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I Have No Alibi (A Scott Mccall Fanmix)

1. Do No Wrong - The Planet Smashers

[Expect to anticipate. Nothing comes for free. Except me, yeah the night’s in front of us. Let’s tempt fate. Take the bait try and see. You and me, forget what’s behind us. The past is gone. We’re gonna make it through the night.]

2. Unstoppable - The Planet Smashers

[I have no alibi. I have no need for one. I’ll fess to what’s been done, even if you think it’s wrong. Truth don’t come easily, it will not be denied. You don’t have to believe ‘cause I know what’ll make things right.]

3. Trip And Fall - The Planet Smashers

[You gotta fight. Keep up the pace. Stand tall, even when you trip and fall.]

6. Is The Answer In The Question? - MxPx

[Is the answer in the question? Well I need some more direction. Was the answer in the question all along?]

8. Too Much Information - Over It

[Wanted to know what you’re thinkin’. Wanted too much information you withhold. Wanted to know what you’re thinkin’. But there’s always too much information.]

9. Fall - Over It

[Were our stars dim when we set sight? Or were we too lost in each other’s eyes to even care at all? I promise I’ll try my best to sacrifice all my time If I could fall into you for tonight, if I could fall into you for tonight. Just for tonight.]

10. Here It Goes - Jimmy Eat World

[Here it goes. Crowning up the cool kid queen. There it goes. The competition show their teeth. I’ll let them fight it out. It’s just my party now. What I wanna be.]

11. Always Be - Jimmy Eat World

[I’m alone in this, I’m all as I’ve always been. Right behind what’s happening. She’s all lost in this, she’s all like she’ll always be. A little far for me to reach.]