scolded Scott, moving your shoulder to bump into his well-developed chest. You looked towards Lydia who was smiling while the two of you exchanged in playful banter.

“Me? What happened to you? The second I turned my back you went missing,” Scott retorted with a hurt look on his face. “Oh and thanks for bringing her back to me, Stiles. She can be a hand full sometimes.” You shook your head playfully as he nudged his face back into the crook of your neck. Scott’s gentle breaths wisped against your skin, prompting you to relax further into him.

“No problem, just doing my civic duty,” Stiles answered proudly, placing a hand on his belt loop. He glanced towards Lydia with a dazed smile as you prayed for her to give him some kind of attention. A look, shuffle; really anything would do.

“Um…Lydia, do you maybe wanna possibly hang out sometime?” Stiles stammered, his lips quirked into an awkward smile. You and Scott both looked at her expectantly, praying for her to take interest in the poor boy.

“If I don’t have anything better to, I might give you a call,” she exasperated, causing Stiles to display a wide grin across his features. You could tell that he was restraining from making a fool of himself, but that didn’t stop his foot from tapping on the tile.

Scott spun you around in his arms, cupping your chin with his hand. Planting a sweet kiss on each of your cheeks and nose, you couldn’t help the girly giggled that escaped your lips. “Can we go home now?” Scott asked with begging eyes. Stiles and Lydia had already begin walking away.

“I guess,” you smiled, standing on your tiptoes. Your hand brushed against his collar bone as you pulled him down towards you.

“Hey, no PDA,” Stiles shouted from across the aisle with a smirking Lydia by his side. Scott rolled his eyes and leaned the rest of the to meet your soft lips.

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