scout and her dormmates! these are just the kids that live in her building and not all the ones i took in for her university. from left to right: meara, river, oceane, mathias, then scout, and annie, park and christian! <3

Find Them, Befriend Them

A/N - Hey y’all, sorry about not posting a fic yesterday, so there should be two today. Just to let you know, Ficruary is physically exhausting me, so after the month is over, don’t expect something for a while. It also doesn’t help that I’m ill and all, but not that anyone gives a shit, really. Anyway, I had this fic in my WIP folder so I finished it and I hope you guys like it! It was prompted by @amazingmsme like a million years ago so I doubt she remembers talking about it! It’s Ant Man so I hope y’all enjoy it!! Thanks everyone!

Word Count: 1,272

           “Hohohope! Nohoho!” Scott Lang giggled as he slipped down the wall, falling onto the floor with a thud. He had been training for the past few weeks with Hope van Dyne to become the best hero he could be before taking on Darren Cross. After training, nearly nonstop for the past few days, Scott was not in the mood to train today, instead preferring to flirt than spar. Unfortunately for Scott, Hope had other plans.

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