“Protect Her” - Stiles Stilinski

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REQUEST: Stiles and his little sister are running to hide and Stiles is behind (Y/N) and as she goes to cross the corner, Stiles hears something and grabs her, pinning her against his chest with his arm wrapped around her shoulders and he holds her protectively.

The plan had gone totally wrong and Stiles and (Y/N) - his younger sister, were now locked in Eichen House. The original plan was to get into Eichen House to talk to Meredith, but as Stiles and (Y/N) were walking down the corridor, a loud alarm went off.
“What’s happening?” (Y/N) said a little worried.
Stiles knew this place was as evil as it could get, especially on the floor where all the supernatural creatures were locked up. Although he tried to remain calm, (Y/N) could see a hint of concern in her brother’s eyes.

Even if (Y/N) was only two years younger than Stiles, he had always been extremely protective of her. So when (Y/N) had the idea to go to Eichen House to get some answers, Stiles refused to let her go alone, he even insisted to go without her. The reason why (Y/N) wanted to talk to Meredith was because she had been experiencing strange things lately and Deaton told her Meredith could help, though he didn’t recommend her to go and see her in Eichen House. But (Y/N), who was tired of hearing voices no one else could hear, was determined to get some answers.
Scott also insisted to go to Eichen House with Stiles and (Y/N) but he knew he wouldn’t be able to go very far because of wolfsbane blocking the access to the supernatural floor, so he wouldn’t be much help. Instead, Scott was waiting outside the building with Liam.

When Scott received a call from Stiles, he knew something had gone wrong.
“What’s going on in there? Are you guys okay?” Scott asked, worried. He wasn’t a big fan of this plan.
“Can you hear what the doctors are saying from where you stand?” Stiles asked quickly.
Scott didn’t ask any questions and focused. He closed his eyes and used his werewolf hearing to hear what the doctors were saying inside. Liam watched him carefully.
A few seconds later, Scott opened his eyes and put his phone back against his ear.
“Someone escaped.” Scott told his best friend.
“Someone like me,” Stiles started, “or someone like you?” He asked, referring to Scott’s supernatural being.
“Someone worse than that.” Scott replied. “The doctors sounded very worried. I think whoever escaped their cell is dangerous. You guys need to leave, now.” Scott sounded pretty worried, too.
“How the hell are we supposed to leave this place? All the doors are locked.” Stiles said, concerned.
“Find a way out, Stiles. You and (Y/N) can’t stay in there.” Scott declared.

Stiles hung up the phone and took a deep breath. (Y/N) didn’t take her eyes off her brother, expecting bad news.
“How screwed up are we?” (Y/N) asked Stiles.
“We gotta get out, now.” Stiles grabbed (Y/N)’s arm and led her into an empty and dark room.
“Wait. We need to find Meredith. We won’t get another chance.” (Y/N) stopped in her tracks.
“We’ll find something else. Now, keep your voice down.” Stiles said as he thought he heard something near by.
“I didn’t come here for nothing, I need to-”
Stiles didn’t let her finish. He put his hand on (Y/N)’s mouth as he whispered a “shhh”. But (YN) jerked his hand away immediately.
“You can stay here, but I’m gonna go find Meredith.” (Y/N) said angrily.

As (Y/N) was about to walk out of the dark room into the corridor, Stiles grabbed her arm and pinned her against his chest. A second later, (Y/N) heard a unhuman scream which echoed through the walls. She carefully tried to take a look to see where this awful sound was coming from. She saw a terrifying creature being pinned down by several doctors. (Y/N) looked away and grabbed Stiles’s arm which was wrapped around her shoulders, holding her securely.
Stiles noticed that (Y/N) was shaking so he held her tighter in his arms, trying to reassure her.
“It’s okay (Y/N), I’m here.” Stiles whispered in her ear.
(Y/N) nodded but couldn’t stop shaking.
“There! That will sedate him for a while.” One of the doctor said. “Let’s put him in the isolated cell.” He added. “And tell Rozek to turn the damn alarm off! It’s giving me a headache.” One doctor said to another as they all left the corridor.

