Lair lair Pacman pants on fire

Prompt: “That escalated quickly.” & “Says the guy walking around in pacman pajama pants.” 

Requested by: @quicksilverbells

“Well that escalated quickly” you sighed sat on the side on the road, surrounded by all the suit cases from the various cars you were traveling in. This was meant to be a family trip and by family trip you meant a bunch of mutant misfits that had been shoved into cars while Professor X proclaimed ‘This is going to be a great opportunity for you all’. It was nice he wanted to give us the same experiences as other children but we weren’t like other children.

You looked around again at the various different suit cases that were on fire, along with Professor X’s car.

“Why are we still sitting here?” Peter whined annoying holding his arms restlessly.

“Because someone thought it would be a great idea to wear Scotts glasses!” You snapped back.

“Hey!” he shot back just as quick “That wasn’t my fault okay, I didn’t know he could do that”

“Children please” Professor X pleaded pinching the bridge of his nose in despair of his vintage car he was so clearly fond of, while Scott stood there just wishing the life would put him put his misery.

“Oh yea? What did you think those were for?” you whispered to Peter through gritted teeth.

“I don’t know, I just thought the guy was cool” You scoffed, as if. Everyone saw Scott destroy the tree in the yard when Alex brought him here.

“And you just wanted to be cool, huh? Says the guy wearing pacman pajama pants

“Scott burnt my pants! And these are a classic”

“Classic if your five maybe” You grumbled under your breath. You layed back on the grass, we were going to be here for a long time and you’d had just enough of Peter Pacman pajama pants.

BSD Rarepair Week Day 6: Fitzcott

“I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.” -“Leave a Message” by Gnash

What he likes on you//Teen Wolf

Theo- Hickies 

Theo loves marking that your his. He purposefully places them where you cant cover them up. Always smirking when he sees you walk the halls, proud of his work.

Issac-His scarf

The first time it happened was because he left it at your house accidentally so you wore it to school the next day. Issac thought it looked so cute on you and it made you smell like him another plus.

Stiles-His flannels

You needed a flannel to go with your outfit and you didn’t have the right colors so you went to the Stilinski home and into his closet. It didn’t take long for you to find one. Slipping it on you walk over to his desk where he is seating watching the whole thing. Giving him a quick kiss you say “thanks” then walk out leaving him there slightly confused as to what had just happened. Ever since then you kept the flannel and he loves to see you wearing it.

Scott- Yoga Pants

He likes the view from behind. 

Derek- Tattoos

You already had a few and they were his favorite thing to look at on your body. They reminded him that your not as innocent as he first thought.

Liam-His hoodie

You had spilled water on your shirt and didn’t have a backup. You remembered Liam  kept a hoodie in his locker. Luckily you knew his combination because he tends to forget it. Putting his hoodie on you were immediately comfy. Before making your way back to class you texted him. ‘Stole your hoodie, you might not get it back xx’

Brett- His jersey

You two might of been the schools power couple but that didn’t stop other guys from trying to hit on you. When Brett wasn’t around the other solution was to wear his jersey. TALBOT. Printed on the back as if saying you were his and only his.



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