Scott Tolleson x Erick Scarecrow: Papa Sama Akuma

What do you get when you cross Scott Tolleson with Erick Scarecow? A sweater-clad resin toy, of course. ESC-Toy will release their collaboration tomorrow, January 11 at 11 Eastern. Papa Sama Akuma’s normal colorway is limited to only 17 pieces. Those who purchase the figure will be entered to win one of the two gold colorways. Each handmade and hand-painted toy comes with a signed art print.

I love this guy’s little tooth and huge sweater button. And the colorway is making me want some mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Grab one here for $200.

"Argh Barber" by Scott Tolleson X Zagal Creativo
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We just got some great images from Scott Tolleson as he is sharing with us an upcoming project that he has been working with the folks over at the Mexican based Zagal Creativo. According to Scott, he has been working very closely with them to create who he is calling “Argh Barber” a fun looking character that will be in Zagal’s token suspended clear acrylic format!!!
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As you can see from the control art above, Scott’s smooth vector stylings transfer over to this imbued acrylic process really well and according to Scott, these will be a limited run of only 10 pieces worldwide! The rest of the details such as the price and drop date will be forth coming, but if you wanna keep tabs on this project be sure to either check Scott’s blog HERE, or his Facebook status updates HERE for info in the future about these. How sick do these look… I love the clear acrylic format… it gives another dimension to character creation, and Scott is right on the money with this little guy… AWESOME!!!!!
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A Little Bit on the Coin Side: People who are into designer toys tend to have the collector bug. Now these coins featuring designer coins can be collected. That’s like collecting collectables based on collectables. So meta. Each limited edition coin has a 1.5" diameter and double-sided art. The artists contributing to the first series are Andrew Bell, Joe Ledbetter, Frank Kozik, 64 Colors, and Scott Tolleson. Get them for $12 each at Myplasticheart.


Scott Tolleson x Erick Scarecrow’s Papa Sama Akuma

Erick Scarecrow is an unlimited source of adorable and colorful figures, but this collaboration with Scott Tolleson might be the cutest release yet! It’s a cutesy take on Papa Sama, named the Akuma Papa Sama. Just look at his little face! His first release will come in two colorways: the first is the Miruku version which will be a run of only 17 pieces, each one handpainted and numbered.

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Here’s a little post-DesignerCon photo montage for all who couldn’t attend the event in person. Needless to say, these photos capture only a very very very very VERY small portion of all the amazing sights from this past weekend, so do run a search on the #designercon tag to see more if you weren’t there to witness it all firsthand.

As for the sperels’ experience of the event, they had a fantastic time, with highlights including: early Sunday morning martial arts training with Hyperactive Monkey’s Great Grand Master; a visit from the incredibly chill @AlbertBabyCat, followed shortly thereafter by a visit from @theurbanraptor and his All-Terrain Walking Boom Box (AKA the AT-BT); having a full 10’ x 10’ booth for the first time, and, partly for that reason, having my brother join in on the fun for the first time as well; finally getting to meet @spankystokes and the gigantic Stroll at his booth; and - aside from reconnecting with just a handful of friends who were either attending or exhibiting at the event - most attendees at DesignerCon had never ever seen the sperels before so it was great to make so many new friends and fans!

And of course it wouldn’t have been ‘Designer'Con without all the great designers! The sperels were excited to meet and hang out with a mummified Flat Bonnie and friends, and also excited to meet (but a bit too intimidated to hang out with) Old Beetaronomy and a Beetling, created by Scott Tolleson and Lana Crooks.

We forgot to get the names of those cute little woodland creatures you see in photo #6, so if anyone knows, please tell us whom we should credit.