Am I the only one who thinks Steve Rogers and Scott Summers would be a great buddy cop team? (Once Steve is de-aged, and Scott is alive again.)  I would totally read that series.  Especially if Scott keeps awkwardly referencing kama sutra positions, and Steve keeps threatening to arrest him.

I notice Steve doesn’t bother to ask where Scott got that hoodie.  Scott has ways.

(A+X #14)

10 Favourite Characters

I was tagged by hookedoncaptswan who enjoys torturing me.

  1.  Lois Lane (Smallville, but really she’s perfect in every universe)
  2. Clark Kent (SUPERMAN IS THE BOMB OKAY?! To paraphrase Henry Cavill, “What’s not cool about being nice”)
  3. Cristina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy, come back to me bb I miss you)
  4. Haley James Scott (One Tree Hill, my angel with an incredible voice)
  5. Belle (Beauty and the Beast, I always identified with her as a child)
  6. Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games, my beautiful boy with the bread)
  7. Steve Rogers (MCU, have you SEEN Chris Evans? Also it helps that I see Steve Rogers as Marvel’s version of Superman)
  8. Iris West (The Flash, gorgeous,stunning, brilliant amazing bad ass angel)
  9. Jesse Swanson (Pitch Perfect, Skylar Astin is my golden voiced dream guy)
  10. Joan Watson (Elementary, Lucy Liu is a BAMF)

I reserve the right to change my mind about this list at any time.

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Me: wtf marvel there’s nothing you can say or do to make me even remotely want to watch that Ant-Man movie


Guest cover for Bedbug, by Scott Rogers and friends.

Turns out I really enjoy doing guest covers. It’s challenging and leads me to interesting places. So, if any indie creators would like me to do a guest cover for their book, my rate is $300. I’m deantrippe at gmail if you have any questions.

(Logo sketch just left in for composition.)


Scott Rogers cover of AS THE WORLD FALLS DOWN 

you know that David Bowie song from the Labyrinth

you guys dont understand, this is probably one of the best things that’s happened to my ears in the past century