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Sage Warren was a diagnosed schizophrenic, she had vivid hallucinations and delusions. She heard whispers that told her secrets and she saw the things that other people didn’t even know were there. To the rest of the world Eichen House was exactly where she needed to be, but Sage knew she wasn’t crazy, she knew a lot of things.


–List Your Top 10 Favourite TV Shows and Your Favourite Character from Each–

1. Pretty Little Liars - Jason
2. Finding Carter - Max
3. Teen Wolf - Scott
4. Sense8 - Riley
5. Skins - Naomi
6. Orange is the New Black - Red
7. American Horror Story - Tate
8. 90210 - Liam
9. Faking It - Liam
10. Awkward - Matty

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I was never really into drinking, always hated smoking, and drugs didn’t appeal to me whatsoever. When I was a teenager, people around me were giving the attitude that drugs and alcohol were more important than actual people, and couldn’t have fun without it…. I found that really really disturbing! At the beginning of high school I started going to a lot of hardcore shows, and realized there were many other kids who felt the same way I did. Becoming straight edge just made so much sense to me, so I made a lifelong commitment to myself. Since then I’ve had friends killed by drunk drivers, and seen others ruin their lives with addiction. Things like that only strengthened my convictions. 12 years later, I’m still straight edge and know I will be for the rest of my life. I hang out with people who drink and do drugs just about every day of my life, and I’m entirely comfortable with that. Other people can do as they wish. I’ll have more money left over to buy guitars!
—  Scott Middleton (Cancer Bats)

NEW RELEASE: Cancer Bats have released a new video for their song “Road Sick”, off their upcoming full-length album Dead Set On Living, which is due to release on April 17th.