(Y/N) took a deep breath. Stiles finally let go of her.
“Are you alright?” Stiles asked.
“Yeah. Thanks” (Y/N) replied. “And thank you for, you know, protecting me.” She added.
“Always. That’s my job as your annoying big brother to make sure you’re safe.” Stiles smiled and kissed (Y/N)’s forehead.
Stiles and (Y/N) came out of the room and walked into the corridor, where the doctors and the awful creature were a few minutes ago.
“Come on, let’s go find Meredith.” Stiles said.
Stiles didn’t always agree with his sister’s plans, but he was always willing to help her out. So if (Y/N) wanted to go and find Meredith, that’s what Stiles was going to do.
“No, it’s okay. Let’s just get out of here.” (Y/N) declared. She shivered as she thought about spending one more minute in this place.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah. We’ll find another plan. Let’s just leave this nut house.” (Y/N) stated.
“How are we gonna do that though? The whole building is still under lockdown.” As Stiles was speaking, (Y/N) noticed something on the floor. She picked it up and saw that it was a doctor’s badge.
“There is no way we’re going through those doors.” Stiles finished as he pointed at the locked and metal doors.
“Not without this.” (Y/N) smiled as she held the badge before Stiles’s eyes.
“How did you-” Stiles started.
“One of the doctors must have dropped it while they were trying to control whatever was that creature.” (Y/N) explained. “Come on. Let’s go.”

Stiles and (Y/N) discreetly made their way out of Eichen House, using the badge to unlock every door, and joined Scott and Liam, who were waiting outside by the Jeep.
“Glad to see you two safe and sound.” Scott said, relieved.
“Yeah. Though I told you guys, two Stilinskis in a nut house sounds like trouble to me.” Liam declared with a chuckle.
Both (Y/N) and Stiles rolled their eyes at the same time.
“Thanks buddy. Though we’re not the ones who fell in a hole while going on a little walk into the woods.” Stiles said as he winked at Liam.
Scott and (Y/N) laughed.
“Ha-ha. Very funny.” Liam said as he rolled his eyes.
Stiles, Scott and (Y/N) kept laughing as they all got into the Jeep. Liam, who couldn’t pretend to be annoyed for too long, joined them in their laughter. And together, they drove back to Scott’s house, trying their best not to think about what was going to happen next and what other supernatural creature they will have to face next in the crazy town that was Beacon Hills.

Not My First-Scott McCall

“You’ll never be my first kiss or even my first love but you’re everything I’ve ever hoped for, everything I’ve ever dreamed about and that means so much more.”-Unknown

Teen Wolf Imagine:#59 Prompt:#…None

Word Count: 899

Warnings: Mentions of Allison and Allison’s death

A/n: I know this isn’t exactly soulmates but I had a really hard time finding one for Scott and this is the one that stuck up ideas for me. (I know the gif is Kira but I had trouble with the gifs)

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the 1 rule for watching teen wolf:

don’t get emotionally attached because you will get emotionally attacked


yeah…i totally watch Teen Wolf for the story line…

hey fic writers it would be cool if you used woc and thick girls when picking gifs and stuff for your visual aids because news flash not every reader is a skinny white girl

the difference 3 seasons makes


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Teen Wolf 5B Finale Had Me Like

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“How about I pick you up at six and you can spend the night,” You asked your boyfriend, Isaac, as he put his school items in his locker. 

“Sure,” He smiled, giving you a quick peck on the lips. 

It was Friday night - date night. Every Friday Isaac and you went on a date, some dates were fancy, and some were just as simple as cuddling and spending the night watching movies. 

“Dude- look,” Scott said, patting Stiles’ shoulder, looking at the pair. 

The two friends stood at the end of the hall at Stiles’ locker, talking about the new Marvel movie that Stiles desperately wanted to go see, when Scott saw his beta talking to you, Y/n, the most popular girl in the school. 

“Holy shit..” Stiles said, staring as you both walked hand in hand to the exit of the school. “How the hell does Y/n fall for that instead of this sexy body!” Stiles whined, moments later his phone went off. 

“Who is it from?”

“Isaac…’’ Stiles’ said, reading the message. “It’s because I got class and you don’t.”

What normally happens when I watch Teen Wolf

Me: If there are all these Stydia moments why isn’t it fucking canon??
Me: Fuck you Jeff Davis


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