Media Summit 2017: Facebook Live Chat Q&A

Scott: Yooo  Tessa: Hi everyone Scott: Holla

Tessa: This is so exciting, we’re gonna be hanging out with you for the next few minutes I think.

Scott: I gotta get this outta the way

Tessa: What?

Scott: Who’s your friend? (Laughs) Get it Hoo? (Who) Nobody? Kay now I can continues, it’s like a sneeze, I gotta get it out. We got a cooler full of questions.

Tessa: Yeah, you wanna start us off?

Scott: Yeah I think I do! I think I do, this is very exciting.

Tessa: And I think you guys can write in and have questions for us too right?

Scott: Yeah so we’re just gonna have some fun (T: Alright) we’re hanging out..set my little cooler, it’s Saturday. Who has softer hair? I think we all know the answer to that. I mean… (laughs) No obviously you have softer hair and it smells nice…

Tessa: You have more hair though, somehow ummm (S: Why cuz I haven’t got it cut?) you got the flow happening (S: haven’t got it cut in so long?)

Where would you bury your hidden treasure? But then it wouldn’t be hidden you can’t tell anyone that.

Scott: Yeah how do you tell people? I guess you have to leave a map. It’d be close to Ilderton for sure for me.

Tessa: Yeah probably at my cottage.

Sorry (S: no looks like you’re going, you didn’t like the hidden treasure one eh?) No I didn’t umm What’s your favorite movie? Mine is… Princess Bride.

Scott: Like that. (T: classic) “Does anybody want a peanut?” That’s my best Fezzik the giant impression. (T: it’s good it’s great) Not bad eh? Mine is?

Tessa: Blood Sport? (S: yep)…You go

Scott: Oh see when I sit in the lawn chair (T: You just get..) S: and with the cooler like I just get…goes into autopilot. Hope you guys are having fun with us. What’s your favorite place in Canada? That’s great like when we do something that is broadcast like everywhere so we can’t pick favorites.

Tessa: You know we’re fortunate that almost every year we get to tour across Canada and our country never seizes to amaze me and it’s so wonderful how welcoming and friendly and I mean East to West we just get the best response uh I mean now Montreal because we are living there and training there and its been really special but..

Scott: Seriously you guys ever been to Ilderton, Ontario tho? It’s beautiful, love the people, come on down and visit us, door are always open.

Tessa: Oh that’s a good question, Who is the most stubborn?

Scott: (sarcastic) Yeah that’s a tough one eh? (T: You think so I don’t know) You..(laughs) look at that look!

Tessa: I thought me but I didn’t think you would think that. (Scott laughs) I am a Taurus so I am a little stubborn.

Scott: No I think you’re stubborn. (T: ok) Yep, in the good way tho, you’re not a bully about it you’re just….oh I love this one, Elvis or The Beatles?

Tessa: ooo Beatles I think for me

Scott: You know it changes, it changes for me (T: you went through a huge Elvis) I still am, I don’t think you have to pick, life isn’t about picking (Tessa laughs) but The Beatles I think when they came back and completely revolutionized their sound, it was unbelievable, and I think it completely changed it…and Elvis is the king so…

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