If you haven’t been watching Modern Comedian you need to start. 


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… you and Lestrade filming Jim and Sebastian singing and dancing while they’re drunk 

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and showing the video to Sherlock, John, Mary and Molly,

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much to their embarrassment

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Hot Tub friend and alumni and Modern Comedian director, Scott Moran, has a new series of “screen tests.” Kristen took the plunge. Enjoy.

More on Scott’s Comedian Screen Tests:

Comedian Screen Tests is a video project started by Scott Moran, for fun in his spare time and is an idea that was clearly stolen from Andy Warhol. For best results, play each video in the highest resolution your device will allow, make it full screen and back up your body to the middle of the room you are in. Comedian Screen Tests are uploaded in the order they were shot.


Scott Moran, a comedian himself, talks about his new project, a weekly documentary web series about other comics called “Modern Comedian.” The first episode spotlights the silliness of Kurt Braunohler, and why he thinks exposing his silliness to strangers is as important to them as it is to him.

It’s more than whatever you’re thinking it is!


NEW EPISODE!!! But they walk their dogs and feed their kids just like us! #lonelyandsingle


My friend Scott Moran made a doc about Mitch Hedberg’s writing process…really thoughtful and beautifully shot. Check it out


Here’s a great trailer for Scott Moran’s excellent Modern Comedian series featuring Kurt & some of our favorite comedians around. Subscribe!

Bonus backstage Hot Tub fun at the end of the trailer, too.


Every night in New York, I see a person attempting to do Mitch Hedberg on-stage. The outcome of their effort is laughable, in the wrong way. Though I don’t judge them harshly, because Mitch was truly unique, super talented and someone worth emulating.

Most of my comedy buddies have a Hedberg story. Some opened for him, others did drugs with him & some opened, did drugs and lived with him. I’ve heard each of my friends tell their Hedberg stories a few times and each time I laugh, not unlike a Hedberg joke. I know guys who can do a full half-hour just using Hedberg jokes. 

Mitch would often call into our radio show in Seattle (The Robin & Maynard Show). He became close with us as he spent time in Seattle workshopping a lot of his material before making it big. 

The last time I talked to him, he and his lady were driving their RV across Montana towards Seattle on tour. He’d be cracking jokes on-air and dodging wildlife at the same time. I’ll find that interview and post it in the coming days.

Most comics hate doing radio. Reasonably so, most morning radio shows blow. However, Mitch for some reason seemed to like our show. He’d often sound nervous with Robin & Maynard as they were synonymous with Seattle culture and are true radio legends. He’d listen to the show when coming up in the Seattle comedy scene and Mitch seemed so grateful just to be on with us. Which was odd, because all of us in-studio were even more so for having him each time. 

I saw this brilliant short that Scott Moran shot. If you were a fan of Mitch Hedberg’s, I highly suggest it. It’s an intimate look at his writing process and the large life he lived. Scott Moran has shot a few other episodes of Modern Comedian. It’s worth taking a look.

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“the people who do care about it, really care about it." 

I love behind the scenes stuff like this. and this show. and everyone I’ve met from this show. and every I have yet to meet from this show. Seriously, check it out. 


How come men are bound to each other with a deep unspoken code but if theres a mildly cute boy involved we will go to any length to tear each other apart? #soapbox #cutabitch

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The hilarious, hard-working and genuinely lovely Sara Schaefer talks with Scott Moran about her debt with such candor it makes me feel like a fraud. I’ve seen Sara on stage numerous times and I’m always impressed by her willingness to go there. Which is probably part of the reason she and Nikki Glaser have their own show–Nikki & Sara Live!on MTV! Watch it tonight at 11PM and GO THERE, PEOPLE!

Modern Comedian Shows The Open Mic Life with Subhah Agarwal

Open mics are an unavoidable part of being a comedian. They’re often brutal and, in fact, you shouldn’t think of them any other way, but they are also crucial to developing your voice as a comedian so when you do a big show, you don’t fuck it up (hopefully). 

Scott Moran’s amazing series Modern Comedian for PBS Digital follows up and coming comedian Subhah Agarwal who grinds it out at open mics in NYC as much as humanly possible and exhibits how hard work and focus can be quite rewarding in comedy. Watch the episode here.


Here’s another Comedian Screen Test from Scott Moran - this time with Hot Tub co-captain, Kurt.


People change. Well, not everyone. #collegefriends #hotmessmoves

Season 3 of Modern Comedian Starts This Week + Season 2 Outtakes

Straight from series creator/director/editor/more Scott Moran, Modern Comedian Season 3 will premiere this Tuesday, Apr. 30th. To be featured on this season will be Phil Hanley, Jim Gaffigan, Calise Hawkins, Kate Berlant, and more!

For now though, to tide you over, here are 20 min. worth of outtakes from Season 2 from the likes of Sean Patton, Steve Agee, Ted Alexandro, Joe DeRosa, and Chris Gethard.